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KatieK102 posted on Sep 12, 2015 at 03:22AM
Falconstar-(KatieK102) - handsome black tom with dark gray chest and dark green eyes (Mate: Sweetbriar)

Wrenflight (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown tom with a golden chest and underbelly with amber eyes (Mate: Shiverwind)

Medicine Cats:
Slightfeather (KatieK102) - dark gray tom with darker patches and green eyes (Temporary mentor) (Mate: Creedstorm)
Swamppaw (Tanglebelly) - black and orange tom with a white freckled face and gold eyes
Pebblepaw (KatieK102) - tan and white tom with blue eyes

Creedstorm (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown she-cat with patchy black stripes all over, a white chin and seafoam green eyes (Mate: Slightfeather)
Redshadow (TeamPeeta649) - massive reddish-brown tabby tom with black stripes, paws, ears and muzzle and lavender eyes (Mate: Mistybreeze)
Duskstorm (KatieK102) - large, creamy-colored tabby tom with a white chest, underbelly, two white paws, and dark blue eyes (Mate: Frecklenose) (Apprentice: Buckpaw)
Berryfrost (KatieK102) - ginger she-cat with white nose and pretty green eyes, and a large scar across her shoulder (Mate: Strongbreeze) (Apprentice: Driftpaw)
Sunheart (Tanglebelly) - orange tom with white flecks and green eyes
Darkmist (TeamPeeta649) - white and black tom with gold eyes
Shiverwind (KatieK102)- pretty white she-cat with pale gray patches and frosty blue eyes (Mate: Wrenflight)
Strongbreeze (Tanglebelly) - black tom with white paws and tail tip, and amber eyes (Mate: Berryfrost) (Apprentice: Badgerpaw)
Sweetbriar (TeamPeeta649) - white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes (Mate: Falconstar) (Apprentice: Flamepaw)
Frecklenose (TeamPeeta649) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat with a black freckled nose with brown eyes (Mate: Duskstorm)
Flintstripe (tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with a large fluffy white chest and underbelly and white toes with brown eyes (Mate: Treetail)
Treetail (TeamPeeta649) - brown tom with large black stripes, long legs and blue eyes (Mate: Flintstripe) (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)
Foxclaw (Tanglebelly) - ginger tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes (Mate: Bloodmoon)
Ambershade (KatieK102) - golden tabby she-cat with white on her muzzle, chest and paws, green eyes
Tanglewhisker (Tanglebelly)-black tom with golden tabby stripes, green eyes, and a single white paw (Apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Bloodmoon (TeamPeeta694) - dark brown she-cat with reddish paws and muzzle and green eyes (Mate: Foxclaw)
Dewspots - pure white she-cat with pale blue eyes
Thundersky (KatieK102) - muscular stone grey tabby she-cat with tan stripes and paws, and piercing hazel eyes
Blacksun (TeamPeeta694) - orange tom with black legs and green eyes
Sunflowernose (TeamPeeta694) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat and a white mask and green eyes
Pantherleap (TeamPeeta649) - grey, white and tan calico she-cat with hazel eyes

Buckpaw (Tanglebelly) - dark brown tom with grey stripes and blue eyes
Badgerpaw (TeamPeeta694) - grey and tan tom with a long tail and hazel eyes
Driftpaw(Tanglebelly) - white and brown tom with a light grey freckled muzzle and green eyes
Cloudpaw (KatieK101) - fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Flamepaw (Tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with blue eyes
Ivorypaw (TeamPeeta694) - creamy white tom with brown eyes



Scorchgaze (TeamPeeta649) - large, muscular orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Hushpool (TeamPeeta649) - muscular light tan she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Skyheart)
Skyheart (Tanglebelly) - lean grey tom with blue eyes (Mate: Hushpool)
Featherwing (TeamPeeta649) - light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes (Mate: Crowtail)
Crowtail (Tanglebelly) - muscular jet black tom with blue eyes (Mate: Featherwing)
Mistybreeze (KatieK102) - slender gray tabby she-cat with one white paw, tail tip and blue eyes (Mate: Redshadow) retired early


Current Season: New-Leaf
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Blackpaw, from this moment on your name will be Blacksun. StarClan honors your courage and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan.

