बेतरतीब भूमिका निभाना The Dark Chapters: Part 2. (PRIVATE)

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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I see...the red riders..." Yurichi whispered, having his eyes glow a bit. "Get... Hideaki now." Yurichi mouthed out, unable to make a noise come out of his throat. The disruption of the earth magic field on such a large scale took it's toll on him and most likely any magic sensitive person within a hundred miles radius.

"The red riders? Like....from the children's story? Like about the demons that stole wayward children from their homes?" Serika commented before noticing Yurichi was unconscious. "Uh oh. Anybody have an ice pack or something? He's passed out." She grumbled before walking over to him and kicking him lightly. "Uh... Yurichi?" She said, sounding a bit worried.


"Renald, wait." Joseph said before putting his head down, pursuing his lips close together. "Let's consider our options; that is... I'm not sure what that is Renald, but it's very powerful. Just a bit too powerful possibly for us." Joseph said with his hands up. "We need to think tactically; sometimes...we can't save the day." He whispered out, pacing around the room. "How can we fight something if we have the littlest clue of what it is? How can we fight something that has a larger magic force than that of the old god that's currently wandering Russia? How can we fight something like that Renald? How?!?" Joseph spoke out loudly before pinching the bridge of his nose. "We cannot! It is suicide, and I will not allow it!"


Mina took Mei and Lanying to the tsunami shelter, having the door unlocked for Souji. She reached her hand over, rubbing Mei's face and smiling, not crying in the least as she saw the teary face of her daughter. "Don't cry little cherry blossom...soon this will be over; we've pulled through worse."

"But...mom. Tiras isn't here this time." Mei whispered, looking down and having her tears drip on to the floor. "God I hope they get in here and stop the heroics... this is...madness." Mei sobbed out.


"Baby, I need you to channel some magic." Seth said to Lizana, holding a gun in one hand and a saber in the other hand. "I can teleport us out of this mess, somewhere far far and far." He whispered out, jolting a bit as he heard the monsters screeching outside, hearing his neighbors scream as vampires tore them outside of their homes. He felt his heart beat, sweating and having his heart beat hard
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Red riders. Kiyoshi had heard the stories. But to believe they were here. Now. She held Yurichi in her arms as he passed out, whiping some of the blood away from his nose. Her heart was pounding rapidly. Get Hideaki. She needed to go get him. She looked up at Ryouta. He nods as he understood and immediatly ran off to get a horse towards the shrine. Gently she caresses Yurichi's cheek. "He'll be fine. It are just his magic nerves." She reassures his mother, though in truth she was worried as well.


Renald paused, almost being out of the door, when Joseph called out to him. He stayed unmoved as he listened. He knew Joseph was right. He knew. Softly he leans his forhead against the door as he still had his hand on the knob. "I don't need to save the day.... Only them..." He says softly as his grip on the doorknob tightens. "We weren't there for Rex. Nor Belial. And I wasn't there for Va-" He couldn't even say her name without having to swallow hard. "I can't do nothing.... It's Souji.... I just... Can't..." The desperation in his voice was clear even if he did not look at Joseph. He knew that it would be suicide. He couldn't save Souji. But he couldn't leave him either. Souji was the person in Cantenseel he had known the longest. The one who supported him and even helped him over the border as he switched sides from Kanshinin to Kami. He was family.


Dequan ran back outside as true mayham began outside. He felt nerveus but he straightend his back. This is what they have trained for. To protect. And he will. Holy energy began to swirl around the three of them as Tsukiyomi gave them strength. Fillian's wings shot out before he shot up towards the sky, his feet turning into talons as a sword of divine energy forms in his hands. He began cutting down the vampires before they managed to hit the ground, effectively making sure less vampires arrived at the ground as Dequan and Souji began to protect the city with their creations. Fighting alongside everyone that could. Fighting through the screams of terror coming from the innocents.


Lizana held Evan, her eyes wide in panic as she rocked her baby to stop his cries. "I-I-I-" She closed her eyes and concentrated. And tried. But nothing. Her magic was still completely blocked by her mother's curse. No magic could surge through her veins. Nothing. The window scattered as a vampire bursted through, making her yelp and shield her child.

"Thus be gone!" The vampire suddenly caught on fire, making it scream and roll over the ground as it not only seemed to burn on the outside but on the inside as well. Harold was holding his warlock's book as his pointed hand was glowing purple. "How much magic do you need?" He asked as he closed his eyes and held his one hand up to chanel all the surrounding magic he could get.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IAMYOURENEMY said…
"That's what you're worried about?" Joseph asked before putting a cigar in his mouth, lighting it as he went to his computer and went through the visual feed that went through Yang's eyes. "In a few minutes, him and his family should be secure...that is if the boy can pull through." He mumbled out, hiding his stress with his ever so pompous bravado. "Come Renald; drink?" Joseph asked while fixing himself a glass of brandy.


Jyran's ship landed; toppling what was once Rex's mansion before a large gangway came out the front of the ship. He walked down, wielding a blade longer than a grown man in one hand and having his fist tightened in the other. "How cute; the humans fighting together against the riders.." He said with a grin as horse wraith mounted soldiers began to come off the ship, wielding lances. "Leave no survivors...save the Romanovs and the Zhang; I am to have fun with them."

"Yes night commander!" The riders yelled, riding off after, indiscriminately killing men and women on the streets as Jyran walked to where Souji and Fillian were, grinning under his mask. "The messenger of Tsukiyomi; where is your god now?" He asked, looking around the blood stained streets. "I give you this chance, for I enjoy games. Leave with your family, run to your cute little monastery in the mountains and cry to your father; cry and tell him what Chernobog's faithful have done. Tell him of the rape, the slaughter; describe in detail how we shined our armor with human blood...how we stepped on the corpses of those who you served...and how we punished those who stood in our war path." Jyran chuckled out as the red riders rode past, dragging Yang with the horses; his screams filling the air. "Run, or forever stay quiet as we ravage your wife and your daughters... and perhaps your son as well."


"A lot." Seth said before gritting his teeth, looking down. "We only have enough to get three people through.." Seth said with his head down. "Harold, take your sister and my son. I'm sending you both to Japan, away from this. I'll try to escape another way; alright? I know the sewers well."
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Renald looked over his shoulder, glaring at Joseph, angered by how the man was acting. But then his eye was quikly drawn to the computer as he walks over to watch. His heart kept pounding faster and faster. Then Yang got caught. And his stomach turned as he saw the leader of the attack stand infront of Souji, Dequan and Fillian. His hands were on the desk, but still you could see them shake. His jaw was clenched and you could see him swallow away the nausea as he ignored Joseph's drink and did not take his eyes off of the screen. Run. Just run. Please. Leave.


The three of them were splattered with blood as well. Only some of it their own from light wounds. And they stood tall infront of the commander of the night, not knowing what all he could do but feeling how much darkness he radiated off. Souji took a few step forward, making Fillian already aware of what the plan would be. "My god is everywhere. And one day you shall meet him." He spread his arms as his eyes began to glow. "Get them out." He whispered to the air before a blinding light shot out of his body, creating an unbreakable dome with him, Jyran and some of his warriors in it. Dequan and Fillian were just outside the dome.

Before Dequan had time to react Fillian had grabbed Dequan and flew off towards their house. "What are you doing?! Let me go!" His eyes looked panicked as he understood what was going on, his father getting smaller as the distance got bigger rapidly. Fillian did not react and just kept going.

Souji never took his eyes off of Jyran as he points his hand towards the man and even the ground began to glow and radiate with holy energy. Tendrils of it shot out of the ground, wrapping around Jyran, stabbing into him, going into his mouth and nose down his throat as the energy began to burn him, cleanse him, drain his dark energy away. This happening as well to Jyran warriors who were near. Then dropping down quikly because of the sheer strength of the divine energy.


Harold did not wait to create a teleportation circle on the ground and channelled all the energy he had combined into it. It began to glow a strong green as he looks back at the three of them. He grabbed Lizana's arm and trew her towards the circle. She yelped but as soon as she touched the light she was gone. He then turned to Seth. "That is something I will not accept. I didn't support her or did anything when she fled from out mother. Did nothing at all. So I will not take the place of the one person she truly cares about." He smiled a bit before a vine shot out of the circle and wrapped around Seth, beginning to pull him to the circle. "Take care of her for me?" He says as he puts his hands in his pockets.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I'm going to need more than a drink." Joseph said as he skipped the glass, taking the whole bottle and sipping it, closing his eyes and setting it down after. " I think I'm going to be sick." Joseph admitted quietly, sighing out afterwards and sitting down. "These guys are our only hope." He said while looking over at Callum and Connall in the lab. "Without them, I'm not sure if we can even dream to fight against those monsters...."


Jyran winced, feeling a tad bit of pain from the tendril attempting to grab him before he disappeared into a cloud of bats, appearing to the side of Souji with his claws out, hissing out and cleaving Souji's arm, throwing him to the side. "You dare lay arms against the child of Cyran Ambrose!" He yelled out, letting out an ear piercing beastial shriek. He then stood up straight, cracking his neck as he held his hand out, having his sword fly back to his hand; Jyran then grinning at Souji. "More, human. Show me your tricks; your little lights, your scroll writing; do not hold back, for when they write tomes of this, I want it to be a story of triumphant victory. "


"Harold wai-" Seth yelled before he and Lizana and Evan were teleported. Vasilia walked upstairs, smiling as she shakily held a plate holding her teapot and two cups.

"Harold, would you mind pouring us both one last cup of tea?" Vasilia asked with a smile, quietly looking down. "I'd like to have one before I see my husband and children again." She whispered out with tears going down her cheeks.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Renald felt his legs getting weaker, forcing him to sit down. He still did not look up at the screen, not towards his nephews. He watched as his friend got tossed to the side, almost feeling the claws in his own arm. He watched as his friend bled. As he fought. And he could not help him. Without his knowing tears appeared in his eyes as he quikly began to realize.... "He's not going to make it...." He whispered out, more to himself then anyone else.


Souji did not have time to react as he was trown to the side, but he quikly got back on his feet. His white robe slowly turning red on where the nails had pierced him. He was simple messenger, he would not win this and he knew. But he will buy time for him family to escape. He took out his scroll and his pencil. He drew and suddenly bats of light shot out, their wings as sharp as knives as they flew to cut Jyran's skin. Only to buy time.

Fillian landed infront of the house, glad to see the door still untouched as he dragged the still struggeling Dequan with him. Dequan was crying and begging Fillian to let him go. To let him help his father. But Fillian simply ignored it. He dragged Dequan to the hidden bunker to the woman. "Mina. We'll be out of here soon." He said, closing his eyes to call on Tsukiyomi. To pray. To ask escape.


Harold was panting hard because of the energy he used when he heard the older woman walk down, making him realize he should have waited. He felt guilty for that. "I can.... Manage to make another.... Portal." He was trying to stand tall but the teleporting had clearly drained him. Still he would try though. perhaps not japan but he could get het out.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IAMYOURENEMY said…
Jyran growled, annoyed by the bats before holding his hand out, having a purple energy come as he dispelled the magic bats. He then took his blade, holding it and looking to the side before he disappeared, not as a cloud of bats but because he moved at a speed the human brain couldn't process. When it was done, his blade was through Souji's solar plexus. He held the blade up with one hand, having gravity put Souji down further as blood spilled from his wound onto Jyran's face. He twisted the blade, having the upper part of Souji's intestines hang out like a row of sasuages at a butchery. "Pathetic. Send a warrior next time for a battle." He whispered as he brought Souji close.


"Where...where is my husband?" Mina asked, standing up and hanging Lanying to Mei. "Where is Souji?!?" Mina screamed, looking at Fillian with clear frantic fear in her tone. "Fillian answer me!" She said with tears swelling in her eyes. "You couldn't have possibly let him stay out there, right?!? You couldn't?!?"

"''Fraid....that's what happened.." Yang said in the doorway with one of his arms and eyes missing, with the head of a rider in his remaining other hand. "I have a quick transport flight vehicle fueled up...nearby. I can't fly, I'm pretty...damaged. Dequan, do you still remember?" He whispered out while wincing.


"Child- go with them." Vasilia said while putting her hand on Harold's shoulder, having her energy go to him. "Keep Seth out of trouble Harold; he's always had trouble finding good friends." She said with a sweet smile. "And tell them...I said goodbye. And that I'll be watching over them, and I love them.."
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Renald closed his eyes and leaned his forhead against his balled fists as his elbows leaned on the table. It looked like he was praying. And perhaps he was. Praying to whatever god his friend was going back to. Praying that the place his friend was going now was as pure and serene as he had once told him. And praying for the safety of the remaining Zhang families safety. Tears ran down his cheeks as the imagine of that blade going through would haunt his coming nights for certain. Another name to add to their list of loses. Another one they could not save. Another friend they had abandoned.


