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Once upon a time Heaven made a girl and gave her the sweetest
smile in the world; with hair of सोना and eyes of blue came this
Spirit from above, touching hearts with songs of love.

God only makes one of every one, with Her I'm sure He
smiled when He got done; as the angles gave Him his do praise,
to this gift to man He gave a name, Taylor made for the same.

And this gift was तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट to become a welcomed sound heard
around the world; telling stories that need told, from her life as
it unfolds and गाना songs that have आप tapping your toes.

And no matter what the future holds, Her songs are turning
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GET TAYLOR तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट CURLS

Taylor loves a romantic look that she has become famous for. Her hair is a big part of her style.

If आप प्यार Taylor's hair, here are some चोटी, शीर्ष tips on how to get it!:

Taylor's hair is naturally curly. For her it is easy to get these long tumbling curls. All she needs to do is dry her hair with a diffuser. If आप have curly या wavy hair, then आप can easily get the same look.

If your hair is straight then it's और complex. आप will have to use curlers to get Taylor hair, and आप will not want to overdo it on the curlers because too much heat will damage your hair.

Tricks: If your hair is fine then आप can use gels and styling products that encourage curls. There are shampoos for boosting curls too!

If आप have bangs, separate them from the rest of your hair before आप curl your hair. Once the rest of your hair is curly then straighten your bangs. Bangs don't look too good curly!
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