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Kei and Takumi's similarities
 Kei and Usui
Kei and Usui

Their Looks:
・Both of them have blond hair (although Kei's hair is a bit brownish)
・Both of them have narrow eyes
・Both of them are tall
・Both of them are handsome

Their Personality
・Both of them are compassionate for who they love
・Both of them will eat the खाना Hikari/Misaki made even though they aren't delicious
・They got disappointed when Hikari/ Misaki didn't wear a good swimsuit
Kei: Episode 8
Takumi: Episode 16

Their Skills
・Both of them are the smartest in their school
・Both of them are strong
・Both of them always saves...
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Hikari Hanazono

Voiced by: Yuko Goto
Nicknames: Number 2,stupid girl
Food: चावल balls
Blood Type: O
Height: 155 cm
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Flower
B-Day: March 20
Best friends: All of S.A.
Main Personalities: Spunky, positive, REALLY dense

Hikari is the protagonist of the story and is ranked 2nd in the school. She is energetic and kindhearted, but rather dense when it comes to love, some times she seems very stubbed and thickheaded . She is the daughter of a carpenter. When she was six years old she experienced her first defeat and humiliation when she लॉस्ट to Kei Takishima in a pro-wrestling match. In...
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