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Chapter 8 

I hadn't realized that I was crying, yet again when I was लेखन my dreams down in my book.  I sat my book and pen down then wiped the tears off my face. When I looked up, Jake was standing in front of me. 
Why aren't आप at school? I asked. 
Didn't feel like it. Are आप okay? He asked. 
Yeah, I guess. I told him. Are आप okay? I asked. 
Yeah, I'm fine. Ive had to do rescue people like that before and so I knew what to expect. He told me. 
I just nodded my head to him. 
Look, about the other दिन when I कहा "you don't know what it's like", I'm sorry for that. He said. 
It's okay....
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That morning I woke up and decided that I didn't want to go school. Sure I had been missing a lot of school but I didn't care. I looked over and Nathen as still द्वारा my side as I had fallen asleep that night. It was nice to wake up and Nathen was still द्वारा me I was so warm and comfy I didn't want to get out of बिस्तर but I had a feeling that the waves were going to be good today.I went over to the computer and checked the surf रिपोर्ट and of course my feelin was right the perfect swells were here. I went to my bathroom and put on my bathingsuit and then grabbed my wetsuit that I leave hangin up in...
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Samantha 21

I limped around my बिस्तर room for a few मिनटों and then I went over to the stairs. I stared at the stairs for a सेकंड and then I took one step आगे but cold arms picked me up and walked down the stairs with me. Thanks. I thought.I limped into the रसोई, रसोईघर and I saw a bowl full of water in it that had my name on it. Yes, it literly did have my name on it. Edward, I want to go hunting. I thoughtYou can't go hunting. He कहा walking into the kitchen.Yes, I can! I thought.How are आप going to hunt, when your shoulder is hurt? He asked.You're going to catch an animal for me and bring...
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Chapter 7 

I went upstairs and sat in the same spot. I loved surfing and I almost loved watching people surf more. I watched Jake go back out and surf till everyone got घर from school. When everyone came घर from school they stopped and greeted me. 
Hey Loryn! Is Jake treating आप like a princess? Paige asked. 
I just smiled and कहा yes. 
Paige कहा that she could tell that he liked me but I hadn't दिया any signs away that I knew that could even give a hint to me liking Jake. 
Well good! आप deserve it! She said. 
Paige! Let's go, your late for training. Gary yelled 
Oops! See ya! Paige...
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Samantha 38

I want to thank TwilightSagaLdy for helping me on my last chapter. I forgot to give credit to her for helping me.

Even though I feel asleep easily, I didn't stay asleep that long. I thought I felt something cold wrapp around my neck. I told myself it was just a dream. I kept telling myself over and over it was just a dream. 
Or was it a dream? I heard someone say.
Who's there? I asked.
I felt cold hands grip my shoulders and I woke up screaming. I opened my eyes and there was the whole family standing in my room Rosalie and Emmett were right द्वारा myside. I was breathing so hard and I...
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Opportunity of a Lifetime chapter 5

After playing a round of pool which I लॉस्ट terribly in, it was time for bed. 

The अगला morning I had the worst wake up call-slash-prank ever. The guys came into my room with a metal pot and a spoon, making as much noisy as possible. I am pretty sure of that. I just kind of rolled over and pulled my तकिया over my head. 
Hey! Wake up! Leo said. 
I'll be up in few. I mumbled. 
If आप don't, we're going to throw आप in the pool! Jake warned. 
They wouldn't do that to me! I thought.  I am so jet lagged. I just needed some और sleep. I kept thinking. 
Okay, Jake...
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My Life as Oceana

I came up gasping for air to fill my lungs. I
wiped out while surfing and it was a bad beating
from the waves. It was head-over today and of course I skipped school that
day so I could go surfing. I was done surfing for the day. It was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. My mom had sent a note to school saying that the
waves were going to be head over and I was unable to attend today. I was stoked that my mom wrote a note to the school. Who's mom really does that. I grabbed my towel hanging for the from the
lifeguard stand and headed towards my Land Rover. I opened the back slide...
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posted by surfergal
हे guys! I am so sorry that I am just now posting this story!!!! I thought I had पोस्टेड this!!!! Again I'm so so sorry!!!!

Samantha 40
When u woke up I was lying on Seth's chest. He looked so concerned even though he was asleep. I didn't want to wake him so I stayed still. He woke up a few मिनटों later and 
I acted like I was still asleep. I felt his finger tips moving my hair out of my face. 
I woke up and Seth smiling at me. 
Thanks for staying. I said. 
Your welcome. He told me. 
About then both of our stomachs growled. 
Wantto go get something to eat downstairs? I asked. 
Sure. He said. ...
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Samantha 20 

Matt? I ask. 
Samantha, wow आप look beautiful. He said. 
Thanks. I said. 
I ran down the stairs and gave him a hug. 
What are आप doing here? I asked. 
I came for your birthday. He said 
Wow, thanks. I said. 
Come on Sam, आप have to see the backyard! Alice said. 
Okay. I कहा while laughing. 
Alice always gave me the giggles when she was happy. 
Alice covered my eyes and walked me out to the backyard. 
She stood me in one place and then took her hands away from my eyes.  When I open my eyes I heard a crowd of people yell surprise!  I didn't have any words to say after everyone...
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posted by surfergal
Guys, I'm sorry that it has taken so long to writerhis little bit!!!!!! I have major writers block and I have been so busy with school an everything! Again I'm so sorry. Hope y'all enjoy!

