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Summer: [after Summer and Seth have tricked Taylor into revealing her affair with Dean Hess] Hey, skank.
Seth: आप were expecting someone taller? Blonder, with a pageboy haircut?
Summer: Welcome to the Terradome, Townsend. You're busted.
Taylor Townsend: [smugly] For what, exactly?
Summer: Hmm. A little extracurricular activity with Dean Hess? Yeah. I saw आप two making out at the dance.
Taylor Townsend: [smugly] So what if we did?
Seth: [stumped, to Summer] She makes one hell of a poker player. I mean, she's pretty good.
Summer: Yeah, well, unless आप and the Dean want this little thingamajig......
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posted by mollyx365
Seth and Summer are my प्रिय OC couple. They have been together longer than almost every other couple [i mean the ones that are still together]. Besides Sandy and Kirsten of course. So when the दिखाना first started, Summer was the superficial "popular" girl. And Seth was the social outcast with no friends. Luckily Ryan came along. Summer and Seth were hilarious when they first started dating and rarely लॉस्ट their comedy. They are so cute together. They have grown together and as individual people as well. Summer is an environmental activist and Seth is an artist. In season 3 when Seth lied...
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