डॅट 70's शो How long can a साल last?

dmco posted on Sep 01, 2016 at 01:06AM
I love the show and have watched it from beginning through season 8 several times. I saw season 9 when it aired and have no interest in the show without the Eric/Donna relationship. But how many years can one year last? The first year, everyone but Jackie was a junior. The year progressed more or less in real time. We had Thanksgiving, Christmas and prom in May. Graduation, which would be the next May, was 7 years later. I don't remember 1977 lasting that long. :-D The writers should have anticipated the show might be a hit with that wonderful cast and Casey-Warners' experience with Roseanne and spread junior year over two or three years. It's a great show anyway and SO cool Mina and Ashton are together at last.

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