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RING!RING!"Ughh"I moaned.Last दिन I'll be there.I took a cold shower,got dressed in a casual गुलाबी outfit ,and tied my hair with a गुलाबी ribbon.I got on my backpack and drove to school in my new बी एम डब्ल्यू car.Turns out when i went to school,ALL the boys gathered to my car except for Sasuke.I pushed the guys away looking at the school because this was the last दिन I'll be here.Then i saw a poster,of SASUKE & KARIN?!I guess it was true.He cheated on me.I felt like crying but held on to it.As what i would always do,hang with my फ्रेंड्स ,but I walk passed them.I sat in the cafeteria alone.All around...
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