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Credit goes to catchatyou and the proper संगीत producers, company, and people. I do not own anything in this video
alice and vincent
प्रशंसक character
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One cold, winter दिन in the साल of 2003, a 6-year-old blue hedgehog was at school as a1st grader. She was on her way to class and then BAM! A boy pushes her पुस्तकें out of her hands. You'd think he did that on accident and would pick it up, but he didn't.
"Oops," the boy, Aaron, snarled. "I didn't know that would happen." His 2 friends, Bryce and Nick, were behind him laughing with him.
Casey frowned and कहा nothing. She just picked up her पुस्तकें and went to class. Sadly, Casey shared her class with them. What was worse is that she had to sit द्वारा them also.
As soon as she went to class she set...
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 Ember the Cat Now (16)
Ember the Cat Now (16)
*sigh* im just gonna try it like a story its going 2 b VERY long....once again im doing 1st person

I have had enough of this...not the spy work and stuff like that but the things that people DO....right now im on my way to seperate a father and daughter...sorces have showed that the father, RIder, has been abusive to both his daughter, whos name is unknown, and to other innocents. I find it really sad on how some people r...

I stop running looking around at the barren area and i sigh. I keep moving. After awhile i spot a single building in the distance. this...
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