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Name: Yinela {Balanced Grace} Elady {Noble darkness Graceful Light } Waktini

Age at beginning of story (Second Mobius Academy): 17

Appearance: Yinela is a half-breed of Banshee and Nighless. She has large ears with black tuffs at the tips. Her फर is a mainly a pale cream color, with a yellow tuft of फर at her forehead. Her eyes are slit green crescent-moons, and she has large spine-like wituls at the back of her head, as well as on her arms and legs. Her tail is large and poofy, and her hair is a very dark blue.

She is tall, at the height of 4’9, and has regular wide Banshee arms and legs, though at a smaller width. She has fading stripes around her body usually on the inward areas, that fade from black to turquoise.

She wears normally a collared चोटी, शीर्ष of grey, buttoned up, with dark grey pants and black slacks. Her accessories are that of a fedora of tan color, an arm-strap pouch that holds a digital notebook with a pen as well as an actual notebook, and a grey and blue bracelet that holds a recording device she uses for various situations.

Abilities: As a hybrid of Milen Banshee and basic Nighless, Yinela has a variety of powers. Her बोन्स are metallic, and she has a metal exoskeleton just below her skin. She is able to fly, control sound, and is experienced in weak psychic abilities usually specific to पढ़ना या manipulating minds and her own body. She can lift things with her mind but it is very difficult. She has a strong energy pool mixed with Daricha Energy and Rasoul Energy, which mold together allowing her to generating “dark” energy that she can use to absorb, adapt to, and to an extent become. This is her strongest ability as she can form it into solid shapes if required, such as armor या weapons that she can control with her thoughts. Her practice in combat with these is small as she pursued a और civilian-based lifestyle, but she can defend herself if required. At times she does find it hard to manage her “dark” energy, sound abilities, and mind abilities, at the same time, exhausting her quickly. She does not use any at the same time as it overstrains her body too quickly.

Home: Rasoul Dimension, गढ़, महल town

Family Members:
Kyle Waktini (Father), Sissy Waktini (Mother), Daniel Waktini (Uncle), Avina Waktini (Aunt), cousins, Jacob Waktini (Grandfather), Kushina Waktini (Grandmother), Skyle Siorph (Great-grandfather)

Backstory: Yinela Elady Waktini was born during the days of the Identity Wars. She and her parents survived the event to see the peace to follow. Growing up in the Rasoul Dimension country Anulira, Yinela spent ten years in total going through her education, from age one to eleven. During that time she learned what she needed about Rasoul, and Banshee history, including Mobocan.

Because of her intelligence, she decided to follow a career in newspaper, which she was quite helpful with. However when Mobius Academy reopened, she desired to go there as her parents had. Kyle and Sissy made a deal with Yinela that if she could keep up with her job at the paper and her studies, she could stay.

Yinela currently takes three classes a semester for Mobius Academy currently, and continues to act as a reporter for the Rasoul Dimension Newspaper.

Personality: Yinela is regularly a gentle person, though constantly curious. She always wants to find something to look into, and will become irritated if unable to write something new down in her many journals. She is not a fast-talker, but can become very irritated द्वारा interruptions या sidetracking. She also has a large distain for limitations, though she has a definite moral standard that she strives to not break.

She is generally outgoing, not entirely out of a selfless attitude, but mostly because she considers any situation to be a profitable one on paper. As expected she has trouble with secrets. She has an entire section of her works dedicated to things she’s not allowed to talk about.

Rarely is this girl intimidated. Over the many years of looking into many criminal activities, Yinela became partially desensitized to the danger, and instead became irritated द्वारा repeating moral issues, often calling them “reruns”. She hates having to explain herself, especially और than once, but while a tad stubborn, she is not an argumentative person. She enjoys finding information, and लेखन it down, but not debating about things. This is one of her constant fears as she does not like the concept of lies and fiction.

Interests: Yinela finds enjoyment in exploring and drawing scenery whenever possible. She also is quite a प्रशंसक of architecture, specifically sky-scrapers that shine and reflect. While she still retains a reporter’s eye for journals, she also enjoys लेखन कविता from time to time, and any kind of general descriptions of areas. She rarely writes stories however as this leads to always questioning things and having to stop to look for answers.

As Yinela has her natural Banshee abilities, she does enjoy music, especially both techno, nature, and most of all anything pop. She is almost never using an instrument, as she creates the songs with her mouth usually.

Her प्रिय kind of areas to explore vary but she does find trees, usually snow-covered, to be her प्रिय set-pieces.
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One question: Why do आप do it?

Well your answer is probably "I can't draw!" आप know why आप can't draw? Because आप never picked up a pooping piece of paper and pencil and actually tried to! So now, kids, I'm gonna teach आप a little lesson about art:


You know, good drawers weren't born as good drawers. If आप believe that, you're sadly mistaken. आप know how they became good drawers? द्वारा actually drawing!

Also, आप can get arrested when आप steal people's art. Really.

Now, just grab a paper, grab a pencil, get your pencil...
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Anatomy difference

So this is another rant about Deviantart stuff. Sorry if आप don’t want to hear this, I just had to post it.

I पोस्टेड two pictures to a SONICFANCHARACTER group of Rynk. The Acid-monster one, and the big-ears one. Both were declined. They stated that it was because of poor sonic-anatomy, blatant colors, and other things that would suggest they weren’t sonic-type.

Why wouldn’t it be mobian? I can understand the confusion about the acid-monster pic, but the big-ears pic was plain and simple, easy to see, mobian. There wasn’t anything abnormal about it.

The only conclusions...
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रिहाना was walking with Platinum the Cat, Diamond the Hedgehog and Bluebell the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स one दिन and they were all going to the Cafê' for some doughnuts and coffee. When they got to the Cafê' they sat down. "Did आप hear about that missing girl named Chewie?" कहा Bluebell. "Yeah I did they say she went after some dude named Nazo." Replied Rihanna. Bluebell looked and seen Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Simy, Justin and Lotus."Look here comes trouble." कहा Diamond. "Hey guys, हे bluebell!" कहा simy happily. *Bluebell runs over to simy and hugs him.* "Did आप guys have a good time at the state fair?"...
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Note: HEY! Long time no see!! Looks like we have a problem on our hands. Sonic and Myzak only have 3 days to find Eggman, या else they'll be arrested! Will they succeed? And what is Shadow up to? I'm sorry to say that I won't be giving आप answers. I'll only be giving आप और सवालों as, "The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul" continues!


“So, let me get this straight,” Tails was checking Myzak’s vital systems because for now, Myzak was new to the team. “Lil allowed आप guys to go to get Eggman like bounty hunters for three days. If आप don’t get him in that time, आप go to jail....
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