Now, there is an apprentice who has trained harder than almost any other apprentice I've ever seen. I know that she is ready to become a warrior... I, Falconstar, leader of StormClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Pantherpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life? ~ Falconstar

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*steps forward as Blacksun backs away, her legs shaking slightly as overwhelming joy sweeps through her* I do! -Pantherpaw
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*purrs loudly as she watches her apprentice, shuffling her paws, unable to sit still* ~ Ambershade

Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Pantherpaw, from this moment on your name will be Pantherleap. StarClan honors your dedication and intelligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan.

Finally, there is one more cat who deserves their full warrior name. I, Falconstar, leader of StormClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this cat. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Milky, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life? ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*steps up, surprise and happiness warring on her face* I do, Falconstar. -Milky

*backs up beside Ambershade, still shaking from the adrenaline as she sits* -Pantherleap
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*leans over and nuzzles her ear* I'm so proud of you. ~ Ambershade

Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Milky, from this moment on your name will be Dewspots. StarClan honors your kindness and resilliance, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StormClan.

And now, there are two kits who have reached the age of six moons old and are ready to become apprentices. Flamekit and Ivorykit, come forward... Ivorykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Ivorypaw. Your mentor will be Tanglewhisker. I hope Tanglewhisker will pass down all he knows on to you.

Tanglewhisker, you have shown that you are ready to take on an apprentice by helping Dewspots hone in her skills. You have shown yourself to be honest and thoughtful, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Ivorypaw. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Thank you. Seriously I can't thank you enough for helping me get to this point. -Pantherleap

*purrs happily as she takes a seat with the rest of the clan* -Dewspots

*moves to stand happily beside Tanglewhisker* -Ivorypaw
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
You're welcome, *purrs quietly* Thanks to you I'm going to be known as the apprentice whisperer. ~ Ambershade

Flamekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Flamepaw. Your mentor will be Sweetbriar. I hope Sweetbriar will pass down all she knows on to you.

*turns to Sweetbriar, fighting back his grin* Sweetbriar, you have shown that you are ready to take on an apprentice. You have shown yourself to be clever and skilled, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Flamepaw. ~ Falconstar
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
It's my honor to help bring you the recognition you deserve. *purrs and noses her ear lightly, sitting tall with pride* -Pantherleap

*dips her head with a purr as she joins her nephew, nosing him* Congratulations, sweetheart. -Sweetbriar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
StormClan, I present to you Sunflowernose, Blacksun, Pantherleap and Dewspots, as well as Ivorypaw and Flamepaw! ~ Falconstar

*cheers* ~ my cats
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*bounds over to Cloudpaw once the cheers end* I got the name! *purrs loudly* This is so great! -Sunflowernose

*looks at Shiverwind* Think my dad will be proud I'm named after him? -Blacksun

*joins her mate after the ceremony* What an honor that the mighty leader thinks I'm ready for an apprentice. -Sweetbriar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Now I just have to hope he names me Cloudsnow! *touches her nose to hers* I'll miss you, but now I have a warrior as a best friend. The other apprentices can suck that. ~ Cloudpaw

Oh, he'll puff out his chest and then never stop prancing around, *purrs* ~ Shiverwind

Well, I need to give you some sort of distraction so that you'll stop clinging into me. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*laughs softly with a nod* There's no need to miss me. We're still going to be hanging out all the time, that's not going to change. And we can hang out in the territory by ourselves if we want now! -Sunflowernose

I'll take that. *grins slightly* I want to see him happy and enjoying himself again. I'm sure this will do the trick. -Blacksun

Stars this is so exciting! *jumps to her paws, pacing around Ambershade* -Pantherleap

*gives him a playful nudge* Says the tom who couldn't stop sighing when I told him I was going to spend a day out with my friends. -Sweetbriar

*pads over to Duskstorm, again wiping her eyes* I never considered myself a sappy mom before, but here we are. -Frecklenose

*joins Berryfrost slowly* Today is certainly full of excitement. I doubt my brother's vote will have the clan this energetic. -Darkmist
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
•makes his way over to Sunflowernose grinning• Congratulations! •says padding up•

•watches his former apprentice and the looks over at his Pantherleap purring loudly but keeps his distance•

•pads over to his new apprentice purring loudly• Well excited?

