TDI and TDA DuncanxCourtney story

bananasplitz1 posted on Aug 17, 2009 at 05:39PM
I was walking with Courtney to the mess hall for lunch when I tripped. When I fell i found a necklace with the words "i luv u courtney" engraved into them. I thought to myself that was so sweet of duncan. Courtney yelled to me "are you coming?" I said "go ahead ill be right there." I run over to the boys cabin where Duncan was standing alone. I said with a grin on my face "That is so sweet of you to give courtney that necklace." Duncan looked puzzled. "What Necklace?" he asked. "Oh crap." I said as i ran off, I had to tell courtney. "Courtney Courtney" I whisper shouted out of breath from running to the mess hall. she walked over to me. "Courtney I found a necklace thats says I love you not from duncan," I explained, "Listen There is only Trent,Justin,Cody and Duncan on the island, Duncan didn't give it too you so he's out. Trent JUST broke up w/ gwen so no way its him. Justin is too good for anyone else. Courtney,"
her eyes widened. "No" courtney said with a trace of anger in her voice. "This can't be happening."
I looked down at my feet. Courtney trudded off with a sad/ disgusted/ Scared look on her face. I had to go talk to cody. I pulled him over to a private area. "Cody. I have a serious question," I whispered, "Do you like courtney?" Cody looked suprised then calm. "Yes I do. and if you can keep a secret," Cody looked around suspiciouslly, "I'm going to break her and Duncan up." I looked into his eyes and then shouted "Not if I get there first!" We started racing to where Duncan and Courtney were.
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This is my charecters POV.