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So Damn Heartbroken :( its long but PLZ read

so there was this guy that had प्यार of his life that fucked his life and went away
i mean she never even let him touch her, not even holding hands and she slept with others she cheated she fucked his life, she made him nearly addicted to things he even was nearly dieing
he was desperately in प्यार with her and waited for her over 5 years and stuff, this girl was so awful
i was in प्यार with this guy,
i really loved him
i really did (i still do)
we went in a relationship
i did EVERYTHING for him
आप really cant even know
i gave everything i had bcuz of him
cuz my family didnt let me be with him
i even left my family just to be with him
i just did everything
i dont know what else to say
me and him broke up, and the reason was he was like everyone else is better than you, what have आप done for me huh? you've done nothing, name only 1 of the things you've done for me
your so bad your like this your like that
and he was like that girl was so good, she never did anything to hurt me, she was so good, ur not
there is not just that girl, beside her that was the प्यार of his life he has lots of female फ्रेंड्स which he used to say are so moody and bad tempered and stuff
and he was so ok with them and he REALLY LOVED them, but this is only about me! no one did anything for him
everyone everytime left him alone and did all the bad things to him
but i did everything for him
and that was what i got at the end
he never ever saw any of them
what should i do?!
i cant take it
im the bad one at the end and she is the good one?!
Um, wasn't this up before and somebody टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on this, then this सवाल suddenly disappear? Am I going crazy???!
EgoMouse posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
heh no :P the one who wrote a cmnt on this (tnx to him/her) कहा the सवाल was a little confusing , so i deleted and changed the essay of it!
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 Angel_W posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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hikari_hiwatari said:
Ahhh yes I see your type of guy your not the bad girl the girl he's out with is द्वारा the sounds of it anyway I really suggest आप don't go back out with him I understand that it might be a hard and rough road to go on trust me I know how आप feel! But I suggest आप do not haft to do this if आप don't want too but I wouldn't go back with him if he is too blind to see that आप have loved him आप have cared for him and I can tell that your दिल is pure आप don't need any और pain in your life don't think I don't care for the guy but let him choose his fate if he wants to do this shit (pardon my French) then it's his fault he लॉस्ट something he could've held for the rest of his life but he decided to throw आप away like all the other toys I really do understand आप if I have gone to far in this and आप can't get over him but sometimes there's a road of wrong and a road right *hugs* X3 hopefully this helped you!
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yes ofourse it did help! tnx so much :) i wish he could see...:(
Angel_W posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
XhugsX ^^
Angel_W posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
KissKissHannah said:
This is so sad! :(
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doorsgirl666 said:
I'm depressed now just because I read this.
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Max277 said:
Omg, that's super sad :'(
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