Looks like Tanglewhisker beat us to having an apprentice.

•spots Darkmist make his way over to Berryfrost and slowly makes his way over•

•shifts as he was sitting down trying to hold down his excitement•

•leans against his mate watching the newly made apprentices•

•makes his way over to his brother nudging him happily• Well look he is a warrior!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Thank you! I was just telling Cloudpaw how fun it's going to be now that we can all hang out outside of camp since I'm a warrior. *purrs, still buzzing with excitement* -Sunflowernose

*nudges her mate, nuzzling against him happily* Can you believe our girl making clan history with her skill and hard work! -Hushpool

Very! When do you think we will start training? -Ivorypaw

*flicks an ear slightly* I feel like I could have really worked on Ivorypaw. -Bloodmoon

What do you think, Strongbreeze? Have you thought of how you'll vote when Sunheart's time comes? -Darkmist

Come on ceremony is over, we can fuss over them now! *hurries over to Flamepaw and noses him* Our little boys are growing up so fast! -Treetail

About time, right? *grins and nudges him back* I bet you'll be getting your name here soon. You and Pebblepaw. -Blacksun
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
Oh true! You can sneak us all out now! *purrs*

I know! *purrs* We get to boasted about her all we want now! *grins* We have the best kits in the clan.

We can start tomorrow for sure today just enjoy the moment.

Oh feeling a bit jealous? *chuckles*

I haven't really decided yet ill be honest.

*makes his way quickly* Im going to miss having you both in the nursery! *says starting to groom him then Ivorykit*

*squirms away* We aren't kits anymore you dont need to pamper us! *purrs*

Id hope so..I dont want to be left behind.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
It's not exactly sneaking. *purrs in amusement* I'm sure it won't be long before you guys join me in the warriors den. -Sunflowernose

You got that right. We should so brag to all the other parents. -Hushpool

*noses his mate* Things certainly are energetic today. -Featherwing

*purrs at his parents before turning back to his mentor* Thanks Tanglewhisker! I'm really excited to get started. -Ivorypaw

Maybe a little. *grumbles* I just know I'd be a great mentor. -Bloodmoon

It's not an easy decision for most cats. *huffs* Even I had a moment of hesitation with my decision. -Darkmist

We don't need to, but we want to. *grins and noses him* -Treetail

You won't be. Starclan I can't even wrap my head around all the stuff you have to remember as a medicine cat. -Blacksun
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
I hope so! plus now you won’t be there to stop me and Cloudpaw from insulting each other. •teases•

They can’t disagree because it’s just facts.

•looks over at him smiling slightly• Yea they sure are.

Good just make sure you are ready for training. •purrs before padding away•

Oh you are so jealous. •laughs• Come on can’t you be happy for him.

It’s a hard decision. •points out and stretches•

•purrs lightly before blinking• We have to make our nest!

To much sometimes. •purr•
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Sunflowernose knows I would win anyway. ~ Cloudpaw

It is exciting! Falconstar said he's never seen an apprentice train as hard as you before! High praise, *purrs* ~ Ambershade

*purrs quietly, pulling her into him* Really, you didn't think you were a mushy mom? ~ Duskstorm

*Moves to stand beside Wrenflight* Well, my first half-apprentice is complete. Now I just need to finish another half of an apprenticeship and you can make me your deputy someday! ~ Shiverwind

Hush. Go talk to your new apprentice before I give him to someone else, *nudges her, teasing* ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
You two better not! *nudges them both playfully* I expect you both to behave even if I'm not there to keep an eye on you. -Sunflowernose

You got that right, handsome. And now that you don't have an apprentice you're all mine again. -Hushpool

You okay? *noses his cheek* -Featherwing

*makes her way over to Tanglewhisker* Well, what do you think of my new name? -Dewspots

I am I am. It's just we haven't really talked much since he got pissed at me. -Bloodmoon

What do you think Berryfrost? Does Sunheart have your vote to stay or go? -Darkmist

I'll race you! *hurries to the apprentice den* -Ivorypaw

*noses his cheek with a purr before joining Flamepaw and Ivorypaw* Let me help my nephews and my new apprentice with those nests. -Sweetbriar

We should do something to celebrate! You deserve as much praise as I do. Not all mentors would be so dedicated to their apprentices. -Pantherleap

And yet you still manage. Show-off. *teases* -Blacksun

I wanted to be the cool mom! *leans into his chest* I cried before the ceremony started. *huffs* I guess I am mushy. -Frecklenose

You're too excited about it considering Falconstar is still fairly young and has multiple lives. *purrs in amusement* -Wrenflight
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
As long as Buckpaw knows that I'm your favorite friend, *purrs, bumping their hips* ~ Cloudpaw

I haven't decided yet, *says, leaning on Strongbreeze* I know Sweet will vote for him to return for the sake of his kits but I don't trust him to not attack someone else again. ~ Berryfrost

Ooh, I'm down to celebrate! Do you want to do it before or after you sit vigil? ~ Ambershade

*licks the side of her face* It's what makes you such a good mom, though. The day of my apprentice ceremony my mom just talked about how excited she was to finally be out of the Nursery. ~ Duskstorm

Creedstorm and I got along surprisingly well during the girls day, I think she's rubbed off on me. ~ Shiverwind
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
We will be fine! I was just joking. *cuffs her* Though it will be less chatty without you.

Oh true! You dont have to share me anymroe do you!? *purrs nosing her*

Yea just alot on my mind, *purrs* Im happy they were finally made apprentices.

I think it fits you pretty well! *purrs* Congrats by the way.

*looks up at her happily* Show us the best moss spots!

you two are still fighitng over that?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Are you trying to say I talk alot, Buckpaw? *purrs* And I don't pick favorites Cloudpaw! I love you both equally. -Sunflowernose

My wounded head agrees with you on that. *rubs his head slightly* He reminds me of my father...-Darkmist

Before! We've got all day ahead of us. -Pantherleap

*nuzzles him* I was excited to work out again and get my hot body back, but I miss cuddling up with my little babies even more. -Frecklenose

Stars that thought is actually terrifying. I don't know how Slightfeather manages. -Wrenflight

Nope. Well, except maybe with Fluffy. *teases* -Hushpool

Me too. *nuzzles him* So I've been thinking about retirement. -Featherwing

Thank you! I've very excited. I feel like I fit in now. -Dewspots

You got it. *purrs and leads the out by the waterfall* The moisture of the falls helps with moss growth. -Sweetbriar

I apologized a million times! -Bloodmoon
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*bites her tongue until it almost bleeds* Well, I'm happy that you and Blacksun are warriors now and can share a den with your mom. ~ Cloudpaw

Your father wasn't the best cat. I don't think it's a good thing that Sunheart reminds you of him. ~ Berryfrost

True! Well what did you want to do? Your first decision as a warrior! ~ Ambershade

If you want to sneak into their nests at night I promise I won't get jealous. ~ Duskstorm

Oh hush, she's not that bad. ~ Shiverwind

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
I just wouldn't trust him around anyone..*says after a bit* And if he reminds you of your father isn't that bad?

Hear that Cloudpaw she loves us equeally. *grins*

Mhmm only if you want a show but otherwise all yours.

*looks at him* Really?

You always fit in you know that. *says amused*

*follows her quickly* Whats the best moss to take?

Guess it wasn't enough well im here for you so its okay. *purrs* And im sure you will get an apprentice from the next litter of kits unless we have the next litter.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
And I'm named after her! *purrs then sticks her tongue out slightly* Definitely don't want to make my nest too close to her and Duskstorm though. -Sunflowernose

*sighs* I know. It is bad. He's always had the same tendencies now and then. I'd hoped Frecklenose would pull him away from that but now. *shrugs before shaking his head* Let's focus on something better! How was your ladies day, Berryfrost? -Darkmist

Swimming! Its hot today so a nice swim sounds awesome. -Pantherleap

*purrs and kisses his cheek* I have the perfect mate. How am I so lucky? -Frecklenose

I feel like you're biased. *nudges her playfully* You weren't intimidated by her at all? -Wrenflight

You might have to share me with Mistybreeze. *teases* -Hushpool

*nods and noses him* I'm not a young warrior anymore. It might be nice to have some real relaxation. -Featherwing

I know I know. It just feels official now! -Dewspots

The greenest. The deepest green the better! *starts pulling some from the rocks* -Sweetbriar

Yeah I wonder who will be next to get pregnant. -Bloodmoon
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
Yeah you are, you better save us a spot in the den for when we join you. *sits down nudging her playfully*

Oh yeah you never told me about that day.

I see no problem with that just make sure Redshadow doesn't get upset that you keep stealing his mate.

You and me both i've been thinking about it aswell..

Well what are you going to do now that you are an OFFICAL warrior?

*watches what she takes and does the same*

Probably your parents again. *teases*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Oh, it was fun. We hunted, swam, played truth or dare. Everyone got along. ~ Berryfrost

Oh, true. I bet they do… stuff in their nest. ~ Cloudpaw

You sure aren’t wasting time getting bossy, *teases, already starting out* A swim it is! Who else do you want to invite? ~ Ambershade

StarClan took pity on you after your last one. ~ Duskstorm

Of course she was intimidating! But she was cool. We found out that we have a few things in common. ~ Shiverwind

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Probably. I think Duskstorm is nice, but I don't want to see him feeling up my mom. *nods happily* But I will absolutely pick a spot with room for you two! Come on, I'm starving. We can all share prey to celebrate. *pads off to the pile with a purr* -Sunflowernose

Well I'm glad you had fun. I was hoping everyone would be on their best behavior. *smiles, but eyes them somewhat unsurely after the way the conversation from the other night ended* -Darkmist

Eh I'm sure he'll get over it. -Hushpool

*grooms his shoulders* We can spend our time feeling old with Scorchgaze. *purrs* -Featherwing

I guess my day to day life doesn't change much really. Maybe I should try interacting with the rest of the clan more. -Dewspots

So you are excited to start your training? -Sweetbriar

Ugh gross! They need to settle down with all the sex. At their age they're gonna start breaking hips. -Bloodmoon

I learned from the best. *teases back* let's just go you and I. We'll have some best friend time. *noses her shoulder as they head out* -Pantherleap

*nips his chin playfully* You know, the way you insult my ex really makes me want to give you a show of gratitude. -Frecklenose

*raises a brow in surprise* You two have things in common? Like what? -Wrenflight

*pads over to Falconstar* Not to put a damper on a good day, but I think we're due for our walk. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*follows Sunflowernose quickly, giving Buckpaw a side eye* ~ Cloudpaw

*clears her throat and leans against Strongbreeze* Well, I guess we’ll find out where everyone stands in a couple of days. I bet he’ll be proud of his lord, regardless. ~ Berryfrost

I can already tell that you’re going to be bossier than I ever was, *purrs, leading the way out as they head towards the lake* Are you going to miss sharing a den with your littermates? ~ Ambershade

I will definitely let me give you that show of gratitude provided you stay in our nest tonight. *leans his chin on her head* But speaking of your ex mate, he’ll be back soon. ~ Duskstorm

Very similar mates, for starters. ~ Shiverwind

*his expression turns sour* I wouldn’t put it past you to have intentionally waited for today to ask for this. You’re lucky Sweetbriar is persuasive. *stands to his paws with a sigh* ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
How does a robin sound? -Sunflowernose

Yeah, knowing him he'll be thrilled. *smiles weakly* Well, have a good day you guys. *leaves for the warriors den* -Darkmist

No way. I won't have to watch Badgerpaw and Driftpaw cuddle or Buckpaw and Cloudpaw evil eye each other when one of them gets more of Sunflowernose's attention. I'll still spend time with my brothers, but I'm glad for a change. -Pantherleap

Yaaay can't wait. *grumbles* I don't have my hopes high that we'll be able to co-parent peacefully. I'm sure he'll have something to say about you and I being mates. -Frecklenose

Slightfeather and I are similar? How? -Wrenflight

*rolls her eyes* I was hoping all the joy from your ceremonies would make you more tolerable. *heads toward the exit* Let's just get this over with. And don't think of bailing on me. I'll convince your mate to hold out on you. *says in all seriousness with a scowl* -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tanglebelly said…
*catches her glance shrugging it off following Sunflowernose just as quickly* What are you hungry for? It's your big day after all.

*noses her gently before pausing for a moment remembering Shiverwinds and Wrenflights talk with him* Was their any mention of a three some by chance?

If not ill make him get over it. *nips her ear* Well i was going to say we should go give our daughter some playful gestures but she seems to be gone.

Mhmm! We've been waiting forevr.

Agreed! I heard some weird rumours the other day!

Im sure he would enjoy our company. *chuckles*

Probably be for the best you need to start making friends!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
How does a robin sound? -Sunflowernose

Starclan sake this is why warrior ceremonies in the morning are nothing but trouble. They're so excited to go running around the territory as they please. -Hushpool

I know you've been so eager. *purrs at them and picks up the moss* We'll get started first thing in the morning. -Sweetbriar

What rumors? -Bloodmoon

Of course. We're his favorites. *nudges him playfully* -Featherwing

Any suggestions for who I should go to? -Dewspots
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Robin sounds great. Too bad it won't be fresh. ~ Cloudpaw

*looks at Strongbreeze wearily* Threesomes were mentioned a few times.... I jokingly told Frecklenose that my deepest fantasy was to have a threesome with you and Darkmist. ~ Berryfrost

Sounds like the whole den became one big cuddle puddle, your worst nightmare, *teases* Sorry to inform you that cats still cuddle in the warrior den but they are more subtle about it. ~ Ambershade

Bold of you to assume that once he looks at us and opens his mouth, he won't already have been disintegrated by the heat of my glare. ~ Duskstorm

You're both calm and level-headed and secretly freaks in the nest with spitfire's for mates. Plus Slightfeather was almost deputy, too. ~ Shiverwind

*scoffs* Good luck with that. Sweetbriar is incapable of holding out. Just shut your mouth and this might be a fairly pleasant walk. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
That's true. Oh, we could all go hunting! You've got your very own warrior escort now. -Sunflowernose

I'll take subtly! Although... I'm a warrior so I guess that part of my life is open now. I don't have to be so adverse from all the mushy stuff. *still wrinkles her nose at the thought* -Pantherleap

*purrs and nuzzles his neck* Now that I would love to see. I actually have someone in my corner now to deal with him. -Frecklenose

*cuffs her playfully* Are you bragging about me in the nest to anyone who will listen? -Wrenflight

Great so I just get to listen to you rattle on all morning. -Creedstorm
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*ears perk* Hunting would be nice! ~ Cloudpaw

*purrs and bumps their shoulders* But you still don't have to partake in it either. You've never liked any of that sort of stuff. There's no reason to force it now. *picks up her pace as the lake comes ito view* Ooh, it's pretty this morning! *steps straight into the water, shiverwing a little before taking the pluge and going all the way in* ~ Ambershade

Trust me, I won't let him anywhere near you. ~ Duskstorm

I'm sorry, is that something you truly expected me to keep to myself?? ~ Shiverwind

As if I want to talk to you! We can both stay silent. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Well let's get a move on! Early bird catches the worm. *flicks her tail for them to follow, leading them out of camp* -Sunflowernose

It is a nice day. *watches her before following* Cloudpaw seems to think I'll figure all that kind of stuff out now that I'm a warrior. Although that's easy for her to say when she has her love life all figured out. -Pantherleap

*peers up at him in a mix of love and wonder* You really are going to protect me and put me first, aren't you? -Frecklenose

A tom can dream. *tugs her ear playfully* But I'm more than happy to brag about you. My little minx. -Wrenflight

Fine. Take the lead, leader. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*speeds past Buckpaw to walk at her shoulder* So do you think your dad will like your new name? ~ Cloudpaw

*ducks underneath the water and pops back up, completely soaked now* Oh yeah? I didn't know Cloudpaw had a crush on anyone. ~ Ambershade

*purrs deeply but quietly, nosing her cheek* Of course I'm going to. You think after all these years of being the most eligible bachelor that I took a mate only to put in the minimum amount of effort? If you don't feel like the safest, luckiest, most loved she-cat in the world then I'm not doing my job right. ~ Duskstorm

Oh? What do you say about me? ~ Shiverwind

Nice of you to accept that you're not a leader anymore. *walks slightly ahead of her, navigating the forest easily* ~ Falcostar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*shrugs a little meekly* Yes and no. He'll be thrilled that I'm a warrior, but I don't know how he'll react to me being named after my mom. Before he left it seemed like maybe they could at least be civil, but who knows how things will be when he comes back. -Sunflowernose

Sunflowernose. *tenses slightly as her eyes roam her figure* She asked me if I were to become a warrior early to keep an eye on Sunflowernose so that no one else tries to make moves on her. -Pantherleap

Well let me assure you in the week we've been mates I've felt luckier, safer, more loved and more satisfied than I did in years of my last relationship. Speaking of, *pokes his chest playfully* Sweet is out with her new apprentice, Falconstar is out on his walk with Creedstorm. Their den is very very empty. -Frecklenose

That you could make any tom fall to the ground with even just one lick of your tongue. -Wrenflight

*glares at the back of his head* I got that loud and clear when Starclan took my lives. Thanks for the name choice by the way. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Well Falconstar named Blacksun after him, so he ought to be okay with it! If your dad asks you can always tell him it was my idea and I gave it to Falconstar, *purrs* ~ Cloudpaw

Really? *splashes a little, watching the ripples go out around her* That's sweet, in a possessive way that I wasn't expecting from Cloudpaw. She seems so sweet. I heard Buckpaw sorta has feelings for her now too, so it'll be interesting to see who she ends up choosing... it'll probably be Buckpaw. I don't even know if there's ever been a lesbian relationship in StormClan. Not one that I'm aware of. ~ Ambershade

I like the way you think, hotness. *licks her scruff, pulling subtly on it* Think you can bite down on those screams just once? We're trying to not get caught. ~ Duskstorm

*purrs* High praise, deputy. Maybe that's how I'll end Falconstar so that you can become leader. ~ Shiverwind

Wow. You're really not going to shut-up during this walk, are you? You're actually going to make conversation. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Aww you'd be my albi? *purrs and noses her cheek* -Sunflowernose

There's a first time for everything, you know. *wades over to her, slipping under before coming back up* I'm sure plenty of she-cats have thought about it. -Pantherleap

Mm I think I can manage. *arches under his chin* If one scream or two does slip through anyone who didn't see our littermates leave will just think it's them. -Frecklenose

Don't even think about it. I know I said any tom, but I want to be the only one you use that tongue on. *nips at her ear* -Wrenflight

I'm trying to drown you out. Even the sound of your breathing annoys me. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Of course, but only for you, *purrs, bumping their hips* ~ Cloudpaw

Does thinking about it really count? I mean, they chose dick in the end. *smirks a little and splashes Pantherleap* ~ Ambershade

We'll make a deal, then; if you do scream you then I win a favor to be cashed in at a later date, and if you don't scream then you win the favor. *was already slipping towards the den* ~ Falconstar

Ugh, there's not an evil mastermind bone in your body. *swats at his muzzle* ~ Shiverwind

Talk to yourself then, not me. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
What would I do without you? *bumps her back* Stars it's going to feel so lonely sleeping in the warriors den without you two. -Sunflowernose

*smirks back at her* Ahh look who can be crude after all. *circles around her in the water* Maybe Stormclan just hasn't had the predatory lesbian it needs to start turning all the she-cats. -Pantherleap

You know I love a challenge. *quickly follows after him* What happens if I make you scream though? *tugs on his ear with a hum* -Frecklenose

I can't help it that I'm so forward! *nips at her paw playfully* -Wrenflight

Fine I will. Stars I don't know how Falconstar's mate puts up with him. Starclan why have you cursed her? -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
I can always sneak over to the warriors den, *teases* If Thundersky could sneak into the apprentice den then I bet I could do it. ~ Cloudpaw

