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posted by aleciane
Season 1

Episode 1
Making its splashy debut on June 6, 1998, the first episode of Sex drew 3.7 million viewers — a respectable number, considering it was a new series on a pay-cable channel. (But viewership would balloon द्वारा the finale, which, nearly six years later, would draw 10.6 million viewers.) At the time, HBO's slate included Oz, Arli$$, and Taxicab Confessions. And a little दिखाना called Family Man — eventually renamed The Sopranos — was gearing up to premiere the following year.

Can आप imagine Carrie as a brunette? That was the plan up until 24 hours before the pilot was shot. ''I...
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posted by SusieSawaya
Hi all!

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Grey Suede Heels only at www.susiesawaya.com.au Susie Sawaya Sydney
आप don't need to try too hard to make an impact when आप have a pair of link stilettos in your wardrobe.

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 Grey Suede Heels worn द्वारा a valued customer, द्वारा Susie Sawaya Sydney
Grey Suede Heels worn द्वारा a valued customer, द्वारा Susie Sawaya Sydney

Today we have paired Jane Seymour in crushed patent खुबानी with contrasting kid skin grey suede in this collage. We matched the grey on Jane Seymour with a grey leather handbag. This is such a classic look with so much class.

You could wear this...
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posted by axlluver43
 Movie Poster
Movie Poster
In a city like New York, where moving on is a fact of life, is it really possible to revisit the past? And if we do, will old फ्रेंड्स and situations still be as dear to our hearts?
Thankfully, the answer to that Carrie-esque musing when applied to the big-screen version of "Sex and the City" is a resounding yes.
Meeting absent old फ्रेंड्स can often be initially awkward. Familiar sure, but fitting back into the groove takes a little time. The same is true of "SATC: The Movie." Faces are the same, but things have naturally progressed since we last caught up with the fabulous foursome.
It's three...
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I just watching ENTERTAINMENT TV and it was कहा that the cast is going totally 80s on a flash back probably. The blond was wearing snakeskin skin tight socks with boots and workman straped on her waist with a whole of hair. The brunette was simply in a green स्कर्ट and with a कार्डिगन on her shoulders while Sara Jessica Parker was in a normal मैडोना Outfit and the Red head was looking like a secretary with an outfit like one and with white टेनिस shoes and socks with lots of books. I hope the Flash Back will be fun to watch
Hello, my name is Perri Robinson and I am a student at Bournemouth विश्वविद्यालय studying Marketing. As part of my course I am required to complete primary research on the topic of my choice and as a प्रशंसक of Sex in The City myself, I thought what better than to choose the show!
The aim of my project is to research whether women aged 25-40 feel that Sex and The City has influenced viewer’s behaviours and attitudes.

I recognise that your time is precious but I would be incredibly grateful if आप took the time to fill out the attached questionnaire on the link below


Your details and any data आप provide will only be used for the purpose of this study and will be kept under strict confidence. Please feel free to contact me at perri.robinson@hotmail.co.uk if आप have any further questions.
Thank आप very much for your time.
Perri Robinson.