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posted by 66Dragons
The highly anticipated sequel! XD!

It didn't take long for Becca to recognize the teenager. And he was the last person she wanted to have to deal with while trying to have a peaceful तारीख, दिनांक with Robin.

She knew they had been spotted when the guy slid on his hat and glasses.

"How about we go in here?" she asked, tugging Robin inside a store, the boy followed.

"What are we running from?" Robin asked, fishing out his sunglasses.

"Specifically, who." Becca replied, trying to lose the guy hot on their heels.

"Who then?" Robin asked, slipping on his glasses.

"Someone I don't exactly find nice."

"What is Revenge...
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TNARR Episode Five: Wanted (Part 2)



Revenge walked in the door coughing, but still pissed off.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"I got an answer out of the Dealer." Revenge said, sitting at the डेस्क and typing on the computer, still coughing.

I sighed and tossed him a cough drop.

"Don't need one." Revenge said. "I need to find out what happens when आप combine-ah ha!"

"Combine what?" I asked, setting down my magazine.

Revenge didn't reply. He took a print out of the sheet and logged out of the computer. He walked out without a word.

"What? Can't a guy enjoy having...
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"We may have to face the truth, Sarah." I sighed.

"Truth?" Sarah asked.

"That he's a criminal." I replied.

"Or that the Dealer affected him somehow." Sarah replied. "That blood on your uniform from him, I tested it and I got a chemical feedback. Some new chemical that the Dealer was putting out. I'm looking for an antidote, but it may take a while."

I looked at Sam, whose uniform had been replaced द्वारा civilian clothes and his utility बेल्ट taken away, still unconscious on the सोफ़ा, सोफे where we had handcuffed him.

"How long should it take?" I asked.

"As long as आप make it." Sarah replied.


"The computer...
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TNARR Episode Four: Night of the Eagle (Part 1)


The caped vigilante and his armored counterpart flew through the sky above the majestic city of New York.

Red Revenge's costume looked much the same as it had half a century ago. Several key differences could be noted though. For one, the suit was और of a man-bot than fabric covering a human body. The tech was very expensive. That included the invisibility camouflage and the rocket pack that was attached to the suit, not to mention all the gear inside the utility बेल्ट and pouches.

Vendicta looked entirely different than her predecessor...
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TNARR Episode Three: Wanted (Part 1)


The door busted down and flash grenades were tossed in. They detonated and everyone inside was blinded. They shot wildly at the doorway, hitting nothing but metal.

"Stop आप fools!" a man shouted. He was in a business suit and appeared to be a normal business man. However, upon closer inspection, one could see his pockets stuffed with vials of drugs. "That's not gonna get the cops!"

"I'd say the cops are the least of your problems right now." another voice कहा from the shadows.

"Red Revenge!" the business man exclaimed.

"That's right Falmin. Give it...
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posted by 66Dragons
TNARR Episode Two: Hunt


"What Chief?" Revenge asked, dropping अगला to the police chief. The head of police was standing in front of a burning building while emergency officials tried to put out the आग and tend to burnt citizens.

"One of your फ्रेंड्स dropped द्वारा for a visit and left a present." Draxx said.

"What kind of present?" Nightbird asked. "And for who?" 

"For आप two." Draxx replied. "Couple packs of C4. Thankfully no one was hurt. I just can't believe she did it."

"She?" Revenge asked. "Ice Crystal?"



"No, look I know आप want to give her the benefit of the doubt,...
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TNARR Episode One: Crimson Harvest


Sam tripped falling flat on his face in the mud. He stumbled up and continued running. Behind him he could hear the sound of a horse's hooves in hot pursuit and a बरसती, लबादा billowing through the grass.

"Pick up!" he whispered hoarsely into his microphone. 

A rope leapt out at his ankles and tripped him, causing him to fall again. The grain in the field he was surrounded in clung to him. Sam rolled over to see Reaper's head blocking the crimson moon above. Reaper cocked a gun and pointed it at Sam's face.

"And now I finish it." he said, and pulled the trigger....
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posted by 66Dragons
TNARR Valentines Special

February 14, 2014 021:045:056
New York City, NY, USA

Standing on चोटी, शीर्ष of the roof, with the wind blowing through her hair, it was easy for होल्ली, होली to just let everything go. Let it drift away into the wind. Sam was attending some banquet for Grant Industries. This one he couldn't get out of. So naturally he left her in charge. There she stood, at peace on the rooftop when she heard a clanking behind her. She turned to see Sarah standing on the rooftop. 

"What are आप doing here?" होल्ली, होली asked, turning around. "Thought आप had math homework."

"I did."...
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Destinies will be shrouded in darkness. Epic Confrontations will occur. फ्रेंड्स will be made. Enemies as well. Identities will be unveiled. Alliances will be forged. Rivalries formed. Red Revenge will strike again.

Welcome everyone to Season 1 of The New Adventures of Red Revenge! This is a series taking place halfway through the life of Red Revenge. This series occurs when Red Revenge is sixteen through eighteen.


Episode One: Crimson Harvest
Samuel Grant must flee from The Horseman and Reaper when he is unable to transform himself into Red Revenge.

Episode Two: Hunt
A mystery surrounds...
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posted by Robin_Love
After the last fight, Becca and Sam were not to keen about training. Going through walls as well as “sorting out their difference” as Black Canary put it made one very sore. Not only that but Batman, the Dark Knight himself, had decided to watch the training. Which meant the two already sore heroes, were going to die before the दिन was out.
“I don't want to do this,” Becca grumbled as she walked with Robin.
“Next time, don't get into a fight.”
He obviously had no sympathy for how sore she was.
“He had it coming.”
“That's what आप कहा last time.”
“Stop making excuses....
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posted by 66Dragons
Revenge had had just about enough of the Chosen Warrior.

And continued to voice such matters to Holly.

"And I swear if I see that stuck up, no good, low down-"

"Sam!" होल्ली, होली interrupted. "Enough about her. I don't wanna talk about this on our date."

Sam frowned and mumbled something like an apology.

"Ah, I was done eating anyway." होल्ली, होली said, shoving her plate away and sipping something out of her glass.

Revenge tried his best to smile and kissed होल्ली, होली on the cheek as he helped her up.

"Aww, isn't that sweet?" a voice asked. Sam groaned.

"How come आप never do that for me?" Becca asked. "Lemme guess,...
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posted by 66Dragons
Wally was the last person Revenge wanted to help him. But he was the only one who would go along with Revenge's plan.

So that's why Revenge headed into the रसोई, रसोईघर early one Saturday morning while most of the Team was still at home.


The boy jumped, spraying mustard all over the table.

"Jeez man! आप need to warn people before आप sneak up on them!" Wally exclaimed, wiping the mustard up at super-speed.

Revenge rolled his eyes. "I need your help with something."

Wally looked up, clearly surprised.

"What do आप need my help with!" he asked.

Revenge whispered something in Wally's ear. Wally...
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posted by 66Dragons
 Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant was an average fourteen साल old boy. Average minus the fact that his father owned one of the largest companies in the world: Grant Industries.

While the company was worth billions, Sam's father did not want to be in the public spotlight too much, so he, his wife, and his son moved into an apartment.

One afternoon, Sam came घर to find police waiting with his mother. He was told his father had jumped off the चोटी, शीर्ष of Grant Industries the night before and his body had been found in an alley earlier that morning.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne had been set to sign a contract with Grant Industries...
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