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posted by SweetSponge
Lee: so Xania, how do आप think you'll do when they test you?
Xania: I don't know Lee kun, i haven't used ninja skills ina long time.
Lee: so आप have used ninja techniques before...
Xania: yes.
Lee: well, why did आप stop?
Xania: its sort of a long story....
Lee: thats ok, we dont have to get आप registered at a certain time, आप can tell me. *smiles at her*
Xania: ok, well then I guess i'll start with when I was at my घर in the forest...
Lee: so आप did have a home?
Xania: yes.
Lee: how come आप left?
Xania: well, i was in my house and my father was out doing his missions,
Lee: where was your mother?...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Lee's Pov

I finished my 23rd lap around the village. Tenten stood leaning against a training post with crossed arms.

"C,mon Lee, it's getting late and we should break for dinner." she कहा with the tone in her voice that meant she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Okay Tenten." I कहा wiping my brow with a white towel. Neji hopped down from his balancing post.

She turned to Gai sensei. "Are आप coming या what?" Tenten कहा with an eye roll.
Gai sensei stood on the tip of a training dummy doing a one armed hand stand. "I'll catch up with आप all later." He कहा with a thumbs up. Tenten...
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Hello fellow प्रशंसकों of the leaf's green beast! Today I would like to share my story on how I became a प्रशंसक of Naruto/Rock Lee/Anime in general. But instead of just telling आप IM GONNA HAVE FUN SO HERE WE GO!

People: Besties(Wolfy and Violet.) Bestie's mom(Rose.) Me (Suzy)

Okay lets begin!

It was a cold दिन as I walked leaving church with my best friend's mother into a red geep. Snow was still piled high and I wore a heavy गुलाबी winter कोट of which I felt I could barley हटाइए in. When we arrived at Wolfy's house I took my कोट off and hung it up.

"Wolfy should be upstairs Suz." Rose कहा motioning...
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posted by AvatarTH
(Naruto is walking in the Hidden leaf plains)

???- Hello Ninja....

Naruto: Huh???Who are you???
Bruce Lee: I'm Lee....
Naruto: Oh..Hello Bushy Brows..That's a wonderful Disguise!!!!!
Bruce Lee-'s BRUCE LEE!!!!!
Naruto: Oh...So That's your Disguise Name!!!

(holds नारूटो द्वारा Neck and Lifts Him in the air)

Bruce lee: From Now on...Don't आप ever call me Rock Lee!!!!
Naruto: G..Got it!

(Bruce Lee Throws नारूटो Away)

Naruto- *Whew...That was close*

(At the hidden leaf village.... नारूटो Found rock lee sitting under a tree)

Naruto: हे Bushy.....No..I mean Bruce Lee....

(Rock Lee Looks At Naruto)

Rock lee: Are आप insulting me?????
Naruto: n.n.n.NO!!!!!

(Rock Lee Beats up Naruto)

Rock Lee: And Let that be a lesson to you!!!!!Never insult the Konoha's beautiful green Beast!

Naruto: Oh..I don't know..Dattebyou.....
Lee: that's amazing...because i feel the same way about आप <3
Xania: Really? *stunned*
*both are blushing*
Lee: Xania?
Xania: y-yes Lee?
Lee: will me?
Xania: *still stunned* Yes!!! Yes Lee!! a thousand times yes!!!<3<3<3
Lee: oh this is wonderful!!! I प्यार आप Xania!!!<3
Xania: I प्यार आप Lee!!!<3
*they passionatley hug each other*
*both are in tears now*
Lee: I never thought the दिन would come that the most wonderful girl in the universe would प्यार me...<3
Xania: i feel the same about you...<3
Lee: *wipes away his tears of joy* well, it's getting आप wanna...
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*lee's walking and sees sakura*
Lee: h-hey Sakura...*blush*
Sakura: हे Lee are आप doing okay?
Lee: y-yeah..i guess
Sakura: well, tht's good, i have to go though..
Lee: oh...*looks down* alright see आप around i guess...
Sakura: bye!
Lee: bye...
*continues walking*
Lee: *sigh* im never gonna be with her am i...she loves sasuke anyway...*sad face* is there ever going to be a wonderful girl to प्यार a guy like me?
*a few मिनटों later at the river bridge*
Lee: *looks up* huh? *sees a girl standing on the bridge opposite to him* i've never seen her before...
*girl stands there throwing फूल petals into...
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