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Hi there everyone!

I'm a writer and I'd प्यार some international support for my story that I already gave to my प्रिय actor Colin मॉर्गन personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was दिया और as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways - I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could आप let...
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Alan Weisman
St. Martin’s Press

– A fascinating eco-thriller … Gripping

The simple but irresistible premise of Alan Weisman's The World Without Us - what would happen to the planet if human beings simply disappeared - lit up imaginations even as it ignited controversy around the world.

Weisman's "thought experiment" examines what would happen in both the immediate and distant future to the land, the animals, the oceans, our cities, our art, and all manner of things we take for granted if we were no longer here. Would the seas again teem with fish? Would our concrete jungles crumble...
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