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 Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
It is important to watch Soul Eater Not! Like wanna know how Sid became a Zombie? या how Liz and Patty meet Kid. Watch Soul Eater Not! It explains that. Not gonna spoil anything. I know it's a spin off series, but it takes place before the original SE Series. I say it is worth watching. It explains some character back story that the original series didn't explain much of. Like remember how an episode where Soul scared Maka cause of explaining how Sid died. Well.... Will just leave it to Soul Eater Not to explain back stories the original didn't explain. Also I believe it was in Episode 3 or...
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soul evans
maka albarn
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Everyone was afraid there was a monster in their closet when they were younger. But if there really WAS one? Forget haunted houses, Victoria was about to deal with something totally different. There was a house on the edge of Death City, where a family lived. The father suddenly disappeared, and the family thinks its the work of this monster. Something unnatural. Since it was a smaller mission, Lord Death sent only Danny, Victoria, Tsubaki, and Black Star. It was a weird team up, and Victoria was sure it was just to see how well she could handle a mission with someone who.. could mess it all...
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i'm falling down into my shadow iki o hisomete
matte iri deadly night
don't scary kimi ga nozomeba
donna seksi mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
see आप in your dreams yah baby
kawai yume datoshitemo
fairy blue kimi no tameni hoshiokudaki
black paper moon
shinjite kureta nara
when your'e लॉस्ट here i am forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no आप ni

those are the lyrics to the soul eater 2 theme song! is आप would like me to write the lyrics to any other song all आप have to do is give me प्रॉप्स on something then i will happily write the lyrics to any song आप would like as long as it isn't 30 मिनटों long या anything like that!
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So as Victoria and her फ्रेंड्स walked into the DWMA, Kid told her "I almost forgot. My father wanted to meet you." Victoria's eyes widened. "Lord Death? Just me? What?" Patty giggled and started to pat her on the back, saying "Aw, don't be nervous! Lord Death is a really nice guy, so just go meet him, k?" Victoria did. She walked into his office, fogged up the mirror, and कहा it at she wrote "42-42-564. Anytime आप want to knock on Death's door." Lord Death appeared. "Heya, heya, heya!" He greeted her. "You must be Victoria." Victoria felt instantly at ease. "No offense, Death sir, but, you're...
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