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Boomer was on the computer Brick was पढ़ना and Butch was watching spongebob squarepants every spongebob ever BUTCH: yay! it's my प्रिय episode the curse of bikini bottom! wait this is't it oh god it's the one where squidward turns into a zombie. [smacks head] never watch this episode again BOOMER: हे guys could आप be quiet over there? BRICK: Noooo... BUTCH: NO WAY THIS IS SO CREEPY IM SCREAMING AAAAAHHHHHH![stuffs head in sofa] BRICK: let me guess the part where evreyone turns into a zombie? BUTCH: Yes BOOMER: Shut up over there! im watcing this video! COMPUTER JINGLE BELLS!!! JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE ALL THE WAY! OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO RIDE AN ONE HORSE OPEN SHLEIGH! BUTCH Turn it down okay! BOOMER no it's on it's normal volume BRICK Reley okay i belive आप The end
Previslly(sorry if that word was wrong)..............
pro. utonium was telling them about his friend
and this portal.Finally they went through this
portal of his.They all woke up on twilight's bed
all under tiny little baby टट्टू blankets.They
all woke up to small whispers.Just then
twilight was coming in with sweet चाय with spike
too.When twilight came in, fluttershy told her
that she saw them move.Then brick yawns and opens his eyes.Then brick sees twi("twi"is a
nick name for twilight) and he gulps and says
please don't hurt me.
One दिन the ppg and rrb were mixing stuff in
pro.utonium's with his permission.And then they cleaned it all up, they all went to the ppg's room.
There they all cleaned up the room.Brick was
cleaning the mirror because it had a spot on it.
He was finished before आप could say "cherry
blossom".Then the professor called all of them
to the lab. On the way down to the lab blossom
sang "gpsy bard" really really fast.Pro. utonium
told them they were going to vist a friend of his
through this portal.
posted by butchluver400
The Rowdyruff boys were playing football when three boys came crashing down from the sky BUTCH: Oh God not the rowdyrock boys BANDIT: Yah it's us आप stupid red head! BRICK: Hey! BULLET: हे Butch Burnt your Hair? BUTCH: हे thats not nice! BAILIT: हे आप stupid blonde BOOMER: Hey! BANDIT: Well boys आप know what i'm going to do don't you? BULLET: Yeah BAILET: Yeah BANDIT: [picks up sharp metal peice and throws at bricks head] [Hits Bricks head causing him to get knocked out cold]BOOMER: Brick? BUTCH: He got knocked out cold thats all UH OH. MOM!! BANDIT: Boys we better leave. MOM: Butch what happend? BUTCH: Oh the rowdyrock boys knocked out brick BOOMER: Brick dosen't look too good MOM: Oh we gotta take brick to the hospital LOOK FOR PART 2
posted by ppgFireball
Radio: *troll face* *continues playing JB music*
Brick: make it stop. *laying down on the floor*
Boomer: please stop. *is rocking back and forward*
Brick: we gotta get rid of this thing. TO THE STORE!
Brick and Boomer: *fly away*
meanwhile with Butch...
Butch: Brick, Boomer, where are आप guys? they ditched me. man, I am so gonna get them for this.
At the store...
Boomer: the good thing is, we can turn the radio off.
Blue: hi Boomer! :D
Brick: oh great Boomer, it's your clone. *is not amused*
Boomer: we're like twin brothers! except he wears a baseball cap.
Blue: oh, हे Brick. *is not...
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posted by ppgFireball
Blossom: why is Dora here?
Dora: CLONES, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Butch: is that our family?
Brick: RUN!!!!
*PPG and RRB fly away*
Buttercup: what the hell was that?!
Boomer: an army of Doras right?
Brick: can we fight?
Butch: yeah!
Blossom: whoa, whoa, whoa. since did we agree to team up with आप guys?
Brick: we need too!
Buttercup: OH, HELL NO.
Brick: आप wanna die या not? they'll probably force us to be like her... FOREVER.
Buttercup: आप know what, let's fight. Bubbles, distract them.
Bubbles: *saying spanish stuff* Translation: Dora, you're adopted and no one likes you.
Dora:... आप SON OF...
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posted by ppgFireball
Brick: this दिन is going to be awesome. what to do first...oh yeah! पंच Boomer in the face. हे Boomer.
Boomer: yeah?
Brick: *pinches Boomer in the face and laughs* (troll face)
Brick: अगला i'll troll the internet! >:D
back at home...
Brick: i'm only 5, so everyone knows i'm immature.
Brickcool: (internet name) *types* carebearluver19 u suck! >:D
Brick: ROFL
carebearluver19: STFU!
Brickcool: you're probably a 45 साल old living in your mother's basement XD
carebearluver19: i'm 13 years old, dumbass.
Brickcool: i don't give a shit.
rockerdude56: trolls, these days. just block him.
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posted by ppgFireball
Brick: i am so bored right now.
Boomer: *is playing with an airplane*
Brick: how are आप not bored?
Boomer: I'M NEVER BORED >:D i'm bored now.
Brick: HA HA!
Boomer: D:
Brick: *turns on radio*
Speaker: before we listen to our daily morning news. let's listen to some JB! (insert troll face here)
Brick and Boomer: *look at each other*
*music plays*
Brick: *throws radio out the window* >:)
Boomer: :D
Radio: *troll face* *continues playing JB music*
Brick: KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! *burns radio*
Boomer: YAY! IT'S DEAD!!!
Radio: *troll face* *continues playing JB music*
Brick: O_O.
Boomer: what now?
Brick: KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! *burns radio even more*
posted by ppgFireball
Blue: what the...
Boomer: what?
Blue: the radio looks...undamaged.
Brick: weird.
Butch: not a scratch.
Brick: *turns on radio* uggghhh. the same old JB crap.
Boomer: how long has it been playing?
Brick: about... *looks at a clock* 6 hours. wait, 6 HOURS???!!!
Boomer: what about the morning news? they never came!
Brick: weird. let's just leave it on the ground. maybe some gay person या a hobo can come pick it up. problem solved :)
Butch: good idea.
Brick: *puts radio on the ground*
*back at home*
Brick: free at last.
Boomer: *is eating pizza*
Blue: glad that's over.
Brick: get out Blue, आप don't live here....
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posted by Marcileonna7
hello. here comes pian.she pots the rrb into shape. Shes good and evil watch out> IM SORRY I CHEESY. But what the freak,plz read boys and girls, and adults XD! hpe ypo luv it. shell be out monday april 16. shell also be traveling other clubs. do not worry i will tell आप which in the articles. ARE आप STIL पढ़ना THIS BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!! hpope ypu really like it im typing fast AHHHHHHHHH. vibrations!
Sorry creepy weirdo sister. she dosnt know there mold under her 4 साल old sissy bed. shes cleaning her room now as i told her. its been there since she was 5 months old. OH there she goes.

