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In the world of the fighter pilot, a single radar contact is often all it takes to start the flow of adrenaline. The uncertainty of the contact, the possibility that it could be a hostile, all of these are things that set any fighter pilots दिल racing. And they are even और so effective with the naval aviator. The naval aviator strives to protect his home, the not so humble aircraft carrier. A hundred thousand ton कूबड़ा, हंक of steal that functions as a floating city and airport. This is the naval aviator's main स्रोत of consternation, as he is driven to protect it at all costs.

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When Russian forces plan attacks on the cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, and Sacramento, two of the U.S. Navy's finest pilots are commissioned to thwart their plans.

Captains Jonathon and Patrick Gies are brothers in the United States Navy. Under the instruction of चोटी, शीर्ष Gun instructer Eric Bradshaw, they learn what it takes to be a true master of the skies.

If they can defeat the numerically superior forces of Mother Russia, they could do anything. But can they do it?

Read the chapters of Skies of Thunder as they are पोस्टेड to find out!