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 Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
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[Basic Info]

Name: Mackenzie Christine Foy
Nicknames: Kenzie या Kenz [NOT MACK]
Age: 9 years old
Birthday: November 10th, 2000
Country: USA
Haircolor: Light Brown
EyeColor: Blue/Green
Height: 51.5 inches [ 4 ft 4 in]
Regular Size: 7-8
Shoesize: 2

[Fun Facts]

Mackenzie has take ballet, jazz, and tap.
She is also a Blue बेल्ट in Taekwondoe.
Likes Ballet best.
Sometimes gets little present from the company she मॉडेल for.
Loves both अभिनय and modeling.
Mackenzie is homeschooled.
Loves Giraffes.
Loves घोड़े and Fairies.
Has 2 dogs, Windy and Dusty and a cat called Luna.

[Has Worked...
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