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leo: (picks up luna) now my princess आप and i will be happy!! (evil look)

luna: huh wha??

leo: (teleports)

at leos:

leo: here we are my dear.... (holds luna tighter)

luna: stop!!!

leo:why should i? i know आप like this! (kisses her) mmmmm

luna: mmmmph!!!! (blushing)

leo: (teleports to his room)

leo: (puts luna on the bed) are आप ready my dear?

luna: ) 0_0 no,no,no,no!!! i dont want this!! (gets out cootie stick) i gonna hit ya!!!

leo: -__-, babe,dont be difficult! (grabs her chin) all i you.....nothing more....(smiles)

luna: meep! 0_0


magic: (goes into lunas house) हे lun!

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At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my दिल beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i प्यार her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are आप ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your दिल beats rapidly when आप see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means आप प्यार them silly...
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