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A lot has changed for Scotty McCreery in the six months since he won American Idol. But when he heads घर to Garner, N.C., for Christmas, it's what hasn't changed that he's most eager to revisit: candlelight क्रिस्मस Eve services at First Baptist Garner; mom Judy's sausage balls; red foil-wrapped presents under the tree; and quality time with his family.

"It'll be nice just being home," says the 18-year-old singer, whose debut album Clear As दिन topped the Billboard 200 chart. "I can't wait."
McCreery's also looking आगे to digging into the family's annual क्रिस्मस feast, including Grandma...
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Today, Scotty McCreery finally went to pick up his truck which was awarded to him along with the शीर्षक of season 10's 'American Idol'. Scotty went with the F150 King Ranch!

"I'm just a country boy
I drive a 4 द्वारा 4
It's usually covered in mud from the axle to the door
It's a little banged up; a little too much rust, but when you're sitting beside me in my old truck
आप make that look good"
HUGE thanks to @Ford today for all their support and providing me with the best truck a guy could ask for! #F150 #KingRanch
Scotty McCreery

just picked up my new truck! driving it home! link
What scares your parents the most about this career and your celebrity status?

They are scared about me losing my childhood and throwing some memories away that I'd otherwise have as senior साल memories. [My mom] says she doesn't want me to regret this 20 years down the road. But if it's your time, it's your time. God put me here for a reason. I'm supposed to be doing this and using संगीत in a positive light. If I do that, there will be no regrets.

How about getting used to all the rumors that inevitably come with celebrity, particularly about your प्यार life? Are आप able to laugh at them, or...
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"Scotty McCreery, a 17-year-old student from Garner, had a deep voice and country twang that helped him convince the American Idol judges that he was their man.

McCreery sang a verse from "Your Man" द्वारा Josh Turner at the American Idol auditions in Milwaukee. The audition aired Wednesday night on FOX8.

McCreery received high praise from the judges, including what might be the strangest thing we've heard from Steven Tyler this year.

"Hell fires, save matches, get **** up, and see what hatches," Tyler said.

Jennifer Lopez कहा McCreery's sound "made her smile." Judge Randy Jackson also praised the North Carolina native.

"Dude, at sixteen, I'm so impressed," कहा Jackson. "There's promise for America yet!""
scotty mccreery
josh turner
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Below is a great long interview with Scotty McCreery from myYearbook ! Some of the highlights are that Scotty discusses his motto, लेखन songs, what he recommends for everyone to experience, and what he hopes that his प्रशंसकों get out of his album! Read it all below:

When did आप first discover your voice?

I’ve been गाना my whole life. I don’t remember not singing. I think it was around 13 that my voice started changing. It just kind of dropped off; I kind of skipped that cracking phase.

Do आप have any childhood memories of singing?

I don’t remember it, but my mom says that when I was a...
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scotty mccreery
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have leaked for the 2012 Grammy Awards! In order to be eligible for this year's awards ceremony, an album या song must have been released between October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011.

Sometime अगला महीना the official nominated सूची should be released, but Scotty McCreery is one of the many incredible artists/groups battling it out this साल to be nominated.

Unfortunately, this is not a fan-voted process, so we can only keep our fingers crossed and our hopes high! I'm sure that everyone, friends, family, and प्रशंसकों alike would be speechless if Scotty were to win a Grammy...but out of the thousands who auditioned for 'American Idol', a 17 साल old from Garner, NC came out victorious...who's to say he can't win a Grammy too!?


1) Record of the साल – I प्यार आप THIS BIG
2) Song of the साल – I प्यार आप THIS BIG
3) Country Song of the साल – I प्यार आप THIS BIG
4) Country Solo Vocal – SCOTTY MCCREERY
5) Short Form संगीत Video – I प्यार आप THIS BIG
If not, though, he's still going to play baseball in the spring. He's still going to college in a year. He's still ... Scotty. And superstar status — या lack thereof — won't change much.

"People, they bring that up a lot," McCreery said. "For me it's not so much about that aspect. The other 'Idols,' they have a lot of success in what they're doing. They get to do संगीत every दिन for the rest of their lives. They may not have the most mainstream, big success, but they're still doing what they love. And we talked to some of the 'Idols' when they came to the दिखाना about that. Right now, we're...
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