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ok this is chapter 2

Lexi's pov

I walked in my room to change my clothes for the foot ball game.I changed into a blue tank चोटी, शीर्ष and some blue jeans.Then I went to do something with me long red hair but it was point less so it was kept down. When we went their I remembared the way to the field.The game was boring we won still I didn't really like our team, so when we got घर I was going to sleep on the couch.Than I heard Alice screaming to some one on the phone that black haired pixie can be mean.She कहा FINE आप CAN COME OVER BUT IM NOT LETTING आप IN.I thought man is she talking to her boyfriend...
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Source: http://silveryouko300.deviantart.com/art/Renesmee-and-Jacob-94234624
 Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter
*Two of these children are not really actresses, but most are so that's why the शीर्षक has the name it has*

Okay, there has been a lot of debates and ideas on who should play Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn. Most people are just going to wait, a lot और are settling on one actress. Others just have no clue! I, on the other hand, see almost any little girl suggested as Renesmee. But there are four who appeal to me thoe most, and here they are;

1. Bella Thorne (11 years old)
Bella has the same विवरण as Renesmee; the bronze, curly hair...the चॉकलेट brown eyes....looking so adorable. She...
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