Souji knew the pain was coming before he felt it. So instead he closed his eyes. Thinking back to what this life had given him. He was just a pawn. A pawn that was granted a normal human life. With a love. A wife. A family. And so when the blade pierced him, he had a smile on his face. The one he always wore with fail. And it did not falter as he spoke to Jyran with blood coming from his lips. "I am no warrior. I am merely a messenger. So my lord asks me to give you this final message. That his warriors will come. And that they will let you feel his wrath of what sins you have commited."And with that final breath he closed his eyes for good, that ever staying smile on his face.


Dequan, still numb from everything, simply nodded. Fillian shot into action, grabbing Mei's hand as he walked to the door. "Lead us there quikly." But then he felt like he was stomped in the stomach. he did not show. He knew what it meant. And he would not show it yet. "Come on! Let's go!" he barked out, hoping to get them into action. It worked for Dequan since he quikly followed suit. "Let's go Mina!"


Harold was about to protest when he saw something in the woman's eyes. Acceptence. She has lived through enough.... He mumbled a small spell and a tiny pill appears in his hand. "Don't let them get to you." He whispered as he puts the pill in her hand. He gave her that mercy of deciding her own painless death. "And I will...... Thank you." He said before he closed his eyes and reformed the portal with his final energy. He stepped in and when the teleportation was completed he immediatly collapsed to the ground, infront of Seth and Lizana. He managed to do it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph looked at the screen with a sunken expression, looking darkened as he stood up, watching Sounds die on his screen. He looked at his glass, taking it along with his bottle. They were a dying breed; the ones that were too good for a cruel world. "He was too good for this world Renald." Joseph whispered out, sounding a bit defeated as he placed his hands on his map and looked down. "We will avenge him; we'll avenge all of Cantenseel my friend."


"Will do." Yang said before wiping the blood out of his remaining eye, tying the head of the red rider to his belt loop using the man's hair. He limped, leading the way as he opened up a velcro pouch attached to his combat pouch, taking a vial out and stabbing it into himself. His pupils grew as the pain disappeared, amping him up a bit.

Mei followed, holding her sister before passing it to her mother, feeling her hands shaking, praying to Tsukiyomi that her father was waiting for them by the helicopter. She bit her nails off as they snuck around, afraid that at any second a vampire would come out and try to kill them. As they neared what seemed to be a regular fueling hanger, a vampire came out from the shadows towards Mei. Mei felt her heart skip as she side stepped before placing her hands on the side of the vampires head, screaming as flames came out of the palms of her hand, reducing the vampires face to a liquid before he stepped back, screaming before the vampire fell down dead. Mei looked at her hands for a moment, not noticing as Yang opened the door of the hanger and placed his hand on a biometric scanner, causing the floor to open and for a TMEA stealth airship to come out of it.

"Now!" Yang yelled before limping into the airship; starting it before going to the back, shaking his head. "I feel cold. Fire girl, cauterize my wound?" Yang asked; looking over at Mei while panting before she quickly nodded, putting flame to his missing arm, making Yang pass out from the sheer pain of it.

"Souji..." Mei sobbed out; closing her eyes shut as she tuned everything out around her, going numb and nearly dropping Lanying as she began shaking, realizing that her husband didn't make it out. Images of their time together flashed by her eyes, making it hurt all the more when the empty feeling came over her.

Mei stared at the wall, eyes wide opened as the numb feeling took over her and she felt her heart sink. Her father, the one she saw as the strong one in their family; if he could be killed, they weren't far off and she began to mind it less and less. She looked out the hatch of the airship as it close, closing her eyes and having tears stream down her cheeks as she realized that the only home she had ever known was now gone.


"Then give him a message back; I will destroy the world that he cherished so much." Jyran said before using his free hand to pull out Souji's warm heart; eating it and grinning before allowing the man's body to slide off his sword. He looked around the city, seeing bodies hanging from buildings, blood dripping from the buildings around and groans of the dying. Soon, the sounds of feasting began. The ghouls and vampires fed off the dead, holding those they deemed fit for cattle, holding them in pens like animals. Jyran's monstrous form dissipated, turning him back to the beautiful king that his people had came to know and love. He walked to the Romanov house, opening the door.

Vasilia smiled as she watched Harold leave, knowing everything would be alright in the end. She walked downstairs, setting her tea pot set down and sitting in a chair, pouring herself a cup of tea and putting the pill in the tea, acknowledging the visitor in her home. "Ah, you're the leader of this."

"That I am.."Jyran said before grinning, barring his fangs. "Great commander Vasilia...I have heard much of you."

"What of me?" Vasilia asked, sipping her tea.

"That you were a woman of power. A woman that equaled in ability what she had in beauty. I was... expecting some a bit more fresh. I would have had you join my covenant." Jyran spoke out while sitting down. "Seems too late."

"I'm sorry to disappoint." Vasilia said while blood trickled out of her nose and ears. "I...may rest now." Vasilia whispered out quietly.

"Goodbye, old viperess." Jyran commented before standing up and yawning. "Wow I'm parched now." He commented while taking Vasilia's other tea cup, scratching her neck to make it bleed before putting the cup to it, filling it up before sipping it. "Mm. Spicy." He said jokingly with a chuckle in response to the poison burning his tongue but not killing him. "Ah...humans are so frail."


"I think Harold will- HAROLD!?" Seth yelled, seeing Harold appear in front of them, collapsed. Seth leaned down, helping him up before batting his face a couple times, trying to keep Harold conscious. "Hey, hey hey hey. Don't pass out bud, you're with us. Me, Lizana and Evan." He said while trying to center Harold. "We're safe." He said before looking at Lizana, having his eyes freshly wet and red still from when he cried earlier when she wasn't looking.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Renald did not reply, nor did he look up. He just stayed like that with his eyes closed, unmoving, as the tears did not stop. He recalled when they met, each conversation, every smile Souji gave. That never faltering smile and positivity. Even back in the days when he had been clueless to human emotions and things. Souji once told him that when he died he would just dissapear. He was a vessel, created with divine energy. Not a true living being. So there would be no place in a heaven or something like that for him. That was what was once explained to him. Though he prayed that his god was mercifull on him.


Fillian saw the vampire out of the corner of his eyes but before he had time to react, Mei had flamed the creature. His eyes were wide in suprise but he shouldn't have been shocked. He had always felt something inside that innocent girl. So quikly he led the family into the Airship. Dequan, as if on autopilot, went to cockpit and made the vehicle ready for take off. Fillian helped the woman into their seats, taking Lanying out of Mina's arms after he made sure Yang was secure as well before the airship took off. He wanted to speak, to console them, but how could he if he did not even know how to console himself in his own silent grief.


Harold was barely keeping himself conciouss and he had to lean heavily on Seth to keep standing. His eyes were a bit clouded as he seemed to look around but not really see. That was how magically drained he was. But he did regonize the voice so he knew he was safe. He made it out.

Tears ran down her cheeks as Lizana laughs lightly from pure relief and build up nerves. She kissed her son's head, who was suprsingly very calm and looking around with his big curious eyes. "Yes we are...." She says quietly, though she had no clue where they would go from here on. Where they could go. If a war started. Then where were they safe?....
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"Alright, so we're in Japan. Great." Seth said as he rubbed his face, knowing damn well the only thing he could say in Japanese was hello. "We'll be fine." He said before squatting, looking into the now red water and seeing the moons reflection and squinting his eyes before standing up, closing his eyes and holding his arms out as he basked in the invigorating moonlight, screaming at the top of his lungs as tears rolled down his cheeks, knowing that not only his mother but his grandma was also dead.


"So the trade capital of the world has fallen... interesting." Faendal said while sitting on the throne in the late hours of the night, looking at his nails before sighing out. "That means that silver haired fool has more than half the ambition I thought he had. That's an issue most certainly..for more than one reason."

"Truly you know this non human scum wants it to wage war, not international commerce or anything of the such." Aiymil spoke out gently as he walked in, wearing only Adalica's pink bedrobe with a more than satisfied look on his face.

"So, before we continue this conversation; one, let me just state I've never had the desire to see my grandfather only in a bathrobe. Two, you realize incest-"

"Is a grave sin in the text; I know. I'm the guy that spread that text across the globe. Even if I had been doing that act, It's technically not incest since it isn't Adalica's physical body and considering it's a few hundred generations apart, it's not even anything. Regardless, I'm married and I was just showering and this happened to be close by." Aiymil said before taking off the robe, showing him in just his underwear.

"Goodnight Aiymil." Faendal quickly said; getting up and heading to Rosalie's chamber, looking like a traumatized child. "Rosalie I think I'm really regretting those two coming here. The cheese keeps popping up missing, all my wine keeps getting drank up, Aiymil wears my clothes and worst of all I think those two are fucking, I swear to whatever gods are left. I want to kill them but I know I probably shouldn't; how do I go about- oh you're asleep." He said in realization, looking at her sleep like a baby in her bed. "Well, I won't disturb you." Faendal say before walking over to Rosalie, watching her sleep and actually forming a smile on his face for a second before shaking his head.


Virgil sat up from his bed, rubbing his face and wincing as he felt his head throb from a nightmare he had. He stood up; walking to the bathroom and washing his face and brushing his hair out of his face. Afterwards he just walked back to his bed, rolling over to Yumi and wrapping his arms gently around her as she slept, nuzzling her a bit before breathing out, feeling himself calm as he held onto her. The nightmare had been that Cantenseel was invaded by darkness and destroyed and everyone he once knew died. Knowing that wasn't possible, he shook it off, closing his eyes and burying his face in her hair.
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Lizana managed to keep Harold up with one arm as she held Evan in the other. Though his strength slowly returned enough to be standing on his own two feet. Lizana's heart ached as she saw Seth like that, knowing he just lost almost everyone of his family he had left. She walks over and kneels down next to him. She gently layed her hand on his head and guided him to lay his head on her chest. She didn't know what to say, so she could only hold him as he mourned and as her own tears slowly rolled down her cheeks.


Rosalie tried hard to keep her eyes closed. To keep on sleeping. As he complained and complained and ugh. Damn the gods for making her a light sleeper. She opens one eye, looking as grumpy as she felt for haven been awoken. She HATED that. "Not anymore." She grumbled out before turning her back towards him, burrying her face in the pillow. Never wake her up like that. Her one fucking rule.


The movements gently woke Yumi up. She could have fallen back asleep if she had kept her eyes closed but feeling that her love was awake she forced herself to wake up too. Softly she wrapped her arms around him, looking at him with sleepy eyes through her eyeslashes. "Hey honey." She says softly before kissing his forhead. "Can't sleep?" She asked, seeing that it was still middle of the night.


All the shinto priests sat in the room for prayer of the shrine. All except Yurichi who still had been unconcious when they brought him in. The energy that once filled the monastery now felt heavy. Dreadfull. Perhaps the air was heavy because of the anger that was being supressed by not only the priests but the god himself as well. Their messenger had been killed in cold blood. For no reason.

"So when do we take action." Mamoru spoke up first. But he was met with silence. He clenched his fists. "Don't tell me we are not going to respond to this?! You've got to be kidding me."

"Tsukiyomi has not ye-" Nori began but he was interrupted by Mamoru.

"Tsukiyomi is too peacefull to ever take action. But we can not just ignore this insult to us. If they killed one of us then I am sure they won't hesitate to come after the rest of us. Cantenseel has already fallen and I'll be damned if I let Japan fall as well."

Now Nori snapped. "As if we don't know that! But we can't just decide to pick up our swords and get revenge because of how we feel! I know how we feel. We feel angered, insulted, scared...." He takes a deep breath and sighs. "We need to take a breather before we take action. We can't act rash now. We have more to think off then only our beliefs, faith and god. We have people we need to prioritize. Taking action now would mean endangering them. We need to think. Plan. But most of all, defend."
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Seth closed his eyes, having tears come out as he held onto Lizana, keeping them closed before he heard the noises of crying come closer. It was then he realized that there was people who had jumped into the sea, rather than be killed by the monsters. He fell to his knees, seeing the mighty Kanshinin tower finally begin to crumble from the flames. Ash filled the air and like snow began to come out of the sky, touching upon Seth's ashen hair as he watched his home be destroyed, closing his eyes as all he could hear was the noises of the dying. He then opened his eyes, hearing Evan and standing up, running to his son and hugging him tightly, breaking down and kissing his face as the realization that he had the people most important to him left. "We're okay.." He whispered out before laughing. "We're fine guys! We're alive!" Seth said before cackling a bit, laughing out loud as he put his hands on the side of his head. "We didn't die!" He yelled out before roaring at the city. "Fuck you! Can't kill me motherfuckers!" Seth screamed out to Jyran before panting out, then looking at Harold and Lizana. "So...where do you guys think we should go?" Seth panted out, calming down a bit as he rubbed the back of his head.


