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posted by sexyluna34
on halo:

sonic: run!!

silver: oh crap where is she?

sonic: i dont wanna die!!

tails: mina ..we have to help them?

mina: help who?

tails: the guys, lunas attacking them we have to stop her.

mina: stop luna? oh no..that would never work..we should never bother her when shes fightin in halo.

tails: but she'll kill them!

mina: that would be wonderful!

shadow: we need to keep moving men, double time!

sonic: i think we need to afraid she'll be picking us off one by- (lunas hand goes through the दीवार grabbing sonics neck) - one!! (gets pulled in then luna kicks the दीवार sending sonic with it)

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posted by sexyluna34
it was on friday afternoon after school:

luna: come on magic.. itll be fun.

magic: {on the phone} i dont know... what would i bring?

luna: anything..if ya froget anything... i have extras...right mom?

sarabi: yes luna.

luna: is it okay if magic sleeps over?

sarabi: i dont have a reason to decline... lets just think about her parents descision.

magic: mom.. dad can i have a sleepover at lunas?

sonic: sure .

amy: as long as आप come घर safe.

magic: r-really? thank आप i प्यार आप both!!

* magic gets back on the phone*


magic: im in..

luna:awsome... bring whatever आप need.

* after magic got her...
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