टेलीविज़न Buddy TV’s सूची of चोटी, शीर्ष 16 Saddest TV Moments of 2014. Which one of these, do आप think it’s the saddest?

Pick one:
When Max Braverman Got His दिल Broken (Parenthood)
When Sweets Dies with Hopeful Last Words (Bones)
When Moira Sacrificed Herself to Save Thea (Arrow)
When Nick and Jess Broke Up (New Girl)
When Jon Snow Watched Ygritte Die in His Arms (Game of Thrones)
When Frank Pushed Zoe in Front of a Train (House of Cards)
When the Snow क्वीन Accidentally Killed Her Sister (Once Upon a Time)
When Ann and Chris Left Pawnee (Parks and Recreation)
When Sookie Gives Bill the True Death (Tue Blood)
April's Unborn Baby Has a Rare Disease (Grey’s Anatomy)
When Dean was Stabbed to Death (Supernatural)
When the ACN News Team Covered the Boston Marathon Bombing (The Newsroom)
When Will Died After Getting Shot in Court (The Good Wife)
When Beckett Saw Castle's Car Burning on Their Wedding दिन (Castle)
When Jax Finally Avenges Tara's Death (Sons of Anarchy)
When Carol Killed Lizzie (The Walking Dead)
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