"Yeah....just another nightmare." Virgil whispered out softly, looking at Yumi groggily. "Just the nightmares again...only this time it was something I had never experienced." Virgil uttered out quietly. "I dream of Cantenseel being destroyed..of the red riders; the bad children snatchers from the old kid tales. But then...monsters appeared. Or were humans the monsters? It's so often they get confused.." Virgil mumbled out tiredly. "I know we need sleep because we all have some sort of medical exam tomorrow but ugh, I hate nightmares." He said as he rubbed his his hand along her body tiredly.


"Standing around won't do anything, that much is know." Lanying commented out as she got out of bed against probably what was good for. " We need to raise arms against whoever killed my father, plain and simple." She said with a wince on her face. "That's what I've been doing since I got here... preparing. I've killed three monarchs and replaced them with ones loyal to our cause. We need to call on our allies; form a fighting force as the builder of this monastery did...as Ronin and the eighty founders did." Lanying said with her hand over her patched wound, then looking at Yurichi. "He will agree with me...I know because I'm doing his dream.."

"Don't speak about my husband or my son; you have a very skewed fucking idea of who either of them are." Serika said while standing, gritting her teeth and pointing her finger. "Ronin didn't go on some holy crusade of vengeance. Ronin did what he had to out of necessity, and what your suggesting isn't one." She said before turning her hands, putting them on her side before sighing.

"Sometimes things are best done preemptively; why else would I come here if not to save you?!?"

"Nobody asked you to do anything- quit acting like we need a savior!" Serika yelled out.

"I did not come back to be bitched at; they will be fought, with or without you and anyone that agrees with you." Lanying commented before turning around, looking at everyone. "God is quiet to us tonight; the first time in a long time." She said while looking at the new moon. "He too is as shocked as us. He too is feeling anger, he too is feeling sadness, he too is feeling pain, and he too wishes to fix this. When the man that later came to raise me, Yurichi, came to your doorstep, he had a dream of spreading our faith across the globe; a dream of keeping peace, unified under the love of our kind and just savior. But as all you had learned before in your teachings, if you don't contact or let in the outside world, they won't do the same. So we've hid in isolation, afraid of a world that seems to abuse, corrupt and destroy. But today... we've been taught a lesson. The world will come anyways. That is the threat we face." She said with her right fist balled up. "So shall we wait for it to eat us?!?" Lanying yelled. "Because in my future, that's what you all did. Yurichi was made broken and weak by the death of the one person he's ever really loved.." Lanying said while looking at Kiyoshi. "A demonic spirit was supposed to kill you today... Yurichi was supposed to watch you fade, yet that didn't happen. His reason for fighting lived." She said while looking at Kiyoshi before looking at everyone. "And ours does too. Our fighter; our warrior of the light....he lives... and he holds our survival. We need to do our best to aid-"

"Holy shit my head hurts." Yurichi murmured out as he came to, rubbing his eyes before yawning and looking around, seeing everyone there. "What the hell?" Yurichi asked, then looking at Ryouta who had carried him up there. "What happened?! Kiyoshi?!?" He yelled out, only remembering her falling.
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Lizana jumped a bit as Seth suddenly laughed so loudly. Even Evan looked suprised with his big purple eyes. It was a miracle he did not cry out, like he understood his father was sometimes a bit crazy as well. Lizana had a knot in her stomach as she heard the cries as well. But she had no time to mourn yet. She needed to stay strong for her family. She strokes Evan's head. "I don't know.... Europe is too close to our mother... So that is out of the question.... I honestly do not know." She says with a sigh as she shakes her head.


Yumi listened quietly as she softly runs her hand through his hair. She knew about his nightmares. She had them too. Different ones but still. They could really see eye to eye when it came to this. "I know." She softly kisses his forhead. "But I think mostly now you need me to hold you." She says sweetly as she pulls him more against her. "And to hear me say it was just a dream, and I am here for you."


Each one of the shinto priests saw how much this discussion could get out of hand as they saw Lanying and Serika bicker it out. Nori was about to speak out at Lanying. She was talking about his god as if she was one of his loyal servants while she was just another thing that was making the whole situation more complicated. Ra, Chernobog, Jyran, the people from the future. It was all too much for their god to handle and keep an eye on.

When Yurichi woke up Kiyoshi immediatly went to him and sat down on her knees next to him, holding his hand. She was smiling softly down at him but tears of distress were in her eyes because of this all. "I am here. I am here honey. We're both fine."

Nori stood up, his arms folded, his eyes stern and certain. "We do nothing. Not yet." He almost snapped at Lanying but in all honesty he was just as anxious as any one of them. "We can't risk doing a thing yet. I am nothing saying we won't. But let us think through options first. Give our god time to think and process this as well. He will let us know when he has decided. And I am certain, with this happening, and you being here, he won't wait long. Now, get rest-" He said to Lanying before looking at Serika "-, get setteled and-" He now looks at Ryouta "- talk to your villagers, keep them calm." He said before leaving the room, the meeting over.
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"She needs to die then; we won't run like dogs." Seth said before taking out his measly pocket knife as his only weapon, looking at it as sighing. "No the fuck we aren't.." He mumbled out before putting it away, looking to the sky before shaking his head. "Let's go; if we're lucky we can find a home to crash in for the night..we need to figure shit out when our minds are clear."


"Mm....well yeah actually." Virgil mumbled out as he let himself relax, having both his and Yumi's long white hair entangle a bit in his beard. He breathed out, relaxing as he began to rest his eyes, feeling the comfort of Yumi's warmth against his cold body. "You make it all better... like nothing else is real except us." Virgil said before turning his head and looking up at her a bit. "You've always been my safe space." He stated with a smile, leaning in and giving her a kiss after.


Lanying waited till Nori left, standing up and sighing afterwards. "What a stickler; how many more cities is it going to take?" She asked with a sigh before forming three magic owls in front of her, having each fly off to her monarchs she put in power as a sign for them to come to her. "You all have to fight...it's not a choice." She whispered out quietly.

"What... what happened?" Yurichi asked, rubbing his head which was greatly in pain from the magical disruption. "I feel like my head was bashed in with a hammer, multiple times " He groaned out, standing up afterwards.
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Lizana and Harold glanced at eachother. Neither of them were opposed to that idea. Neither liking the vixen that was their mother. She has tormented them too much for that. But they weren't fools. They knew the power their mother held. It wasn't for nothing that Lizana still couldn't use her powers and Harold fled the second he had the chance. Going for the kill could mean the death of them. And with a child with them that was a risk Lizana was deffinantly not willing to take. But instead she said. "Indeed. Let's go find a place to rest." Perhaps Seth would have calmed down in the morning. She hoped.


Yumi smiles softly at him, blushing a bit as well. His words always made her heart beat faster. "And you are mine." She says as she kisses him in return. "I love you." She says quietly before kissing his forhead again. "Perhaps we should get some sleep?" She says after yawning a bit, feeling her eyes get a bit droopy from sleep.


Hideaki stands up as well, looking into Lanying's eyes. "Like Nori said, that is for our god to decide. It is not yours." he followed Nori out, Mamoru and Tsuyoshi following, seeing no need to stay and discuss anything more with Lanying.

Kiyoshi watches the others walk off before focusing back on Yurichi, standing up with him and keeping a close look. She did not want him to fall or something like that. "Well..." She started quietly, not sure how to even explain. There was no way to suger coat it. "Cantenseel was attacked. With the help of Chernobog, his pawn took over Cantenseel. He..... Our messenger, Souji, was killed..."
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"Hrmm... you're right, we have a while left.." Virgil mumbled, stretching a bit and having his back pop loudly before he sighed out, keeping his eyes closed. "Goodnight Yumi Roze...have a good sleep" He said groggily while putting his hand in hers, yawning out and then finally falling asleep in her arms.


"I refuse to allow the future die; the Lord knows as much as I do, the terrible for we face." Lanying said while looking at Hideaki. "In the end, do you wish to know how you all died?" She asked with a stone cold face. "You all huddled in the garden and cut your throats before the poisonous gas of the eternal night came. Everyone dies, and you, as a man, believe this is something that we can't do?" She asked, poking his chest. "Why do you refuse to fight? Why would you rather die, than fight?!" She yelled out. "How is that ANY way to survive?! It's fucking stupid!" She lashed out, sounding much like Yurichi.


Yurichi bit his lip, listening to what she said and feeling his heart sink; standing up and walking over to the outside in front of the pond, looking up at the moon and having a tears hang down his face with a heavy heart, gritting his teeth, frustrated at his god. "I see challenges every day..I try not to turn back..." He muttered out. "I wished to be a man of peace...the first Mizushima to die in his bed. But now I see there is no way that I can.." Yurichi said while walking pacing. "I tried each day to stay from my old ways; hold my hand from doing the sin that I once did..that you have forgiven but I have not... I see only one option; we are under attack... and we must survive, for if not this world will be darkness, and that is the greatest sin I could ever commit." Yurichi said as he stared at the pond, enamored by the aura of holiness as he began to walk on the water, having each step have light under it as he went to the center of the lake, having it turn white from the moonlight. Yurichi's veins popped out from his neck and his eyes began to hurt as an intense burning sensation came over him. Tendrils of light came out from the water, wrapping around him and burning his clothes off as well as cleansing his skin, burning his tattoos off as if it was flame to paper, setting his clothes ablaze from the burning but not causing burns to his skin. He gritted his teeth, screaming as light traced his veins, going all the way to his eyes and turning them white. Yurichi screamed out to his god, feeling his human sin being burned inside and outside on him.. As he was cleansed, a katana came floating from the water, having the blade pointed to Yurichi's heart, seeming to read it.

"A sword of Justice, a sword of peace. To the blight of evil upon the world, I shall never turn a cheek. I am a sword of righteous light. I am Masamune, the sword of the holy fight. Whom is that wishes to wield me? What is the vile vermin we are to destroy together?" The sword called out, speaking inside of Yurichi's head.

"Yurichi Mizushima!" Yurichi yelled out, ending the burning light, leaning over and panting afterwards as he looked at the blade. "We are to kill the leader of the red riders; the man that butchered Tsukiyomi's messenger!"

"Oho.... Ronin's son; I can feel it in your blood. Take me, warrior of the light. We will make this red rider truly red." Masamune called out as a white suit of samurai armor formed around Yurichi's naked body, inundating him with the light as his head knocked back and the wind was taken from his lungs, leaving him there for moments, motionless. As Yurichi held his head back, the memories the blade had in it's metal came to his mind, making him live hundreds of years of fights that the Mizushima's had fought and hundred's of years of learning of their religion, educating Yurichi far more than the books could ever have dreamed before finally the memory of when Ronin placed it and his armor in the pond of the moon, vowing to never wield either again before leaving the monastery for the last time came, making him feel a sense of loneliness he never expect a weapon to feel. He gasped, widening his eyes as he seemed to come back to life. "Also please refrain from throwing my companions in wells." The blade commented as Ronin's tanto Yurichi threw into the well appeared on his belt. "That is the one request I hold."

"Deal." Yurichi said before looking around, feeling a familiar warmth come near his side. He closed his eyes, knowing who it was as he began to walk across the water back to the monastery.

"You're ready." Ronin spoke out to his son, appearing next to him on the pond under the moonlight. "You are the man you are needed to be. The man god intended you to be, my son." Ronin said before looking to the side, seeing Serika look at him from the other side of the lake.

Serika looked at the spirit of her husband, feeling her heart about stop as she gasped, holding her hand to her chest as the wind blew her hair out of her face. Ronin left his sons side, appearing in front of his widowed wife, intertwining his fingers with her as he wrapped his other arm around her. "Ronin...it's been so long.." Serika said as tears fell down from her cheeks as she felt the warmth of his soul against her palm. "You died...you died saving me; why would you do that?..You know what my wish was.."

"I apologize my love, I've been with the Lord....I hope you can forgive me." Ronin said quietly. "I've been punished enough seeing how you and our children have lived..since I passed." Ronin said quietly, not wanting to elaborate on detail. "Our daughter is alive and well; she's with Virgil. I just wanted to tell you this before...I left."

"Where are you going?" Serika asked, feeling her heart throb in pain. "Wh-Where is she? She's alive?! And...And what is going to happen?!" Serika asked in a panic. "Ronin! You slimy fuck get back here; you can't just pull some spectral bullshit out of your asshole and poof off!