My Life As Oceana 2

Oceana, Brad is here. Dad yelled. 
Thanks, I'll he right down. I yelled back. 
I quickly slipped on my नाव shoes, grabbed my cell and stuck a tube of chapstick in my pocket. 
Hey Brad. I कहा whil coming down the stairs. 
You look cute. He said. 
Thank you. I said. 
He gave me a quick किस on the lips. Brad didn't carethat he kissed me infront of my parents because we've been together for...
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Samantha 28

When Emmett kept telling me no it was making me mad but not enough to where I could shift. 
Emmett, remember that time that Bella Ickes your butt at arm westling? I asked. 
Yeah, why? He asked. 
Ugh! I swear, can't आप just piss me off enough to where I'm shaking and about to shift. I said. 
Samantha, आप are mad. Your not going to shift. He told me. 
Yes I am. I said. 
I started thinking of the fight between Garrett and I. Oakley didn't even try to stop the fight. He just ignored me and stood back to watch. Surely he didn't know that the fight was going to happen. 
No, he didn't...
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Samantha 24 

I watched tv for a little bit and then went and took a shower. I was sotored द्वारा the time that I got to finally go to bed. I woke up really early that morning and looked out my window and there was snowing falling down hard. I stared at it for a moment and then went downstairs. 
Hey Emmett. I कहा walking into the livingroom. 
Hey, there is no school today but Sam called and कहा that he was coming over. Emmett told me. 
Oh okay. Thanks. I said.
I had thought about going surfing but it was was too cold outside. I decided to take a शावर, शॉवर and then to just wear some sweatpants and...
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Samantha 15 
I want to thank all of my प्रशंसकों that read my stories! 

I sat there with Matt for a long time before I told him I hadn't seen my parents yet.
You need to go see them. He told me. 
I don't know what to say. It'll be awkward. I said. 
I'm sorry but आप should go see them now. He said. 
I know, I'm trying to think of a way to start a conversation with them because I don't know what to do. I told him. 
Wait, do about what? He asked in confusion. 
They're the ones who sent me away. What am I suppose to say. Hey, I'm back! Do y'all प्यार me still? I told Matt. 
Sure if that's what आप want...
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When I woke up, the son had already risen. I thought to myself why bother trying to make it to school if आप are going to be late. Carlisle walked into Oakley's room. 
Samantha, your dad wants आप to some घर and get ready for school. He told me. 
Okay. Thanks. I told him. 
I went to my car and drove home. Alice was waiting for me when I got out of the shower. She made me wear shorts and a cute tank top. I put in my Sperrys, grabbed my backpack and other school work and headed out the door. When I got to school as usual no one talked to me. I saw Garret four times and कहा हे to...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 16  After I left the समुद्र तट I went back to the hotel and took a शावर, शॉवर before going to see my parents. Before I got into the शावर, शॉवर I looked at my shoulder and it was swollen pretty bad. I barely touched and it sent a shot of pain through my whole arm and shoulders. I decided that a cold शावर, शॉवर would help the swelling just like a bag of ice would do. I got out of the शावर, शॉवर and i was absolutely freezing. Taking a cold शावर, शॉवर was the wrong idea. I put on my regular clothes which invovled of course shorts and a tishirt and tuen I headed to my parents house. I'm only 16 and I'm calling...
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Samantha 41

When I woke up it was 12 o'clock in the afternoon.Seth was looking down at me while playing with my hair.
Good morning sleepy head. Seth said.
Good morning. I tried saying.
My voice was completely gone.
What's wrong with my voice? I asked.
Everything kept coming out all hoarsed. It soundedbad, really bad. Carlisle came in and took my temparature and some blood. I had a slight fever and I didn't really know why he took the blood.
You need something to eat. Seth said.
Nah, I'm not that hungry. I said.
Come on eat a little something. He said.
Nothing sounds good. I told him.
Fine but your...
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Samantha 19

I went to late and the अगला morning I had to get up and go to school. Matt was on my mind some of the दिन but I knew that I needed to pay attention to the teachers. I didn't really want to stay after lunch so I skipped and went to the beach. I had already planned that morning to go surfing so everything was already in my car. I was at the समुद्र तट within 5 मिनटों and pulled on my wetsuit. I ran into the surf and surfed all day. At sunset I decided to go घर because I was exhausted. 
Hey Samantha, where have आप been? Alice asked as she greeted me at the door. 
The beach. I aswered. ...
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Samantha 14

Once I कहा my goodbyes to everyone, we were out the door and on the highway. I drove for a three hours untill, I got really sleppy and Emmett took over. I layed down in the back सीट and covered up with my blanket that I had packed with my pillow. I took those two things on every trip. When I woke up the sun was rising and we were Emmett was still driving. 
How ya hold up? I asked laughing to myself. 
Samantha, I don't get tired. आप know that. He said. 
I know I felt like laughing. I told them. Where are we? I asked. 
California. Rose said. 
Are we near some waves? I asked. 
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Samantha 11

The following morning, mom and dad made me skip school so I could pack. I packed all of my clothes and then I grabbed a backpack and started putting cold water wax, towels, chapstick, and a waterbottle. 
Dad walked into my Room. 
Sorry sweety but आप won't be needig this. He कहा taking my backpack. 
Dad no, आप can't do this. I have to go surfing. I said. 
No आप don't. He said. 
Dad, yes I do! I yelled. I can't live without surfing! 
Yes आप can and आप will. He said. 
Please don't do this to me. I said. 
I'm sorry honey. He कहा as he walked out the door. 
I sat in my floor with...
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I wiped out everytime I tried to stand up on my board and what was really embarrassing was that John was cute and very hot. I couldn't दिखाना him any of my moves that I had just learned to do. I finally gave up and went to sit on the shore. John also followed me in and came and sat द्वारा me. 
I swear, I could surf. आप can ask any lifeguard on this beach. I told him. 
Okay, let's see. I'm going to ask him. He कहा and pointed at Matt. 
Okay, let's go talk to Matt. I said. 
John got up and went over to Matt and ask if I could surf. 
Yeah, she was an amazing surfer, before what happened. Matt said. ...
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