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Here's to 2010!!!:D

Previously on Ch.47:

I gently pulled her chin so she would face me. She took in a deep breath before gazing into my eyes.
Something happened because they grew impossibly softer to where it actually seemed as if they were sparkly.
"I प्यार आप Edward."

Now, Ch.48:

I प्यार आप Edward, I प्यार आप Edward, I प्यार आप Edward. . . I recited in my mind over and over.
Did she really just say that?
I was momentarily shocked द्वारा her confession so she continued.
"See, I've always had this feeling when I'm around you. . . but I didn't know what it was, because I've never experienced anything like...
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Previously on Ch.6:

"Alice?" I gasped, sure I was still dreaming, but my dreams rarely included Alice, who had been like the sister I never had.
"Surprise, surprise!" she grinned her familiar grin at me while I stared at her in shock, wondering if this was really real या not.

Now, Ch.7:

She took and hugged me fiercely, which I returned after a few सेकंड्स of my momentary shock.
"Oh, Bella! I missed आप so much! I'm so happy to see आप again after all this time!" she rambled on and on, and if वैंपायर could cry, she would have probably already soaked the कमीज, शर्ट I was wearing....
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 Undying प्यार
Undying Love
Wow, just wanna say... Thx so much for all of your ratings and comments!!! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

By the time I reached the village, everyone was already gathered around and filling their plates with today's hunt.
I rushed into my house and placed the basket of herbs in the रसोई, रसोईघर where Linda and I mend through them.
I swiftly rushed back out and stood in line behind Aunt Linda.
"How was your दिन Brook?" Linda asked me.
"It was great! How was your दिन aunt Linda?" I spoke, hoping that my voice and face would not portray what really happened.
"Oh," she sighed grumpily, shaking her head,"the line at the...
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I dedicate this one to miley13! प्यार ya hon!!!:)

I've been wearing my new white बरसती, लबादा that my new family made for me almost everyday. Well, not to school at least. I just loved it because it brought back so many memories. . .
I sighed. Good and bad memories. . . it was a win-win I guess.
I was sitting in Biology, bored, since Edward wasn't here beside me. It was a rare sunny दिन in Forks, and while all were enjoying the warmth that doesn't shine here too often, I can say I felt the opposite. Because the Cullens were वैंपायर they had to stay within their house to avoid being seen द्वारा the human...
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So... as promised... here's a long chapter of UL! AND it's in Alexis's POV!!! Don't आप just प्यार me? Enjoy! ^_^

*Alexis's POV

Everyone went off to their rooms as dusk approached us.
I went to my dad's quarters since mom went out with a couple of our other brothers and sisters to gather groceries. When I say our other brothers and sisters, I'm talking about the ones not born of Scarlet blood, but द्वारा Scarlet venom. And let's just say that they loathe us, which is really jealously of mine, Karim's, Alfred's, and Jackson's bloodline. . . our Highborn quality. So we really just stay away from each...
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