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posted by shadow_xox
Stuff about Stacy! Hope आप like it!

Name: Stacy BlackHeart
Age: 15
Birthday: September 5th
Species: Black Cat
Gender: Female
Birth Place: London
Alignment: Neutral
Speed: 8/10
Strenth: 10/10
Defense: 9/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Skill: 5/10
Tomboy या Girly Girl: Tomboy

- Purple, blue, and red fire
- Flying
- Telekinesis

Friends: Shadow, Rouge, Sheena, Spunky, Sonic, Icelet, Knuckles, Tails

Rivals: Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Paris the Cat

Enemies: Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Paris the Cat

Likes: Music, Her iPod, Shadow ♥, Rouge, Sweeney Todd, CryBaby, Johnny Deoo, Icelet

Dislikes: Sally, Amy, Paris, Bugs, mean peoples...
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