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muscle man
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5. Ello Gov'nor-Haven't watched it in a while, but I thought it was a good episode. Not as good as the other 4 though. I dunno why, I just feel like I keep forgetting about it compared to the rest.

4. Brain Eraser-I'd pretty much be like Mordecai if I accidently saw that too. But yeah, another good eppy.

3. First Day-Awesome that they used Kenny Loggins' "I'm Alright." प्यार that song.

2. This is My Jam-Summertime Loving, Loving in the Summertime is annoying, but kinda catchy too. I like how Mordo & Rigs came up with a terribly repetitive song to fight off the, as Rigby would put it, "ghost tape", which happens to get stuck in Rigby's head. lol

1. Dizzy-Tough choice between this & Fuzzy Dice for #1. Anyway, seeing Mordecai & Rigby in a realistic style was really cool. I can also relate to this because I hate public speaking.

So, there ya go. Season 3 coming soon.
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Since Benson, and Muscleman were kicked out of the hotel, Mordecai, and Rigby stayed until tomorrow morning. When they got to the parking lot however, something surprised them

Mordecai: Great. Muscleman got his car back.
Rigby: I think it was Benson's.
Mordecai: Who cares dude? We don't have a ride to get to that game store, and we'll never get Sonic Forever!
Rigby: I don't think we don't have a ride.
Mordecai: What makes आप say that?
Rigby: That नाग, सांप they showed up in is here.
Mordecai: And they left the keys over there *Gets car keys*
Rigby: Alright. Let's start this thing.
Mordecai: *gets...
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I got this idea during one the montages of the show. I'm curious on what band the two would like, या just what each of them like? Like it seems they both enjoy rock, but just as well enjoy rap and pop songs.

From what I've seen of the show, Rigby seems to have a bad taste in music. like with that episode with party Pete, and the living in summer time episode. I'm not sure about Mordecai, though if i had to guess he's और of a rock guy या और accurately indie rock.

I honestly cant think of any bands off the चोटी, शीर्ष of my head, but if आप guys have any of a band they would be into, don't be afraid to throw a name out there.
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