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Meg banged the door of Heather’s studio. After what seemed like forever, the light in the hallway was switched on and Heather opened the door. She was wearing a grey dressing-gown, her hair was very messy and she rubbed her eyes.
“Meg? What are आप doing here? Do आप know what time it is?” Heather mumbled sleepy.
“I need your help. Can I come in?” Meg asked agitated and before Heather could decline she already entered. “You gave me something to get through my first night. It really helped and I was wondering…”
“If I have more? Of course I do, but couldn’t आप wait until morning? आप can’t be addicted” Heather responded a little grumpy.
“No, it’s not for me” Meg quickly answered. “It’s for my friend. He’s sick and he’s hurting”
“If he’s sick, he needs to see a doctor” Heather टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे dry.
“They can’t help him. They say nothing’s wrong with him, but I know that’s not true” Meg replied. “Can’t आप give him something? Something to ease the pain?”
Heather shook her head. “Wait here. I’ll get dressed”
Ten मिनटों later Heather came back, fully dressed and with a small ब्रीफ़केस in her hand.
“What’s in it?” Meg asked nodding at the briefcase.
“No aspirins” Heather answered vague. She looked at Meg. “You owe me a favor and I will collect”
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