"I will be in our son....you will see me again my love.. just on the other side. Don't you worry, fate is drawing our little rose here and you will see her again. Now calm Serika, admire the beauty around you. I wanted you to be able to see it one day; I wanted to..let you know how beautiful I thought you were...how you were always on my mind even when here..and how much I loved you." Ronin whispered to her before placing his lips against hers. "Wait for me, my lovely geisha.." he whispered before he turned to nothingness, fading away as Yurichi walked across the lake, feeling a warmness in his stomach as if his father was there with him. He stepped to the shore, breathing in before closing his eyes, feeling certainly different than before he had recovered Masamune, the sword of the first Mizushima. He looked at the black blade, nodding as he realized the power that he wielded in his hand.
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Kiyoshi followed Yurichi outside, not wanting him to be alone because of how much energy had been drained out of him. But what she witnessed had her mouth fall open. She regonized the sword. Nori had told her stories about it. Masamune. A sword but not a sword at all. A compagnion so Nori told her. Lost awhile ago. And now Yurichi was it's new wielder. She looks up at the sky, the moon seeming darker and less bright then before as she wondered if this was the first sign of what their lord's decision was going to be. And as she watched the man she loved in his new armor she new she was going to dread the decision already....


The next morning the world seemed a bit more quiet then before. The attack now known worldwide. Countries were arming themselfs to defend their lands. But only few knew what was truly going to come and that no defense would be strong enough.


News of the attack had not come out yet in the TMEA stronghold. Joseph and Renald had made sure no message or rumor or image from the attack had come into those walls. They needed to tell it to them all themselfs so they could strategize and so they could calm the group down which they knew would be needed. They had fierce personallities and beliefs in the group. And if they started to plan on their own they could fall apart or go against eachother. Everyone was told that Joseph wanted to hold a meeting with them all in a few.

A shaky sigh leaves Fayline's lips as she sits down on a chair in Joseph's office, only the two of them there. She guessed he had wanted to discuss with her first what was he about to tell everyone. And when she heard the news she understood why. Cantenseel, the place she called home, where she had so many memories..... She shakes her head and runs a hand through her hair. "Is it.... Truly lost?" She asked, praying there was perhaps some hope left but if things were truly as bad as her husband told her then there would be no hope...


The Shinto priests sat together once again. Not to wait for their god this time. But to demand an answer. Especially Nori demanded an answer as he was standing, glaring with his blind eyes towards Yurichi who now held the blade of light himself. When he had heard the news he had been flabbergasted. He could not believe it. Thought it was a joke. But here Yurichi sat, with Masamune on his lap so casually. "Did you hear ANYTHING from our lord before you got that sword? Anything at all?" He needed to know why. WHY did his god choose Yurichi while a few weeks ago he had not been ready. He still was not ready in his eyes.


Up in the skies the gods sat together as well. Only the three of them. Venus, Tsukiyomi and Odin. Ra not there for obvious reasons now. "Well, it ain't that much of a suprise that Ra sided with Chernobog." Venus said plainly while she looks at her nails, laying on a cushioned chair. She seemed a bit unaffected while Tsukiyomi sat on his knees, his eyes tightly shut, facing downwards with his arms folded. "I mean, he has been shady from the beginning." She shrugs. "But hey, perhaps Chernobog and Ra had their hands in it but it's up to the humans to fight now. It's their planet on the line."

Now Tsukiyomi had enough. His eyes were glowing with a fierce bright light as he opened them, glaring at Venus, even managing to make her pale in less then a second. Boy, she had never seen him this pissed. "The humans.... Are OUR responsibillity. And WE did not protect them." He almost seemed to growl out. There was so much anger he was still keeping in but it looked like he might lash out any second.
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"That...it is." Joseph said while standing up, hands behind his back and trying to keep himself composed even against all the chaos in the world that he felt like he had to duty to take care of. "An airship fleet larger than- fuck I don't even know. It appeared above Cantenseel in the dead of night and deployed down onto the city..most of my men were killed within seconds and I've been keeping up communication with the one survivor.." Joseph said before turning around, putting his hand on Fayline's face. "And make sure after I tell you this...you speak softly love, because I'm not sure how I'll tell them." Joseph said before sitting down, looking down at the floor before looking at Fayline. "I'm certain it was my nephew that did this. Jyran Haas, Jannik's estranged son.." He spoke of softly, having pain in his eyes.


"I looked at the pond's moonlight reflection and felt a warmth radiate from it, so I walked over to it and then well...everyone seems to know the rest." Yurichi said while looking down at Masamune then to his white armor which he had not taken off yet. "I felt....my father, not Tsukiyomi." He said while looking up. "And after the sword chose me, my father came and spoke to my mother one last time before doing something I can only describe as joining me. I feel him still with me; in my bones and in my soul. I feel the warmth I felt when going to that pond still." He spoke out, looking at everyone with a peaceful expression.


"Many millennia ago, when we all sat down and created this beautiful earth, I thought that if we were to stay away from them, that would be the best safety we could give them." Odin said as he looked down, seemingly in down spirits. "My brother Emeris disagreed and went to Earth, creating the elves. I was a fool for jealously following and having a child with a human." He spoke out quietly, remembering the first mistake of the gods. "That's when magic had been given first to them, and that is when evil had been given to them. This falls on me; they know no better than to follow their instinct. This, I can forgive the humans for." Odin said before standing. "But I will not forgive the fellow gods, who do know better. Chernobog and Ra must die simply, and Venus, should you keep irritating either of us I will add you to that list." The man barked out, then sighing after. "Venus, you have Adelger. Tsukiyomi, you have Yurichi. I must find someone as well if I am to survive Ragnarok." He said before sighing out, stroking his beard before grinning. "Virgil the wild card yes? Is he usable?"
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Fayline nodded slowly at his request to keep quiet. Ofcourse she would. No need to ask her that. She reaches out and gently takes a hold of his hand, stroking the back of it, soothing him. Because she knew whatever pain she herself was feeling, he was feeling it a million times harder. Because he didn't protect Cantenseel. Because of the deaths. Because of who did it. So she pushed down her own grief to do what she has always done, support her husband in the roughest times. She hesitated a bit before saying what was on her mind. "We.... Do have another son of Jannik here. I know you do not like him-" More like avoided him like the plague "- but if you are certain it was Jyran.... They are still brothers. Baldrik might know more. or atleast something that might help." She tried to help atleast this much, try to make him think outside the box a bit since that was all she could do.


Nori was actually quite suprised to hear that. To believe Ronin had helped like this. Though it did make more sense. Ofcourse Ronin would armor up his son even if Tsukiyomi hadn't made a decision yet. Typical. But to believe he armored him with HIS sword. Well, his former sword but still. He rubs his forhead, not sure weither to be more annoyed at the fact that Yurichi had his sword or that he was acting so calmly. "Then we shall wait for Tsyukiyomi's words. I am certain it won't take long for that." He says, seeing that that is the only thing they could do at the moment.


Venus became even more quiet, the sassyness she always had going down as she realized these two might actually take her excistence if they got angered even more. Tsukiyomi on the other hand seemed to sit a bit straighter as Odin seemed to be on the same wave length as him. it was time they did something. Something about the rotten apples in their garden. "Virgil is indeed a wild card but usable if guided correctly. He might need his father to help him. But leave Rudolf alone. We should not use the ones from the future. I want them gone as soon as possible as well. For now they might be of help but then they need to leave." He spoke strongly, ready to make plans and start moving.
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Joseph looked down, shaking his head. "If Baldrik knew..." Joseph bit his lip, closing his eyes a bit before opening them. "I allowed Jyran to be with me for a time, before Tiras was ever born...I educated him, took him as a prodigy. He had hate in him, but I thought that if I could direct it with a goal there would be some hope for the boy. Well...years later, he found out it was me who killed my father. He left, more lost than when he came to me and went back to his father. I never knew what happened to him after; only that he had left from his father shortly after coming back to him, and that Tiras was involved." Joseph said with a clear look of remorse in his eyes. "He's using what I taught him against me now Fayline; how can I face my men and women and tell them that what we are fighting is someone who I-" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "-how do I tell them I am responsible for this, and then begin to tell them next what to do?.."


"The sword chose me regardless and I doubt my father would act without knowing that Tsukiyomi agreed to some degree." Yurichi commented to Nori, looking at the blade which he could tell was hungry. "It read my heart and decided I was worthy; you've all been to the pond many times and it never spoke to any of you. Perhaps this is in fact destiny, and I was guided to it." He suggested in a calm tone of voice, running his armor clad fingers against the blade, creating a few sparks.


"I'd prefer to leave his father out of it; his time in purgatory garnered a bit of reluctance towards us." Odin said with his arms crossed. "I am in agreement with you on the invaders we have found in our world. Time has not unraveled yet, but who know's when it could. On top of our problems, it seems Chronov was released from his chamber some time ago, simultaneously Shiael was killed the same day. I believe we need to get our champions to arms and kill him, fast, before Chernobog and Ra get the idea to try and control time." Odin mentioned while pouring himself a cup of tea. "I'll try to work on Virgil. There's much to work with." He alluded, sipping the tea then afterwards.


"Round the humans. I want to see them all." Jyran said while clad in his red armor, shined and buffed for the day as he walked around the garden's of Rex's old mansion, finding the flowers planted beautiful. "The man had good taste, I'll admit.." He said while walking to the front of the mansion, seeing all the re-purposed circus carts full of human women. He waved out his hand, having the carts be opened as the soldiers pushed the women at in shackles, making sure to be gentle. It was a death sentence to feed off, rape or abuse a blood cattle before one has direct ownership and documentation under the law of Jyran. Jyran crossed his arms, finding most of them repulsive before finding a curly haired brunette with green eyes and fair skin. "Hello madam, please, would you step forward?" Jyran asked with a smile.

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Fayline did not believe or think that Baldrik knew about this attack. But he did know Jyran personally. Though after hearing Joseph tell his own story of how he knew Jyran her stomach dropped a bit. No, she did not find her husband responsible for this. Her stomach dropped because he thought he indeed was responsible. "You are not responsible." She said strongly and without a doubt as she holds his hand tighter to make him look at her. "You could have never known this would happen. It ain't your fault. That man's actions are his own. The fact that you were once his teacher.... That is just very unfortunate for us." She reaches up to his face and cups his cheeks. "Listen to me. It ain't your fault." She says again before kissing him, not wanting to see him break under the pressure of it all which she knew he would one day.


"Your father chose you. Not the sword. Not our god." Nori snapped suddenly before letting out a deep breath. "Don't act like you are some kind of prodigy. You are just like us, flesh and blood. You were not specially molded or made for this holy mission. You are just next in our blood line. And weither you live or die or fight or not is just your decision and not some holy destiny you have thought off." That was what he had found out many decenia ago when he was still in his resting place. Tsukiyomi never had a destiny for them. Never a goal. Nothing in his mind when he made them. He just loved the humans so dearly he decided to make his own. Only to live and perhaps protect. To guide. That was all. No destiny. No hidden paths. Just life. And Yurichi was just too blinded to see that. "When Tsukiyomi says you are destined to go somewhere, then I'll believe it."


Tsukiyomi seemed to calm down as he poured himself some tea as well and took a sip, finding the sight of the brute Norse god with a tiny cup of tea a tad bit amusing. "Then that shall be done first. I shall contact my warrior as soon as you all decide to leave. Guide them towards the Russian colds then. Time is something we should not let them get." And they won't get it. Even if he had to descend down himself to kill the old god.


At first Annelise didn't even realize that it was her he was speaking too. She had her eyes fixed on the ground, looking past her shackled and bloodied hands. It wasn't her blood. Her parents... She felt a wave of nausea hit her again. Those things had just ripped them apart. As if the people she loved were made of paper. That's how easily they did it. And they laughed. Never stopped laughing or grinning. Not even when they turned to her. But some twisted force decided to spare her life, bring her there. She wished they had just killed her as well so she would not have known what the streets looked like covered in red. She was pulled out of her thoughts as she was gentle nudged forward, her eyes now looking up from the ground. She did not know who this man was but his aura and the way he looked and stood said enough. She held her tongue, knowing that no good word or sound could come out.
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"He...I could have stopped it. I know I am not responsible for this; I am responsible for my failure to raise the boy." Joseph said with pain in his eyes, shutting them tightly to stop himself from crying. He kissed Fayline back, standing up after and tightening his fist. "Mon amour...the meeting is soon. I have to prepare." He mumbled out, rubbing his hand on her head while shaking his own. "I'll be back soon." He spoke out gently before leaving the room, walking to the meeting room where he could see many people with many questions; especially since Yang was in the room, missing an arm and an eye with a severed vampires head on the table with Fillian, Mina and Mei in there. "Yang, thank you for that." Joseph said with pure sarcastic rage, then walking to the front of his table and sighing, not knowing where to start. "Cantenseel...has..well. It has fallen." Joseph said before closing his eyes, hearing the commotion already begin.

