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posted by ima101
आप are clearly the best blonde best friend ever!
Were so much alike!
There is to much to सूची that we have in common(:
But yess(:
I प्यार आप like asister!(:
You've been there for me for a very long time
आप make me smile and laugh
I'll ALWAYS be there for आप and will be fo'as long as were फ्रेंड्स and we talkkk(:
I प्यार yhuu!(:
आप will make a GREAT mommy!
Just like Dean will be a GREAT daddy!
आप two will be the coolest ever!
Romeo and Juliet's got NOTHING on आप two!

Dearly sorry if anything is/was misspelt!
I was in a rush!
Plane flingt backk to South Carolina! Dx
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posted by KlarissaEstela
I M I S S Y O U.
We never talk anymore ._.
We should change that(:
yush या yush?
Aha, आप know आप wann say yes (;
Anywhores, how're आप and the baby?

Its a boooooooy(:

Lucky (:
I wanna boy first, than a girl(:

How is life for you?
It's been a bitch(?) to me..kinda.
But i'm still breathing(:
so yeah.

I M I S S Y O U.. A एल O O O T.

I प्यार you(:

I'm going to steal yo' picture.
Okay? Okay.
Well, now that आप know...its not really stealing ._.

Kso, its 3:01 pm over here d: