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I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Salem TV Series प्रशंसक Club | Fansite with photos, videos, and और
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Salem | Resident Evil Main Title Theme
Salem | I won't stay long, in this world so wrong
fangoria chainsaw awards [2016] ➤ which/who deserves to win the most?
The fans pick: ➤ best tv actress: janet montgomery
Excerpt: Salem, now in its second season is a great guilty pleasure for the casual or serious student/expert of the real Salem trials of 1692. Yes, it is set in 1692 and uses many of the names from history and real tidbits of history, but this is definitely an alternative universe view of the Salem trials. It is tons of fun and well cast and acted. I started watching just to check out the costumes and found myself drawn in by an answer to a long-time "What if" there was real witchcraft practiced in the Essex County area of MA in 1662 and before.
Why Can’t Black Witches Get Some Respect in Popular Culture?
While their practices are appropriated to add a flash of exoticism, they are pushed to the margins of their respective stories.
KSiteTV's Shilo Adams argues why you should binge WGN America horror series Salem now that the calendar has turned over to October.
Let me get this straight... Anne thrusts a rat down Cotton\'s throat, have that same rat eat up his insides if he attempts to leave... but HE should honor their marriage and treat HER better?
I hear season 3 will start in the week of Halloween. Why so late? I mean, it\'s fitting with Halloween and all, but it always used to start in April.
I was thinking the same thing, actually. I thought it was supposed to start in April.
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a video was added: Salem | Resident Evil Main Title Theme
a video was added: Salem | I won't stay long, in this world so wrong
a video was added: ▶ Give in to Me | John Proctor x Mary Sibley
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