posted by BloomBrick101
Ms. Keane: Ok kids sit in your seats, class is about to start.
(Boomer stays standing)
Ms. Keane: Um . . . Boomer? Take your seat.
Boomer: No.
Ms. Keane: Boomer, sit. Now.
Boomer: I don't wanna.
Ms. Keane: Why not?
Boomer: My butt hurts.
Ms. Keane: Um . . .
Boomer: आप wanna know what happened?
Ms. Keane: Um . . .
Boomer: Ok, Brick Pushed me on a rock.
Ms. Keane: Oh, um. Well . . .
Brick: I DIDN'T DO IT!
Boomer: Yeah huh!
Brick: Nuh uh!
Boomer: Yuh huh!!!
Brick: Nuh . . . UH! (Pushes down Boomer)
(Boomer pulls down Brick and they पंच each other)
Ms. Keane: Kids! Kids! Stop Fighting!
Boomer & Brick: NO!!!...
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posted by ppgFireball
At Blue's house
Blue: *is in a bathtub playing with his toy boat* oh no! we're sinking. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
RRB: *break through the window*
Brick: WHOA! I'M SORRY! *exits bathroom*
Boomer and Butch: *exit bathroom*
*after Blue was done taking a bath*
Blue: why are आप here?!
Brick: आप know what आप did.
Blue: what?! what did i do?!
Brick: *double facepalm* आप left that annoying radio at our house. you...you...TRAITOR!!!!!!!!
Brick: we don't know that....
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posted by powerpufffan29
Brick: boy those stupid powderpuffs arent really protecting the city today huh?

Boomer: uh huh

Butch: yah

*blossom, bubbles, and buttercup fall to the ground*

Boomer: what the?


Brick: who are you?

???: i am Bree these are my sistters Brooke

Brooke: hiya

Bree: and Brell

Brell: im awesome andloveable and-

Bree: a smart mouth anyway we,re the EvilPunk Girls u must be the rowdyruff boys
Brick: yah

Bree: nice to meet ya we weree created as thier sisters but...
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