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Okay we are introducing some new characters to the story. We are meeting Duncan, Bridgette's sister and Gwen one of Geoff's friends. And thats all.

~Gwen's POV~

Alright I'm kinda new to these things. So uh, हे I'm Gwen and I've known Geoff for a while now. I haven't seen him for at least five years. I called him the other night. He mentioned something about his girlfriend Bridgette. Now I remember him mentioning Bridgette before, but never as his real girlfriend. I decided to visit him today. I wanted to meet this girl. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Geoff, I just don't want him to get hurt....
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~Bridgette's POV~

So it's been a week since Geoff and I "almost kissed" and we haven't spoken since. This what I hate about dating close friends, one break up could end the friendship. So I texted Geoff, on my new Flip Fone (remember this is in '05)

To: Geoff
From: Bridgette

Message: Hi Geoff I wanted 2 tell u that we should pretend the किस never almost happened so we can still be friends.

I waited for his reply. मिनटों passed with no answer. Until there was a knock at the door. It was Geoff.

Geoff: I brought the movie, is it okay that I'm here?

Me: Of course. So did आप get my text?

Geoff: No,...
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Geoffs P.O.V
Dude! It was so awesome! Seriously I didnt know that Courtney could be so nice! I was sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे when she walked in! She looked amazing!

Bridgets P.O.V
I was stunned to see him there! And he did all this for me! How sweet! Wait HE CHEATED ON ME!
Stick to the plan Bridget!
Me: to explain yourself! really have to believe me Bridge
I would never do that to आप really! That girl jumped on me!
Your the only girl I प्यार and I will ever love!
I have been in प्यार with आप since I first saw you! We are meant to be! If आप give me one और chance! I will never let it happen again!
Me:believe आप and I havent stopped thinking anout you! I cried myself to sleep every night!
Geoff: That will never happen again!
I will never let आप go.....
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Courtneys P.O.V
Okay I have to do something to make her happy! Where should I take her that makes her happy?
I got it! the beach!
Me:Okay Bridget i'll pick आप up before sunset be ready!
Bridget:Ok fine.....where are we going anyway?!?
Me: You'll see!!!!

Bridgets P.O.V
Man I hate when she does that! Making that face that makes आप wonder what she is really up to!
A couple of hours later I hear Courtney honking outside. As I get in the car and we start to drive I ask.....
Me: Can आप tell me now?!?'ll have to wait and see!

Courtney's P.O.V
Man she is going to freak when she finds out...
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~Geoff's POV~

I stood there waiting for Bridgette's reply. Would she say yes, did I come across too strong. She spoke.

Bridgette: Geoff, listen I don't want to end our friendship this way.

Me: What do आप mean end our friendship?

Bridgette: If we broke up we might never talk again.

Me: Oh I understand. I think.

Bridgette: But...

Me: But?

Bridgette: Maybe we could like take our friendship up a level like holding hands and stuff.

Me: Deal.

A महीना LATER

~Bridgette's POV~

So technically Geoff and I were "dating" but not like those people on TV who just किस everywhere. We still hung out, held hands, and then one day,

Geoff: Bridge I wanted to know if we could step up another level.

Me: Yes I think I'm ready for us to date-date now.

I leaned in and we both kissed. It wasn't a real kiss. It was about 3 seconds, but हे it was nice.

What could possibly go wrong?
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Title: A haiku for you
Summary: Geoff comes back घर with a little surprise for his girlfriend. A Bridgeoff one-shot.
Pairings: main: Bridgeoff, others: Harshawna
Disclaimer: TD doesn’t belong to me.
Warnings: fluff! Fluff everywhere! D:
Bridgette’s P.O.V.
I jolted as I heard knocking on my door. I opened eagerly, and jumped into Geoff’s arms, greeting him with a kiss. He kissed back, before letting me go. We went into our apartment. Geoff washed his hands while I finished cooking the dinner. Both of us took...
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