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 shadow likes his प्रशंसकों
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Rocha's POV:
Life was just getting और and और eventful as time lingered on. I wondered if it would still be calm in the alley where I used to live. I thought back to the times when I was truly alone and had no one, but when I looked around and thought about how Sonic and Shadow and everyone cared for me and loved me as one of their own, I felt comforted and knew that no matter how hectic things got here, I would never want to go back to the cold, sea of lonliness, and the fact that I would never have to go back. I looked at Shadow who had a somewhat apprehensive temperment to him. "Shadow,...
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Sonic, Rouge, Amy, Sally, me, and Tails were taking an evening stroll down Soleanna. The sun was silhouetting over the light blue sea, with nothing but a bird's tweet heard in the distance. Sonic was chatting his blue head off, while Rouge was blabbering about jewels and things. Tails whistled to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I kept my mind on और urgent matters. The noble citizens of Soleanna have reported mysterious creatures being seen in the outskirts of the city. They sent us, Fighter Flyers 6, to seek out the problem. "Guys," I started, "We've better find a सुरक्षित place...
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