Virgil sat back in is chair, rubbing his hands through his hair with his hands wide, nearly throwing up as his pupils dilated and his heart began beating hard; one hand reaching for stabilization from the table and the other grabbing Yumi's thigh. "It...It was real.."

Tiras looked down, wincing and gritting his teeth before standing up and narrowing his eyes. "What do you mean it has fallen?!"

"What the fuck?" Takao said after spitting out his water, looking over at Eadlyn and then Joseph.

"Oh by the...fuck. The eternal night is beginning." Cynfael said quietly, smelling the blood from the head, knowing it was a fellow vampire.

"Joseph, you have some fucking answers?!" Virgil said as he stood up, becoming enraged as the sadness faded away. "Why didn't we help them!? How long has this been, how fucking long have you know?!"

"Everyone, silence! Or else!" Joseph screamed, snapping from anger. He banged his hand against the table, looking up with his fangs being bared. "It happened in the dead of night; an airforce larger than the entire Cantenseelan military attacked the city and slaughtered EVERYONE." Joseph barked out, making the room quieter. "I held us back for if we got involved and died, where would the world be left?" He asked, then shaking his head. "Ignore that; we're not here to debate semantics. You're being briefed. So, at 22 hundred hours, a magical tear in space was-"

"The semantics are everything; you let millions die?" Virgil asked, in disbelief at his commander. "Because of a chance? Because of a fucking chance we may die?" He asked as tears formed in his eyes. "Me and my father are the strongest fighters on earth! We are chaos mages, and you let us sleep as our home was destroyed?!"

"And what if you died?! What if you and your father were eaten by vampires?! Then what, Mr. Warfare expert?" Joseph asked, a tad bit insulted. "Get real. Please, before I laugh. Rushing into battle doesn't work when the enemy knows no fear; when there is no boundaries; when there is no morals. It means NOTHING!" Joseph yelled. "Now shut UP! Or I will have you and your bitch executed!" He screamed at the top of his lungs having Virgil sit defiantly before he looked at Renald. "Take this over." He said, then walking back to his table in the other part of the room and grabbing a drink.


"You're really upset." Yurichi mumbled out, surprised at how against this Nori was. He sighed, shaking his head before looking over at Kiyoshi. He wondered if this too had anything to do with him being with her, but not wanting to test Nori's rage, he stayed his tongue from speaking out any words on the subject. "What if the lord comes down and tells you you're wrong?" He asked instead, raising an eyebrow and wanting Nori to think about the possibility.


"Good. As you do that, I will direct Virgil on the path. And Venus?" Odin asked, then sipping his cup of tea afterwards. "Tell me, how do you plan to direct young Aldeger? He still has yet to fully awaken to his true potential." He commented, then crossing his arms after. "Then there's also Adalia you need to think about. Your trick with those reapers certainly wasn't the best move on your part to inspire loyalty, Venus."


Jyran looked Annelise up and down, finding her to be beautiful with her brunette curly locks and her jade colored eyes, least to mention her fair complexion. "I claim her; put the others in their cages. Have them cleaned, clothed and then bid for at auction in Vaas Ambris. Do not touch them, do not feed off them; I will have every man who doesn't do so killed along with their families." He threatened, then walking to Annelise, taking off one of his gauntlets, exposing his pale hand. He took her chains off, throwing them to the side before placing his cold hand onto her warm hand, finally looking at her in the eyes. "My name is Jyran Ambrose, may I have your name?" He asked softly as the others began leaving the area.
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Renald had been standing in the corner of the room, his arms folded, his eyes closed and facing the floor. He did not want to see them. Could not see them. His heart could not handle the pain seeing Mina and her family there. All there except Souji. Virgil spoke the words that were in his heart. He had wished he would have just gone there. To atleast try and save his friend. But even if that was his heart, he had to stand tall next to Joseph. He had too. He pushed himself off of the wall as he walked closer to the table, now finally looking at the group. The ones from the present looked angrey and scared. The ones from the future just looked like they were hardening themself for what they knew was about to come. They knew the horrors already. He took a deep breath before he spoke. "Some unknown force caused a magical tear, allowing an unknown amount of fleets to enter the sky of Cantenseel. They were unprepared and an attack was not announced. We know this is an attack led by Jyran Ambrose. His numbers and intentions for us still unclear.... Our plans of how we are going to handle this situation no discussed either...."

Aurelie softly reached out and took a hold of Cynfael's hand. To sooth both of them a bit. This was happening sooner then in their own timeline. And it may be them being there that events were running differently. If that was so they needed to act faster.

Baldrik clenched his fists in anger as he heard his brother was the cause of so many deaths and bloodshed. If he had.... He shakes his head. No, there could have been nothing to convince his crazed brother from not taking action. "But we are going to take action. Are we?" He asked strongly, wanting to deal with his brother himself.

At that question most turned towards Renald for an answer. But he had none. As he was stared down by them all the only answer he could give them was. "I don't know what the best..... Choice of actions are..." He said it quietly, because he felt a bit ashamed for it and he knew what kind of turmoil it would bring.


"Like I said-" Nori started, his anger not lessening. "- if he comes down and tells me those words then I will believe, honour and respect them. But for now I shall do none of that." He says as he turns his back, rubbing his temples a bit as a large headache was forming. Damn his own bloodline for having such rascals in them. But perhaps he should not be the judge of that.


Venus sat slightly up before rolling her eyes and laying a bit back more in her chair. "I'll have my Elvyne and Sintri help with that. Adelger will awaken fully soon enough. And believe it or not, my child Terryal will be usefull in that. He is not just a reaper. He helps balance death. Which is highly needed at the moment. Even if he is just a single Fae. So you worry about yours, I'll worry about mine. And believe me when I say I am loyal to this cause right now. Ra or Chernobog at the throne is the last thing I want." She said, slightly snappy because she was being questioned.


Annelise felt sick, actually sick to her stomach, when he said those three words. I claim her. Fear came over her as the words repeated over and over in her head. He claimed her. And without the abbility to fight back he could do anything he wanted to her. She avoided eye contact for dear life as he took of the chains that held her. Though it did not feel like they were taken off of her as they hid the ground. The real weight replaced by an invisible one. She glanced up, which she should not have done as she looked straight into his eyes. They were mesmerizingly bright but shivering cold at the same time. Her hands began to shake lightly. Her heart beating rapidly. "Annelise F-Florence...." She said, no louder then a whisper.
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Cynfael looked over at Aurelie, shaking his head. For him, this had already happened a long time ago but that didn't take the sick feeling out of his stomach. He held onto her hand tighter and sighed, knowing that the people in this timeline were feeling a pain he couldn't imagine, even if he had already felt it. "It's happening too fast.." He said quietly to her, wondering if they were accelerating the eternal night.

"Killing them would be a start." Mei said angrily, voicing her opinion out, much to the surprise of her mother who put her hand over her mouth. "We should talk to the Shinto priests; the people that worship Tsukiyomi. If we can get them to help, we could take the city back, and kill that silver haired bastard while we are at it."

Joseph looked at her somberly, standing beside Renald, seeing the fire in her eyes. Of course she was the first to speak up; they had killed her father along with pretty much everyone else that she knew. "That's a possibility I'm looking into." Joseph spoke out calmly, seeming calm. "I'm sorry for snapping earlier; this is a weight on all of us I know."

"No kidding." Hei said, knowing he had family back in Cantenseel who he hoped was okay. He looked over at Kierra in disbelief, shaking his head. It was true, Chidori and her children were ghouls but if what Joseph said about the size of their army was true, it wouldn't matter.

"That is why I promise to not stop until there is justice for this atrocity." Joseph said with an intense look in his eyes, although while looking he could see Virgil was not moved as he looked over at Yumi. Joseph knew that look to well; he had lost all the respect Virgil had for him. "And believe me; as long as you all hold faith, we work together and we don't give up, we can accomplish this goal. I know all of you here are committed to this otherwise you wouldn't be here; so plan, brainstorm and train. With time, I will present us a plan. With this plan, we will fight back against them and take back Cantenseel. I promise this here." He said strongly, brewing a bit of concern in his stomach as Virgil didn't move an inch.


"Good." Was all Yurichi responded with, who after he spoke, poked Kiyoshi's cheek with a smile on his face, still giving her the same look he did before he stepped on that pond. "Hey Kiyoshi, don't look so glum." He spoke out quietly, seeming to be in better spirits as he looked at her. "We'll get through this." He whispered to her, slowly reaching over and grabbing her hand with a smile on his face, knowing that this had to have been a lot for her.


"Good, you should use that fire against our enemies right now Venus." Odin said with a bit of a sly smile behind his grey beard. "Believe me, I doubt you'd go to Ra or Chernobog. Neither of them know how to treat a lady; Ra's wife for example, we all remember." Odin said while standing up. "Zhanae the kind; she left him for a human and in return he turned her into a dragon and cut her tongue out. A real romantic." He said with a chuckle, walking the corner of the room and creating a portal back to Valhalla. "Enough of that though. I have some affairs to handle with my champion; we will all hear from each other soon." He said before exiting the realm.


"Annelise Florence.." Jyran said, tasting the name on his tongue as he began walking while still having his hand on hers. "A beautiful name for a woman of equal beauty." He said with a small smile, taking her to the garden as he sat down on a bench with her, having the sound of violins from a record player he had found in mansion play in the garden. "I'm sorry your eyes had to witness such carnage. Sometimes...to create something truly beautiful, you must destroy what was there before." He spoke out gently while looking at the sun, then at her. "The world is corrupt and hurt. Like a tree, sometimes you must cut off a branch to make the tree healthy again. Think of all you have seen in the world that humankind has done; all the suffering it has brought..." He articulated out with his hand on her face. "Enough of that. I apologize, truly. I am bad with first impressions, Annelise, I always have been. Please, tell me about yourself." He said with a smile.
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At Joseph's words, some of them sat up a bit straighter, knowing they were going to have through great lengths and fight till they could not fight anymore. And they would, for their future. Even if some were afraid that fighting wouldn't be enough. Tarquin spoke up as he leans with his ellbows on the table. "Events are happening quiker then in our timeline." he says, speaking out what all the ones from the future knew. "So I hope you can come up with a plan rapidly. In our experience, Jyran can only be defeated if we manage to isolate him. No help from his compagnions.... And indeed we might have to make a packt with the Shinto's as Jyran has a god on his side as well."

Yumi felt the slight change in Virgil as well, making her frown a bit in confusion to what exactly was going on as she reaches out and takes his hand, giving him a small smile.


Kiyoshi could not help but smile slightly back as she held his hand in return. She trusted his words. But that did not take away the fear she felt of him going to the battlefield. He has survived alot. And one day that luck or strength might run out. "I know." She said softly, knowing that believing and hoping is better than seeing what truly all could happen.

Suddenly a bright light flahed in Nori's eyes before he actually passed out onto the ground, the same thing happening to Yurichi who passed out against Kiyoshi. She was not worried though as she strokes his hair and kissing his forhead, knowing what it meant.

Their spirits now stood in the realm of peace infront of their good. But it was darker. The pond did not shine. The moon was clouded. Everything looked more gloom. Even the god himself. "Nori, Yurichi." He says as he greets them before walking a bit over to them, glancing at Masamune. It did made him crack a small smile. "I see Ronin has finally let that poor thing out of the water." He shakes his head while chuckling before sighing. "I am certain you both know why I summened you here.... But perhaps what you don't know is that both Chernobog and Ra are aiding the vampire Jyran who led the attack. And the other gods are done waiting." His eyes became more steeled. It made Nori a bit nerveus. Never had he seen his god like this. "Each of us will present a warrior to fight for their cause. You are mine, Yurichi." Before Nori had time to protest he adds. "With Nori as compagnion. You still need to learn how to use some parts of the powers I gave you. He will guide you with that. Venus chose Adelger. Odin chose Virgil. And the first thing you all will do-" He waved his hand and water formed into the shape of Chronov. "-kill the fallen god of time before either one of those traitors can get their hands on them."


Annelise quietly followed, knowing there was nothing else she could do and that she should not disobey this man. She did not hear the music, she zoned it out. His words she did here. And it only made the things she witnessed more vivid and gut wrenching. He saw her parents like diseased branches, needing to be cut off. He was touching her, smiling at her, apologizing as if he was just breathing. If she had been a stronger person she might have taken the bit of anger she had felt and fueled it into a fire. But she was not strong. She didn't have a strong mind like Louisa nor did she have a strong heart like Raiden. The only thing his words did was widen the gaping wound she felt in her chest. "I.... Don't want too...." She said quietly, carefully, as if not to kick a dog that might jump up to bite her. But she really didn't want to talk. Not to him. Not to anyone.
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"I...believe we should contact Adalia." Joseph said with a bit of a wince, hearing a bit more racket from the more feisty members of the group; especially those who had been personally hurt by the country. "I know, it...it sounds rough. It is rough. But desperate times call for desperate alliances. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and while Adalia is evil...they are human. They will side with us against this monster." Joseph said with a sunken expression, looking defeated. "We must do what is necessary to ensure the survival of humanity, no matter the cost."

