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 if आप see what i see...
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this is real, आप want more?
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i don´t make this video but i really hope आप like it.
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Noah finally woke up from A LOT of hours of sleep, he looked at the clock: 3:04 P.M.
He looked to his left…Cody was still sleeping…Noah thought: “I should wake him up…neh. I’m gonna take a shower.”
Noah got up and passed Cody’s बिस्तर then walked into the bathroom which was attached to his room.
About 24 मिनटों later Cody was rested enough to hear the शावर, शॉवर running, Cody yawned and sat up on his बिस्तर then stretched. Then the शावर, शॉवर shut off. Cody stood up from his बिस्तर in his ice-blue pajamas and walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled. After he was done he looked...
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