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 Sir Lancelot <3
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This is a video of how to draw Shadow The Hedgehog
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Meaghan: were am i?
Shadow: *spys at meaghan* who the f*ck is she?
Meaghan: *saws shadow and screams and point the gun at shadow* WHO R U? :O
Shadow: Mind: SHE GOT A GUN LIKE I DO?! O_O
Meaghan: WHAT'S YOUR NAME? >:O
Shadow: HUMPH i'm shadow the hedgehog the utimate life form.......what's ur name *points gun at meaghan*
Meaghan: *saws shadow's gun* i'm meaghan the hedgehog the secound utimate life form >:O
Shadow: your the secound utimate?! >:O
Meaghan: *calms down and drops gun* yes...
Shadow: *calms down* will आप be in my team
Meaghan: uh.....sure
Shadow: my team's name is team dark
Meaghan: okay
Shadow: *takes meaghan to the team dark's room base*
Meaghan: wow nice team base
Rouge: *saw meaghan* who the F*ck is she, shadow
Shadow: she is the new member of the team her name is meaghan the hedgehog
Rouge: nice to meet आप meaghan my name is rouge the bat! ^_^
Meaghan: nice to meet you!
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