"How will history look at us if we sided with people that supported genocide? People that...people that have done so much evil?" Virgil asked, standing up holding Yumi's hand. "Let me rephrase that; how will history look at YOU, Joseph?" He asked with venom in his voice. "I'm done with you. Anyone else that is, join me. I'm out by the end of the week." He declared, staring into Joseph's eyes. "Those that stand with me, you are my allies. Anyone that is in my way..." He scrunched up his face a bit. "Stand in my way, and I'll kill you where you fucking stand." Virgil barked out before taking Yumi and himself out of the room, feeling his blood turn hot as he walked out of that room.


Yurichi woke up from being unconscious groggily, hating the amount of magic induced bouts of unconciousness he had been having. When he realized who was present and where he was, the realm of Tsukiyomi, he fell to his knees, bowing his head as he listened, looking up only when an image of Chronov was formed. He stood, looking at it an nodding his head. "Me and Nori will leave at once then; there shall be no delay my lord. It will be ours." He spoke out with determination in his voice. He took Masamune, sheathing it in his scabbard before looking at his lord with the same look that Ronin gave many years ago. "I only ask one thing. If we are to take it...I would like to directly give it to you." Yurichi said as he stood up, holding his hand on his sheathe. "As Masamune chose me...I was given knowledge of a great many of things; that of being mostly the founding of this world and our religion. I've seen what working with the gods in the past has gotten us; nothing." He said strongly but respectfully, still looking at his lord. "Except you. It is always you that is the outlier; the one god that truly cares for the humans...and that is the problem. Humans when given choice often choose what seems good rather than what is the best for all. I believe that Odin is archaic; he has decent intentions but he is a hypocrite for he was the first one to have kids with humans. Venus is power hungry; power hungry and abusive to humans. She cares not the littlest about us. Ra is willing to sacrifice is to the god of death and Chernobog is actively trying to kill us. You are the one that cares my lord; you are the ones that have protected us. But look, once it ends with Ra and Chernobog, there will be another. There is always another. But this is a solution only the blade can fix; we've used the tongue for too long with this evil that plagues our universe my lord. Let us give you this power." He said while gritting his teeth. "Once it is grabbed, it will be an all out war for the power and you know this." He said before stepping back, admiring the Paradise around them. "But if...but if you let me do this. If you let me and Nori fight for your right to rule; if you ask us to...we will my lord." Yurichi said as he teared up. "And we can share this Paradise with them...with believers and non believers alike my lord. We can share this beauty and change them." He said with a small sob. "Because if it can change me...they have hope too.."


Jyran furrowed his brow, feeling a bit of displeasure swell in him before breathing in and exhaling a bit after, mouthing the words 'okay' before he stood up, holding his hands behind his back. "You are lucky my mother raised me to respect women..otherwise I may not have responded so nicely to that." He said quietly. "It is an honor for you to be here, I hope you know this. If not for me, you'd have been sold off and raped, and abused until the sun collapsed on itself and it's shine left." He articulated out from his mouth very eloquently. "It is a sad state.." He commented out while walking around. "And you sit there like a beaten puppy, sad at the actions I had ordered to be done. But you're not so innocent yourself, are you?" He asked with his hands behind his back. "A little birdie once told me..that you may have been friends with a certain Louisa Stadner..." He said while crouching, looking up at her with a smile. "So truly, if that is the case, I am just your type. Because I am a monster too; the difference between me and her being that only I don't hide what I am." He spoke out softly while looking up at her with his vampiric eyes.
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Renald froze in his spot as Joseph announced a part of his plans. Adalia. So that meant Adalica as well. That thing that took away his daughter. Who was using her body right as they were speaking. Asking her to aid them.... No. That was something he could not stomach.Working together with her. Seeing her. He shook his head as he felt a bit sick before quietly leaving the room, even before Virgil had stormed off. Once outside he leans against the wall and pinches the bridge of his nose while letting out a shaky sigh.

Yumi's eyes widened a bit at Virgil's strong reaction. She had no clear idea what would be best or what they should do. Still she followed Virgil as he pulled her out of the room. He was so angrey. And she could understand. But she hated the fact that this meant they will have to turn against the people they got to know over the weeks. Some becoming friends... "Honey...." She squeezes his hand. "I'll be with you..." She says, knowing those words were true. Nomatter what happend. Who they would have to fight. He was her home. She would go anywhere with him.

Felicia puts a hand on Tiras's as her eyes were clouded with worry. Worry for their son and his rash decision. Her eyes asked the question she did not voice out. What do we do? Because honestly, she did not know. All this was just too much at once to process.

Baldrik honestly did not care who they were going to have to side with. As long as they stopped his crazed brother. That was all he cared about. He stood up, looking at Joseph. "I am with you. Whatever you decide to do.... As long as it stops my brother." It was clear he was actually having a hard time with this as he began to realize more and more what his brother has caused. "I need a breather." he mumbled out before leaving the room. Cynfael would fill him in later on details of the rest of the meeting for sure. He just needed a walk. So he roamed the hallways, his hands in his pockets, his eyes on the floor as his mind kept on thinking about his brother and his deeds. He was so deep in thought he did not notice the person infront of him until he almost bumped into her. "Oh, sorry."

"It's okay." Fayline said with a soft gentle smile, baby Cynfael in her arms happily chewing away on a toy, not a care in the world. When she noticed the look in his eyes she knew Joseph had just briefed them. "How are you feeling?" She asks carefully.

Baldrik smiles slightly as he puts his hands in his pockets again and shrugs. Her eyes sternly urged him to talk, making him laugh a bit and shake his head. Joseph would probably have an aneurysm or take his head if he knew that he and Fayline have actually developed a friendship in the time he had been staying there. He liked her. Not romantically but as a friend. She was hard not to like. They had good conversations. And he liked that she trusted him enough to let him look after baby Cynfael. "It's.... Rough. I have always known there had been a dark spot in his heart. One that kept growing. But this...." he sighs deeply, running his hands through his hair. "This is something I would have never expected. And he will be punished for this. I am so furious at him for all those innocent lives but...." He is still my brother. The one sentence he did not dare say outloud. It hurted.

Fayline noticed how torn he actually was inside. It was hard not to see. "I would like to say I understand but I could never truly understand how you feel...." She says quietly before smiling softly and holding out Cynfael for him to take. "Here, cuddle the baby. In my experience that helps. It's soothing."

Baldrik raises one eyebrow before actually chuckling, her idea already helping. "If you say so." he says as he gently takes baby Cynfael from Fayline, actually feeling himself calm a bit down as he looks at the little vamp chewing his toy. "He's so adorable..... Please don't tell grown Cynfael that I adore his little version." He says with a chuckle, bouncing the baby a bit up and down and actually tempted to kiss the baby's forhead.


Tsukiyomi had been talking about killing the old god. Yurichi had been talking about something else. Something Tsukiyomi had not even thought the slightest bit about. Yurichi wanted to give the power of the old god to him. With the power of time in his hands not one of the other gods could go against him. He indeed would be the one to rule. The only god. Power and responibillity not even Tsukiyomi could imagine. Things he never wanted or craved for. He did not believe that one person, even a god, should hold so much power. But this warrior infront of him believed from the bottom of his heart in him. Devotion and ideals that he had never seen before in his lifetime. He looks around at his home, his realm. He truly believed he wasn't as good as Yurichi portraited him to be. But.... He steps forward towards Yurichi before doing something suprising. He grabbed him and actually pulled him into a hug. "If you so deeply believe so.... Then I will believe too." That was his answer. He was going to give Yurichi free reigns on this. And if in the end it meant him becoming the one to rule. So be it. For humanity.


An honour? He thought that this should be an honour to her? Annelise could honestly not understand. Perhaps she had been saved from the raping and the abuse he was talking about. But the loss she was feeling was still there. That heart wrenching pain. And he still caused it. So being face to face with that man might actually be worse then the other situations she could have been in. Seeing him smile at her. That certainly was worse. She felt even sicker as he compared himself to Louisa. He was nothing like her. Not in in the slightest bit. If she had been braver she would have voiced that out. If she had been wiser she would have kept her mouth shut completely. "That is not my type...." She did not know why she said that but she felt like she should atleast say something because of the way he was staring at her and that was just the first thing that popped out...
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Joseph scrunched up his face, looking at the map of the world as he felt rage swell in him. He looked at the massive energy signature in Russia, needing something to focus his mind on. "Tiras...you have a new mission soon; something that will give us leverage over Adalia. I expect you to report back to me shortly after you are done with your wife." Joseph said before putting his hands behind his back, leaving the meeting room and going to the experimentation laboratory.

"I'm not sure what happens next..."Tiras said with a sigh. "We can't control what Virgil thinks, but after seeing that insane look in Joseph's eye, he's been pushed into a corner. In a situation like this, the last thing someone in a position of power wants to think about is a potential mutiny.." Tiras sighed out. "It's a rough situation on all angles, but in the end of the day we must do what's necessary for mankind, not our peace of mind."

"They chose this Yumi, not me." Virgil said before letting out a pained sigh. "After my family got all back together...we must leave again. But if that's how it is, that's how it is. I will not work with Adalia. A little under a year ago I was in the capital killing their king, fighting in brutal trenches and killing women and children because of safety. Because of peace..." Virgil said as he balled his fists up. "I refuse to go to those people. Not after everything.." He spoke out softly.


Yurichi spoke no words as his god hugged him, for he could not. Tears streamed down Yurichi's face as he cried, feeling himself shake a bit. "Thank you." Was all he could manage to get out; hugging him tighter before letting his god slow out of his tight grasp, stabilizing his breathing as he stopped crying, then looking at the image of Chronov again. He then looked at Nori, nodding his head before looking back at Tsukiyomi. "We're ready my lord. If we may..." He looked around, trying to find a door out.


"Oh, but it is." Jyran said as he stood up with a grin, having his hand on her cheek, brushing her cheek with his thumb before sighing. "May I at least show you to the bathroom and your quarters for our stay here?" He asked out softly. "We're returning to Vaas Ambris after a fortnight if plans go according, so I want you to keep this in mind. This is practically peasantry compared to what awaits; I promise; Ms. Annelise Florence. Marble, jewels, architecture, culture..." He said before taking his hand off her cheek, sighing and looking at her after, finding her broken state to be quite sad; enough so to make him feel bad, even if just a minute amount.
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Felicia looks down at the table as Tiras spoke. For mankind. The last thing he did for mankind resulted in his own death. Once again she cursed this world for putting such burdens onto her entire family. Never truly a family. Never truly at peace. She sighs softly as she just nods her head. She said nothing, giving him the space to go to Joseph like he needed to even if her own heart started to already clench at what all was about to come.

"If you feel this way then we won't stay." Yumi says in all truth. "Like I said before, I'll be with you. Nomatter where you go or who you decide to fight. I can understand. Okay?" She says softly as she puts a hand on his cheek, smiling sweetly at him before giving him a soft kiss. "You think anyone else will side with us?" She wondered out loud.


Tsukiyomi let go of Yurichi, giving him the kind warm smile the god always wore towards them. "You may. I will see you soon again." he said before using his powers to allow their souls back into their bodies on earth. He let out a deep sigh afterwards, looking up at his moon. To believe one human could move him this much.... He smiles a bit more. His line has grown so much.

On earth Nori was the first one to open his eyes. He shakes his head a bit to shake off the dizzyness before standing up. None of the priests spoke but the question hang in the air. "We've got our orders. Me and Yurichi will head out after we've packed. I need you all to keep managing here. The lord.... Perhaps for the first time send us on our way. To stand for him." The shinto's were quiet in suprise. Their peacefull god, one known for his words and not swords, ordered them to battle.


Annelise could not help but blush furiously as the vampire caressed her cheek. It was a habit she could never get rid off and she avoided eyecontact at all cost, looking at the ground. She glances back up at him at his words. Not because of what he said, she could care less about any of those things, but the way he was saying it. If she had not known better she would call it remorse she heard in his voice. To answer his question she just nods before standing up, folding her arms a bit over her stomach.
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"Of course." Virgil said before giving Yumi a kiss back, then holding her hand and beginning to walk back to their room. "But...I guess I should think this over. I'll talk with my dad, I'll see what Renald thinks, what my mom thinks.." Virgil spoke out quietly, then smiling a bit as he heard his son babble in their room. He opened the door, chuckling a bit as he saw Rudolf standing, trying to put his foot over the crib. "Seems he couldn't wait to see mommy." He said with a smile, poking Yumi's cheek.


