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posted by mousevincent
How could he have known? Filling in with fellow

Brits in Hamburg, helping to turn a bunch scruffs

into the most dominant दिखाना biz act in the world.

And finally, they knock on his door, शामिल होइए the band.

No one knew that John Lennon was a prodigy. या

Paul McCartney. या that George Harrison only

needed separation from them to prove his own

genius. But the world wide phenomenon which

became the Beatles wasn't interested in the

nuts and bolts of why they stood the world on

it's head. They just made us feel good. And

Everyone loved the big nosed ढंढोरची, ढोलकिया as much

as Pretty Boy Paul, and Sexy John. As...
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posted by Joker47
 Please Help
Please Help
I have been a प्रशंसक of yours since आप were "The Beatles". Now I still follow everyone and buy things when I can. Recently I bought a black गिटार with like Mother Of Pearl in the Strumming area. Inside that It sez "THE BEATLES" and it was signed द्वारा 4 RINGO STARR, PAUL McCARTNEY, GEORGE MARTIN AND PETE BEST. I have 1 LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY to the 4 Signatures. I paid 6,000 for it recently and many authenticators
say that the signatures are fake and I really just don't know. I am afraid to दिखाना the गिटार and almost in tears for buying it when I really could not afford it. Can आप please shed some light on this for me? आप can reach me at Tampajoker47@aol.com या my ph # 813-404-8478.. आप know I am really wanting to know since I exposed my ई मेल and personal phone number on here. I hope आप will get this soon. If anyone can get this to Ringo या Paul, Please help me.. Thank आप Ringo and anyone who can get my message delivered to him...