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posted by Barbpinkeresser
I was a girl in te village doing alright,
then i became a princess overnight ,
now i've gotta figure out how to do it right ,so much to learn and see,

up in the गढ़, महल with my new family
in a school thats just for royalty,

a whole एनचांटेड world is aiting for me,
i'm so excited to be,

sofia the first,
i'm finding out what being royal's all about,
sofia the first ,
making my way it's an adventure everyday,
it's gonna be my time,
to दिखाना them all that i'm,
sofia the first,
(instrumental bridge),.
All right, it's embarrassing when you're in-between the ages aimed for दिखाना for preschoolers and parents. But when आप check out Sofia The First out of curiosity from talk on प्रशंसक sites, the कड़वा pill must be swallowed. I was one of those people, and the दिखाना lured me in. Now, from a teenage standpoint, it's not superb. However, it is rather addictive, and for me, it drew me to write about its future. To be simple, the दिखाना has potential to improve over the years. प्रशंसक fiction writers have recognized this clearly. I like the character of Sofia and her struggle to become a princess. She is,...
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