Yurichi woke up, gasping a bit as he opened his eyes, looking around before he sat up, looking at Kiyoshi who had a question he could tell was in her eyes. "My love...I...well." He scratched the back of his head. "All I need to know, is.." Yurichi felt his heart pound before he stood up and cleared his throat. "Kiyoshi, I'm going to war. I have asked the Lord, and him being willing, is allowing me to fight for him. Before I undertake this journey, I just wanted you to know that without you Kiyoshi, I would not be the man I am. You taught me compassion...you taught me kindness. You brought me up when I was at my lowest; when I wanted to go back to the man I once was... and I've came to find that I need you, and that I love you." He said before falling to his knee. "Kiyoshi, will you marry me? Will you wait for me?" Yurichi asked, having his heart pound out of his chest.


Jyran nodded, opening the door to the manor and opening it, having a cool breeze roll in as he let her walk in first. He continued walking, showing her to the end of the hall to the bedroom she'd reside in which was impeccably clean, almost to a terrifying extent. Next to her room of course was the master bedroom, where Jyran's would listen to make sure she wouldn't run away. "Is there anything you need right now?" He asked, holding his hands behind his back. "I'll do my best to provide of course." He said before smiling at her, speaking in his usual soft tone.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Yumi actually smiled a bit more as his anger seemed to quiet down and he actually began to consider talking to the others first before doing something like this in a hurry. It showed how much he had grown up. As she heard the little boy she chuckles and goes over to pick the boy up. He was already getting so big. "Just as impatient as his father." She comments out with a chuckle. Over the time she truly had expected Rudolf as hers, feeling like a true mother would over her child. She would give her life for the baby boy. "Talking sounds like a good plan." She says, showing that she agreed on that. "Especially to your mother."


Kiyoshi listened to Nori's words and then sighed heavily in relief as Yurichi woke up as well. But what news they both brought made her stomach clench. To war. Both of them. That was the last thing she had wanted. But the thing she knew that would happen. Tears were already gathering in her eyes before he even began to speak. But what he asked her made them flow without a chance of stopping them. She got down onto her knees infront of him before hugging him tightly, crying and sobbing into his shoulder. "I-I will..... But I am begging you...." She leans back and cups his face in her hands. "Please come back to me. Please.... And I want to marry you before you leave. I want to be yours before you go."


Annelise quietly follows him into the room which was probably larger than even Louisa's room had been. And she already thought that room had been huge. She wondered who's room this has been before everything. She knew this was Rex's mansion and she knew of the families who had lived her. So she wondered who's bed she was going to fill tonight and if that person was still alive.... At his question she shakes her head, though she almost wanted to ask him to stop smiling. Just to stop smiling at her. "No, I-" She looked down to her fidgetting hands when she noticed the blood on them, making her words get stuck in her troath. It was not her blood. She actually wished it just had been hers.... "I am going to.... Wash this off... I'll just...." She was still in such a state of shock as she stared at her bloodied hands, tears rolling down her cheeks she did not even notice.
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"I promise I will Kiyoshi.." Yurichi spoke out softly, putting his hand on the back of her head and rubbing it. "I promise to come home Kiyoshi...I promise to love you...I promise to always be kind and patient and I promise that when I bring victory to our Lord with Nori, I will never raise the blade again." Yurichi spoke out strongly and truthfully, feeling his heart beat hard as his own eyes teared up. "I promise all of this."

"So..does that mean..I'm getting grandbabies?" Serika asked with a grin, then looking over at Nori excitedly, nearly jumping up and down. "We need to start setting up immediately. The dresses, the decorations; ooooh the food!" She said before grinning. "And..god willing, I might be able to snag Ronin out." She said with a catty smile.


"Don't focus on that; believe me, it'll only hurt you." Jyran spoke out quietly, remembering what his father told him the first time he ever had to feed. "Instead... place your mind elsewhere. Smile, tell yourself it's okay and eventually your mind will believe it." He spoke out quietly before putting his hand on her shoulder. "I hope you feel better...if that makes sense." He said before looking down and then back up. "I'll check up on you later.. if you need anything, don't hesitate to yell; I will hear you." He whispered, taking his hand off her shoulder.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Kiyoshi was smiling through her tears, even if her bottom lip was shaking a bit from the sobs she had just let out. She gently caresses his cheek. "That sounds like a good vow to me...." She breaths out, staring into the eyes of the man she loved though at Serika's comment she blushes fiercely and looks to the side. Grandbabies? Already?

Nori also did not seem to agree on that at all as his eyebrow twitches a bit before sighing. His ears hurted from Serika's shrill pitched voice. "I'll.... See if I can get some help to set up a room." He grumbled out a bit, not liking the extra things they were going to have to do before they could actually leave. This was going to be alot in just such a short amount of time. But.... If it made Kiyoshi happy then he guessed he could bite through.


His hand on her shoulder felt cold. But his words were even colder. Annelise could not believe the things he was saying. He couldn't be that insensitive to the situation. But perhaps he just was. He still is the person who ordered this to happen. His, in his eyes, consoling words being completely the opposite. "Smile?...." She actually began to chuckle. But not because she thought it was funny. But because of the fact that it was so ridiculous that she would either scream and lash out or laugh because of contained hysteria. As she was chuckling and shaking her head, the tears did not stop flowing. "It does not make sense. It just does not. You keep on smiling at me and now you are telling me to smile. It's ridiculous. I can't smile at you. I don't think this is an honour as you called it. I don't think this is okay. It is not. Because you killed my parents. You took my home. My safety. My family...." At this point the hysteric chuckling had quieted down. She looked at her hands once again before looking up into his eyes. "I.... W-Watched... As my parents were being ripped apart, just.... Shredded as if they were nothing. I heard them laugh while my parents screamed. They chased me as I-" A shaky breath escapes her lips. "-As i slipped on the blood that covered the floor of my house.... Where in this story can I smile. What place else can my mind go to? What about this all is OKAY?!" She screamed the last bit out as all her contained pain and words she wanted to say just flooded out. She knew she had overstepped bounderies. But her only hope was for him to give her some mercy and finish her off quik.
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"Babies? You're crazy." Yurichi said simply, chuckling a bit as he wrapped his arms around Kiyoshi. "I don't think I'm ready for that. Ask me after our Lord has the power he deserves; we have time. Im only twenty one mom." He spoke out quietly, making the room quiet as he looked at his mom, who was looking back at him and wondering who he was. Two years prior, she couldn't even fathom the idea her son would be following his father's footsteps, even taking them a step further than Ronin had.

"I'm proud of you Yurichi..." Serika said quietly, smiling after before looking over at Nori. "Keep him out of trouble, please?" She asked him. "He has troubles with jumping too fast into things and not thinking. All the amount of anything in the world will change that about him." She spoke out with a small giggle.


"It...is unfortunate you had to experience that." Jyran said while being a bit distant, not looking at her as he looked at the floor. "In fact, it is a shame that happened even...but my hands were tied." Jyran spoke out quietly. "But if I did not...some day surely the humans would come for us again." He said as he looked to the side, remembering the destruction of Vaas Draculis. How he was lead out of the city with his family by blonde haired soldiers with blue eyes, ignoring the screams of death, rape and the other horrors of war that filled the young boys ears. "I am sorry they died, if that brings you any comfort. I often try not to think about... what the survivors go through after. It would drive me mad." He said before looking down. "And..I know this maybe won't bring you any comfort either, but I won't hurt you.." Jyran spoke out quietly to Annelise. "I promise."
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Kiyoshi sighed a bit in relief as he was on the same page as her when it comes to babies. But when he said he did want babies afterwards she did blush. Well, she did want them too ofcourse. With him. God, that only made her blush harder and smile a bit sheepishly at the thought. Little ones of them running around the monastery. it would drive Nori crazy. In a good way.

Nori faced towards Serika, listning to her words before nodding. "I will. And I know he has that problem." He deffinantly knew, remembering when Yurichi first came to their home. And many many many times after that he had seen his jump to action behaviour. But also he now saw how much Yurichi had grown in that short amount of time as well... He takes a deep breath before clapping his hands "Now, let's go get ready. We have limited amount of time to get this wedding up and running."


Annelise shakes her head a bit as she takes a step back. He was apologizing again. Confusing her. His actions and his words were completely the opposite of eachother. He had ordered her parents murder. Let those beasts kill and feast on innocent. And now he was standing infront of her. Sounding genuinely sorry for what he had done towards her. It just confused her. She did not know what to believe. "You hurt me already...." She said quietly though her mind repeated some of his words. My hands were tied. Humans would come for us again. It would drive me mad. His actions and words did not line up. She glanced at him. Wondering if it was just an act. But she knew of no one who could act that well. People who lie can look people in the eye. When feelings were genuine and painfull to admit they avoid eye contact. And he was constantly looking down. "What happend to you to make you do this...." She whispered out as she tried to figure out this puzzle. She didn't even realize she said it at all and no human would have heard but a vamp would.
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"Tiras, I'm glad you have joined us." Joseph said with his hands dried with blood in the planning room. Next to Joseph was Hei and Hotaka who were adorned in their labcoats and glasses. "We were just planning Operation Hourglass." Joseph spoke out before rubbing his nose a bit, seeming much more invigorated than he had been earlier. "This is highly confidential; a mission nobody can know about. Tiras, at 0200 hours, you will be leaving the base on a stealth fighter towards Russia; once you hit the magic barrier you'll be traveling ten miles on foot to the base of Lake Ladoga, where the fallen god Chronov has been channeling his energy since a natural magic conduit is there. Hotaka, is Callum, Conall and Louisa ready for a field test?"

"As much as they'll ever be, provided we don't run into anything unexpected." Hotaka said with a grin. "But that's always the case, so I believe them being with Tiras is a good thing."

"That I can agree with." Joseph said before looking at Tiras. "Tiras; you know your son is beginning to become a problem. I have come with a very detailed plan on how to realign his allegiances to the right side; would you ever consider hearing it?"

"I don't want to know Joseph, all I can tell you is try what you can try, and don't blame me if it blows up in your face; I'm not getting involved." Tiras said with his hands up, turning his head before rubbing the back of it. "So..to the topic at hand, is there any way we're approaching you know...fighting this god?"

"That..well, you're the specialist Tiras. I don't know what to expect; this is something we've never encountered before. All I have to say is don't get any of the three killed, because we need them alive." Joseph said with a tad bit stressed expression.

"I hope you know that I'm not bringing my daughter out to a battlefield, right?" Tiras asked with a bit of a glare.

"Of course." Joseph said before sighing deeply. "Why does Tiras have to be an idiot?" Joseph thought to himself, clearing his throat after and then straightening himself. "Callum, Conall; does your enhanced hearing work?" He asked, speaking out loudly to them to their rooms which weren't too far away, wondering just how good the alien mutations made their senses.

Tiras glared at Joseph as he pondered upon what exactly Joseph was going to try to do with his and Felicia's son. All he knew is whatever it was, it wasn't good. But he knew that at the same time, if Joseph did nothing then Virgil or Felicia for that matter would have no reason to leave. Looking at Joseph, he knew he was an alright man with good intentions; but that was where he stayed. Tiras knew that if they were going to go toe to toe in a fight against gods, there had to be someone that could stand on them in equal footing in respect as a champion of humanity; someone that the gods would fear. Tiras paddled back in forth in his head, wondering if it would be him or his son; who would be the one to stare down the polytheist menace. For then, he shook his head, jumbling the thoughts as he focused on the mission ahead; everything else was tertiary.


"Thank you." Serika said to Nori before clapping her hands as well, heading first to the food storage to get the sake for the purification ceremony. After doing that, she began to light the paper lanterns around the monastery as the others began to decorate. After seeing the others set up she walked to Kiyoshi, smiling and looking at her with her ruby red eyes. "Would you like me to help you get ready?" Serika asked quietly; giving her a very motherly look.

"Come on, let's get you dressed." Ronin said to Yurichi as he took his sons hand after appearing next to him, getting him to the ceremonial dressing room and turning on the faucet in the room which was connected to a spring nearby; courtesy of Souji who had allocated some money from Cantenseel for monastery renovations.

"Oh god, dad don't you dare." Yurichi said as he saw his father pulling make up out from a cabinet.

"Son, take off your armor." Ronin said to Yurichi as he went to the storage area for the old kimono's, grinning as he found his wedding kimono in the back with was white and lined with gold. "We're about to make a family tradition."

"Dad, wait. Where have you been?" Yurichi asked, looking back at Ronin who almost seemed to be flesh and blood in front of him.

