टेलीविज़न Hawaii Five 0: In general how would Steve McGarrett react if his kid misbehaved a lot (e.g. खरीडिए lifting, unbounded cheek, go on the rampage, hitting, run away from home)?

Pick one:
Steve is always patient and talks with his kid.
Steve tells his kid forcefully off and punishes his kid.
Steve tells a little bit of, talks and if his kid was too bad he punishes mildly
Steve is very strict and punishes his kid very hard.
Steve spanks his kid's butt for misbehavior.
Steve gives house arrest for misbehavior.
Steve tells his kid forcefully off.
Steve tells his kid forcefully off and gives a slap in the face.
Steve jails his kid in his room.
Steve is a Navy सील, मुहर and Steve takes drastic measures for misbehavior.
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