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Me:Hey Bridge wheres Courtney and Gwen? Bridgette:Their at the mall Courtney forced Gwen to come with her for prom dresses. Me:Oh yeah prom uhh when is it again? Bridgette:*Sighs* This Friday.* Me:Oh yeah and I bet आप and Geoff are going with eachother. Bridgette:You bet! *Courtney and Gwen walk up* Courtney:Hey guys! Gwen:Hey whats up? Me:Nothing. *Courtney's phone rings* Courtney:Hello? WHAT... BUT आप OH NO!!!! *cOURTNEY HANGS UP* *She starts crying* Me:Courtney whats wrong?! Courtney:Duncan *Hic* is in Juvie and he won't get out until अगला week!
Gwen:So? Courtney:SO SO HE WAS SUPPOSED TO...
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I found it on यूट्यूब :D
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courtney हे i got a idiea
brighette what is it
courtney we can stteal all the guys clioth excet thier underware
gwen ok but how r we goinng 2 do it
izzy when the guys take a शावर, शॉवर we go into the bathroom and take them
duncan हे have any of u seen my shrit
trent no have u seen mine
geoff i can't find my cloths anywhere
owen what happen 2 them
trent well just go 2 r rooms and get other clorhs
duncan what none of my cloths r in here
geoff nether r mine
trent what happen 2 them
birghett guys y r u not in your...
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At school)
duncan: हे geoff are आप busy this weekend
geoff: yes i'm going to brighette's house
duncan: skip that want to see a movie
geoff: sure
trent: what movie
duncan: peronias
trent: isn't that rated r
duncan: so alot of poeple sneak into movies
trent: आप NEED IDS
duncan: fakee ones duh
geoff: thats against the law well just talk later and don't menchen that to the girls
duncan: fine i was going to ask him but ence good gooody trent would not let gwen sneek into a r rated movie
trent: ecuse me!
geoff: trent! no do not fight with duncan
owen: i am in with the movie
duncan ok at firday night at 12pm
trent: fine
(at the teater on firday night*
trent: आप sure we should do this
duncan: yes we should
*they go into the room*
*sacreaty comes*
saceraty: आप 4 come with me right now
duncan: why
sacrety: आप have fake ids*they grab them*
trent: हे हे हे my dad is a lawer
duncan: oh stut up trent!
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