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posted by ciarramartin2
Oh my gosh! i have never met आप but i would really like to because your such an inspiration to young girls like me. My फ्रेंड्स are all like "why do आप like her?" "why dont आप like selena gomez या Justin Bieber? whats wrong with you?" and i tell them that like प्यार Sandra bullock so much because shes who I look up to. Shes always been the person I loooked up to:) She is a truly incredible women and each movie melted my toes. my प्रिय movie personally is between 28 days and the proposal. Gosh if I ever met her in real life I would Probably Have a दिल attack no lie!
posted by Cyndiloowho
Sandra I met आप 3 yrs. पूर्व at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, and your visit made my century. Your kindness to my friend who is mentally challenged,reaffirmed my reason for liking you(as if I needed another reason)I come from a large family, and whether आप believe it या not, that Thanksgiving was the best i've ever had!!!! I'm really sorry that your marriage didn't work out, but with your courage and fortitude, आप will not let this get to you. This is Your Chance For A New Day, and Only आप Can Make it in Your Very Own New Special way. Congratulations on आप son Louie, I know that आप will be a terriffic Mom.
I don't know if आप remember me, but I will be grateful forever for your generous heart,your sweet and sassy demeanor, and I pray for only good things for आप and your son. Keep making those दिल wrenching films, and an occassional Comedy.
Thank आप for Being आप Cyndi.
It is only fair for me to caveat this review द्वारा first informing the readership that I प्यार Sandy so I will pretty much watch anything she’s in (yes, I even watched All About Steve in the theater). She had me at “Gum. I have gum on my seat” in Speed. I am (probably) not the only प्रशंसक that feels that way so she is a big reason why people will go watch The Heat. But the better reason to go is really for Melissa McCarthy. Ms. Bullock stars as an FBI agent but don’t be confused, this isn’t another sequel to Miss Congeniality. Instead of goofy snorting ball-busting Gracie Hart, Special Agent...
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