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Source: Me, episode "The लॉस्ट Treasure of The Golden Squirrel"
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Note: Hi!This is the सेकंड chapter to my new story.Hope आप guys will enjoy it :)

In time,the penguins Lemurs and Marlene had learned how to act like proper humans.And as time went by,the penguins and Marlene had gotten very लोकप्रिय at school.

(INFOThe penguins and Marlene went to a regular High School,While Julian,Mort and Maruice tried very hard to get into a Private High School,one where all they do is perfect their गाना and dancing skills.You can tell it was mostly Julian idea.The penguins school is called New York Central High या for short,NYCH.Julian school's called Private Skills...
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skipper should just shut up and किस her already cuz some times he talks 2 much:)
पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर
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Author’s Note: This is following the episode Roomies.

♦ ♦ ♦

    It was the अगला morning after the long night of tracking down the walrus-spy, Rhonda, and rerouting her टोकरा from the polar भालू reserve to the Hoboken Aquarium. While Kowalski tried to track down her टोकरा in hopes of getting his unnamed invention back, Skipper went over to Marlene’s to see how she was holding up.

    “Hey, Marlene. Everything alright?” Skipper asked as he entered her habitat. Marlene was sitting at her small dresser looking into a mirror, which she set on the...
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Source: Me, episode "The लॉस्ट Treasure Of The Golden Squirrel" (boy, that's a long name)
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