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A crocodile, chameleon, and bee walk in wearing business suits. Charlize follows them.

Agent 1: *Talking on his cell phone* Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Well then we're walking. I want 5%, या we're walking. WALKING!!!!!! 2.5%, and a free hot tub? आप got yourself a deal. *Hangs up, looks at the Casting Director* My client wants her own dressing room along with her usual salary, 10% of the box office, and a bowl of skittles at every rehearsal.
Charlize: चॉकलेट covered skittles.
Agent 2: Are आप sure? That's a little disgusting.
Charlize: चॉकलेट covered skittles, या I walk!
Agent 3: This is not negotiable....
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The final actor to arrive was Josh.

Josh: Hi. My name is Josh.
Casting Director: Hi. Nice to meet you. Did आप get a copy of the lines?
Josh: Yes. I'd also like to do a monologue.
Casting Director: Good. आप can start when you're ready.
Josh: Cool. *Goes to the back, and pulls up a chair*
Casting Director: What do आप need that for?
Josh: You'll see. *Puts the chair in the middle of the stage, sits in it, and pretends to drive a car*

The Casting Director, and Roger started whispering to each other.

Casting Director: what is he doing?
Roger: it looks like he's pantomiming. play along with it for now....
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