Oh please, I'm not a prude. I tried to hook up with both of my mentors; but it's different when it's your own apprentice! *suddenly jumps forward in the water, tackling Pantherleap* ~ Ambershade

I'm not the one who has trouble keeping my muzzle shut, *teases, slipping inside the den* ~ Duskstorm

*crouches down and eyes him playfully* We'll have to work on that if we ever want to take over StormClan. ~ Shiverwind

*clamps his jaw shut, biting his tongue until it bled* ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
I think they're a little more strict on apprentices in the warriors den. *purrs and shakes her head with a laugh* I could just join you guys in the apprentice den some nights. -Sunflowernose

*rolls them a few times before pinning her with her body, her muscles flexing* Not your apprentice anymore, Ambershade. Which means I can be as crude as I want and you can't stop me. *grins mischievously as she brings her muzzle to her ear* I don't know how those toms resisted such a pretty she-cat flaunting herself at them. -Pantherleap

Not yet. *teases back as she stretches out in front of him* -Frecklenose

*raises a brow at her* Are you going to whip me into shape? -Wrenflight

*smirks to herself at his reaction* Such a pretty young she-cat, she could have landed any tom in this clan, but you gave her the cranky leader. Stars, you'd think he'd be more tolerable to be around. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Fun! I'll make my nest bigger. ~ Cloudpaw

Because one was gay and the other one with close to Shiverwind, who could've turned she-cats if she wanted to. *splashes Pantherleap again, her back comfortably resting againt the shorebank* I guess I can't get onto you for being crude anymore but I'll still cuff you. Everyone is going to think I let you get away with it when you were still an apprentice and then I'll never get another one, *purrs* ~ Ambershade

Somebody has too, you're too stright-edged. *pounces on him* ~ Shiverwind

For your information, she padded relentlessly after me for years, *snaps* I shot her down more times than you've caught prey. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Are you and Buckpaw going to share now that I'm out of the picture? *teases them* -Sunflowernose

No, I don't think they'll blame you. They'll blame my parents if anyone. *eyes her laid out beneath her* Shiverwind might be able to turn cats, but she's got nothing on you. -Pantherleap

*swipes at her shoulders* I thought you liked being the troublemaker in this relationship? -Wrenflight

Huh I'm sorry, did you say something? I was busy talking to myself. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
*wrinkles her muzzle* Absolutely not. I might suffocate him in his sleep, as a matter of fact. ~ Cloudpaw

*smiles up at her, despite feeling warm underneath her gaze even in the cold water* Flatterer. I trained you well. ~ Ambershade

But I need a partner in crime if I want to stage a coup! ~ Shiverwind

Like the insane she-cat that you are, *grumbles* I ought to just exile you too. ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
Oh would you be nice. *tugs on her ear playfully* Am I ever going to be able to get you two to stop bickering? -Sunflowernose

Is it really flattery if I'm just stating the obvious? -Pantherleap

*pins her under him* You know Sweet will be pissed at me if I overthrow her mate? -Wrenflight

*bites back a snarl* If you exile me you lose Slightfeather too and you need him. You should be grateful to me that I let you use my mate for your own gain. -Creedstorm
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KatieK102 said…
Maybe when one of us dies, *says, chipper* ~ Cloudpaw

Well either way, it's very sweet. *gives her nose a quick lick* Who would've thought fiesty little Pantherpaw had a sweet bone in her body? ~ Ambershade

Fine, we can keep Falconstar around and just demote him back to a regular warrior. What was his warrior name, Falconbaze? ~ Shiverwind

Oh I'm sorry, are you done talking to yourself? Back to me again? ~ Falconstar
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TeamPeeta649 said…
*bumps her playfully* Stars you can be so dark! *snorts out a laugh* I love that about you. You've got this cute soft exterior and this edgy interior. It's so unexpected. -Sunflowernose

I like to think I'm well rounded. Although, you're one of the only cats that can manage to get the sweet out of me. *runs a paw playfully over her chest* -Pantherleap

*chuckles* I think he'd rather choose death. My cute little mate is so devious. -Wrenflight

Stars you're such an instigator! You act like you're any less crazy than me. -Creedstorm