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There have been plenty of लेखाए on the Internet that many टेलीविज़न shows with successful first seasons usually decline in quality with its सेकंड season. This is known as the "second season curse". I do not There have been plenty of cases when the quality of a टेलीविज़न series has improved with each succeeding season. However, I do believe there are some shows that adhere to this theory. When it comes to Season Two of the CBS All Access series, "STAR TREK DISCOVERY", some believe it had.

Most Trek प्रशंसकों either believe that Season One of "DISCOVERY"...
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I had written this लेख about "STAR TREK DISCOVERY" during the early spring of 2019, before the series' सेकंड season had ended:


Last winter, I had learned from a तारा, स्टार Trek मंच that the दिखाना runners of "STAR TREK DISCOVERY" had promised to "align" the series with "STAR TREK" (the Original Series) द्वारा the end of Season Two. And honestly, I believe making such a promise was a big mistake.

The timeline for “STAR TREK DISCOVERY” began in 2256. That is ten years before “THE ORIGINAL SERIES” began (in 2266) and nine years before James T. Kirk had assumed command...
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I just recently viewed the Season Two premiere of "STAR TREK DISCOVERY", (2.01) "Brother" on CBS All Access. On one hand, the episode struck me as a solid entry for a Trek दिखाना that set up the सेकंड season's story arc and introduction of new characters. This is nothing knew. I have witnessed similar set ups for shows like "BABYLON 5" and "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER". But what I did not count on were some differences and characters that would leave me scratching my head.

I do not think I have ever encountered a Trek दिखाना that has generated so...
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Below is a सूची of my प्रिय episodes from Season One of the All Access CBS series, "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY". Created द्वारा Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, the series stars Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham:


1. (1.09) "Into the Forest I Go" - While ignoring Starfleet's orders, U.S.S. Discovery's commander, Captain Gabriel Lorca decides to use the ship's new core drive in an effort to help end the Federation's war against the Klingons.

2. (1.07) "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" - While the Discovery crew...
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