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simon on regis and kelly taking on the किस
simon cowell
Simon Cowell's first TV appearance on cheezy 90's TV क्विज़ दिखाना "Sale of the Century" ... it's a different Simon!
simon cowell
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Hope आप read this Simon,
Althought i प्यार X Factor the one thing i dislike is its command over the No 1 spot at Christmas. I,m sure Simon can recall growing up with the odd actual क्रिस्मस hits, these tunes held a magic, hence all the radio play they still get reminding us of wonderful years gone by. Now the winner usually hits No1 and the संगीत is forgettable as last weeks hot pot. Can nobody write क्रिस्मस songs anymore?
well that,s my opinion, and good luck with the american show, great great talent so far. and in case i forget Happy क्रिस्मस
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