The Amazing Race Beijing!

dave posted on Sep 18, 2006 at 03:25PM
Wow, did anyone else see last night's season premiere?! This looks like another winner to me. Usually there's a couple or team that I dislike, but I don't know that there's any team that I feel that strongly about this time around. I think I might find the recently dating couple annoying after a while and the male models a little too self-loving. And if the cheerleaders bust out in another cheer again, that might get on my nerves. But none of them are obnoxious enough or seemingly culturally insensitive enough this time around. That was actually part of the fun of watching the show! Having that evil pair that you so wanted to lose!

I definitely was impressed last night by the climbing task when Sarah made it up after struggling on her one good leg. That was really amazing. I also didn't think the moms Lyn and Karlyn or Mary would make it up the wall either after their rough starts.

I'm also pretty sad to see the Muslim brothers go because I felt like they would have been a great example of what true followers of Islam are like. It would have been a healthy counter the negative media portrayal and stereotype of Muslims. The Indian couple was also really great too. This is going to be a tough season if I get attached after one episode!!!

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