"In you fool. What do you think that warm feeling is in your stomach?" Ronin asked as he began to take a comb and put it under the hot water, letting it warm before taking it to Yurichi's scalp, coming through his thick white hair. "I've always been here son; you just couldn't see me, not while you weren't on the lords path. Only the purest of hearts can see the purest of souls. That and soulmates; soulmates can always see the soul of their loved ones." Ronin said with a smile, ignoring the groans of Yurichi as he went through a knot in his hair.


"It's been a collection of many things Annelise...but let us speak somewhere else to talk about this." Jyran spoke out softly, taking her hand and bringing her to the balcony; resting his hands on it after as he felt the cool seawinds touch his face. "This is much better...a much more fitting scene for a story." Jyran said before banging his hand against the stone railing a bit. "When I was a boy, I grew up in a beautiful vampire kingdom in the mountains named Vaas Draculis. My grandfather, Cyran Ambrose, was the hierarch of all vampires; he made a deal with the god of death Chernobog and we were created...a new species. We had a vibrant culture, with beautiful lush wines, exotic foods, colorful paints, lively architecture and scholars that would make Adalica herself blush." He spoke out before looking down. "But then our beastly nature came to light after a thousand years; the awakening happened when we became lost in our devotion to Chernobog. Suddenly all the food began to make us sick, and only wine could satiate our thirst temporarily. This was before I was even born. I was born twenty years after the awakening, making me a purely born monster." He said while looking back to her. "We were forced to feed on blood as our body only could absorb iron in that type of way and we descended from the mountains with the intention to never kill but merely to feed. Of course though, everything good ends. My grandfathers bastard named Joseph murdered him after a tournament between all the children save my mother, to crown a new hierarch as he began to grow bored of ruling after ten thousand years of ruling. Of course...at this time I didn't know who killed him, all I knew is he died. And this was our beginning of our downfall. Months after, a white raven came to my fathers window one night and offered us a deal for our aid in helping destroy the 'monster' stronghold. We were to leave the gates open..and my family would be allowed to operate as a registered soldier of fortune clan in the Adalian empire." He whispered as if the memory was painful, squeezing his fist tightly. "The night of broken fangs they called it. In the night, a force of five hundred and fifty thousand Adalian justiciars raided Vaas Draculis by suprise. My father, my mother and my brother and I walked down the main path, listening to the sounds of rape, the sounds of murder, the sounds of torture and every other horror you could imagine as the people I knew were torn to shreds by the humans. And at the end of the path?...A man more terrifying than anything I ever had seen. It was the outfit of a Chinese cleric, and although his eyes were narrow, his hair was white and his eyes were red and yellow; it was a chaos mage." He said before looking up. "As we walked down the path to our new 'home', it began raining...and when I looked at the droplet, I realized it was blood. So much blood was spilled it began to run down the mountain, dripping onto us as we walked." He spoke out before sighing out quietly, drained. "That's all I wish to share today..for there are numerous stories of these atrocities to many other different monster kind; each as heartbreaking as the other."
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Mirra1007 said…
Connall and Callum, being the bit of rascals that they are, had been listning in to the conversation from the start, knowing every detail already. A fight against a god. It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. But they were very eager to test out their new abilities. The training area has been rebuild enough times. Within the blink of an eye they suddenly stood in the room, kneeling infront of Joseph. "Works well."

"And the rest still works too." Callum adds with a grin. Not only did they got the enhanced hearing from Mirrian's genes but also the unactiviated genes of Fleeter legs in his body. All their senses were enhanced. And they felt it. They already had alot of energy before but now their energy levels went throught the roof. They were jumping to start their mission.


Kiyoshi felt her heart thud faster. Oh dear. Now realization his her. She was going to get married. Right here and almost right now. She suddenly felt so nerveus. Even if it was ofcourse ridiculous to feel that way. Why should she be nerveus? She was going to marry the man she loved. That thought alone managed to calm her down and make a smile appear on her face. She was pulled out of her thoughts by her soon to be mother in law, making her blush a bit shyly. "I would love to. I am honestly to nerveus I think to be making me own choices when it comes to hair and make up." She says with a light giggle. It was true though.


Annelise had not expected him to hear it. She expected it even less that he would actually tell her. When he took her hand she could not help but blush again, feeling extremely awkward as he took her to the balcony. But that feeling slowly subsides as she listened to his story. He was discribing today but then a version of the past. His past. He had been in the same weak position she was now. But that only made it harder to understand. "You know how it feels like. This pain.... Then why do it to us?" She asked quietly. She just could not understand that part.
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"Then the mutations have adapted even better than initially projected." Joseph said with his hands behind his back, pleased with the results. "Along with 'Navidan' DNA, we've implemented the regenerative factor that ghouls possess in them as well as given them vampiric eyes so they can see in the dark. Hotaka, explain to Tiras."

"Right; so this is an avant garde procedure that removes the scalpel all together from procedures. We instead inject a series of potions into him, similar to what is used when creating an Adalian Witch Hunter. Demons blood, draken root and a small amount of potassium cyanide; after which we place the mutations in them. While a bit painful, it creates an organic fighter that can preform much better than a whole squadron of men. Maybe even a few!" Hotaka said giddily, fidgeting a bit. "The only downside of course is it turns them sterile, but we have collected much organic material to work with for children!"

"Right. Okay." Tiras said a bit irritated, not enjoying the idea of his daughter being a mutant now before looking at the boys and sighing, seeing their enthusiasm and being reminded of a younger Virgil. Of time he missed. "Alright guys, just remember; stay behind me at all times. Don't try to be a hero; I've been fighting longer than you two have been alive. Understand? If shit goes south, you run."


"WELL, a pink kimono for star- blue. You'd look great in blue." Serika said while pulling Kiyoshi around, getting her to the ladies ceremonial room and passing her a hair brush, digging around in the ceremonial garbs area and bringing out a brand new kimono that was left hanging in there; it had been so long since there was a ceremony that the plastic had been nibbled on by moths a bit. "I think face make up would really bring out your eyes you know." Serika said while picking up a brush and brushing through her hair a bit. "Plus you know... tradition. Do you know how to do a high bun by yourself?" She asked in a motherly tone of voice, remembering Yumi whining whenever the family got ready for ceremony.


"I do not understand what you mean." Jyran said while looking at Annelise. "I felt anger, I felt lost, but I didn't feel... like how you are feeling." He spoke out softly, looking out at the sun. "Adalia, the empire of humanity were the perpetrators of the injustices against monsters. All humans benefitted; all humans were complacent. Besides... Cantenseel was but another monument to our defeat. My ghoul citizens have told me many stories of radical oppression from your citizens after Hotaka's offensive. Somewhere had to be the beginning... this was the symbol I chose." He said before looking at Annelise. "Do you understand now?"
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Connall and Callum grinned at eachother. Knowing each step of the procedure and all the genes that were racing through their bodies now. What it also did what they did not completely feel yet was making them more fight lusty. Well. They did feel it. They were jumping to go to war. To fight. To succeed. To taste blood. "As you order, commandor." Callum said but glanced at his twin. They were thinking the same. If shit goes south, they'll sail along with it. This is what they were made to do.


Kiyoshi runs her fingers over the plastic, her heart pounding a bit more as she found the gown gorgeous. She sat down, letting Serika do her hair. Now that the woman was actually calm and not being so loud she could see the softness within the woman. She smiles and nods as she reaches up and makes the bun. "It's one of the few things I can. I never been mucb for make up and i didnt have a mother her to teach me such stuff. So if you think it will look good then go ahead." She says kindly.


Annelise was quite suprised to hear what the ghoul had told him. That was not the Cantenseel she knows. He had the wrong idea of her home. "Cantenseel is nothing like that. True after Hotaka was gone the humans turned for a short while at the ghouls. But President Rex quikly supressed that. Laws were made, giving them and the rest all equal rights. Discrimination against other races was against law. That was his golden rule. His own family I read was part ghoul as well." She explains, showing him a bit of how her Cantenseel looks like. "You know. My favourite teacher at school was a ghoul. And not just any. Hei Nagachika, son of Hotaka himself. He gave science class together with his wife, a full Draki. No one ever looked at them dirty. The opposite, everyone loved them. Looked forward to going to their class. They were hillarious together." She chuckles a bit, remembering each time something caught on fire. Which was quite alot. "They did not need to hide what they were or who they were. No one had. Ghouls, naga, demons, holy beings, mages, vampires, humans, all just.... Lived together here. And you keep calling them and yourself monsters. But we just called them races. Calling someone a monster like that was frowned upon... So no. I dont understand. Because your Cantenseel and mine do not match."
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"I expect you two then to know what you wish to equip yourselves in; we don't have forever till we leave." Tiras gruffly said before motioning his hand to them, going to the associations store room. He looked up at the camera, coughing. "Security clearance alpha; operative Elbinorune." Tiras said before placing his hand on the handprint scanner.

"Operative Elbinorune, welcome back; the association has missed you." A robotic female voice came out of a speaker as the doors opened. Tiras stripped down to his underwear and tanktop, having no shame. He looked in the mirror, seeing scars all around his body from over the years, making him chuckle a bit, glad his face had remained pretty. He went to the closet, imputing his specifications for his gear and his climate, having a snow camouflage TMEA uniform and boots come out for him. He put the uniform on, wearing his blue cloth around his wrist. "I'm expecting you two to get something similar; snipers are always a problem and I prefer not to make their job easier." He commented while checking two pistols, then putting them onto separate holsters; also putting a knife in his boot and a knife on his chest in a brigand style.


"Then of course I'll do it." Serika said with a smile, taking a brush and beginning to apply the powder to her face, rubbing it in so it would stick before putting shadow around her eyes to really make them pop out, seeming happy as she did so. "You know...you two are good together. You bring out the best in him." She whispered out, applying some lipstick. "He's had a hard life, far harder than it should have been.." Serika sighed out. "And I'm glad he found you. He's soon going to war and you've still taken priority in his mind; that's true love. And exactly how Ronin was." She said with a little giggle.


"You have a human point of view Annelise...you couldn't understand what I heard from the monsters. Ghoul beatings, draki slave trade and a serial killer for a time that was specifically targeting ghouls in the city.." Jyran spoke out as he tried to make himself believe what he did was the correct thing. "And shh..we do not say monster as a term of endearment. We say it to remember the pain inflicted on to us; to remember what we've gone through; to remember our fallen loved ones and to forever remember that we...monsters.. that we are different. That human society rejected us first; that we are defending ourselves!" He spoke out strongly. " That with offence, we defend the future of our children from what befell us!"
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Connall and Callum grinned again as they glanced at eachother before looking back at Tiras. "Ain't not sniper going to hit us."

"We'll hear them before they even manage to get close." Callum adds after his brother before they both stood up. They truly moved as one as the bowed before leaving the room to get ready. They had already been preparing armor for every situation and climate. So they were quik to put on the ones they had sought out for extreme colds, even if they felt the cold less now. Callum strapped his saber to his left side while Connall strapped it to his right. Both wearing the Silvius name and logo on their weapon. They were ready. And eager to go.


Kiyoshi blushes softly at Serika's words. She hadn't even realized that. He was going to war and the first thing he did was propose to her. If she hadn't have known that he loved her before then now she knew for certain. Even if she never had any doubts. "You are giving me too much credit. Good can't come out if it hadn't been already there. Yurichi just has a pure heart. I didn't give him that." She says with a soft smile while she watches in the mirror as Serika prettied her up.


Annelise actually flinched at Jyran began to yell a bit. She saw they were not going to see eye to eye on this. He had his experiences. And so had she. They were just complete opposite. And honestly, she was afraid he might actually lash out if she got him even more fired up. He promised not to hurt her but she could and did not trust him. She was still afraid. Terribly so. "Okay...." She says quietly, she to stop the conversation.
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"No, he certainly always has been he liked to hide it back when he was in with the wrong crowd." Serika said with a soft smile, finishing up with the make-up, putting it away before looking at her work in the mirror, nodding. "You're good to go. Get ready." Serika said while standing up. "Nori!" She yelled out at the top of her lungs before going to get herself ready.

Ronin finished putting the make-up on Yurichi's face, making him hiss. "I feel like a clown." Yurichi mumbled as he looked in the mirror.

"You feel cultured you mean. You've been with the European's for too long." Ronin said with a chuckled as he put his own hair up in a topknot. "If you had been raised here, believe me, you'd appreciate the value the old ways." Ronin commented as he put his kimono on. "Plus your with a Japanese girl; you have to try your best to act like you know a thing or two."

"I have hundreds of years of knowledge in my head now dad, I think I know a-"

"Blah blah Yurichi, you're not your sword." Ronin said with a chuckle.

"You're as bad as mom." Yurichi commented, feeling flustered.

"Surprise surprise?" Ronin laughed out before pulling Yurichi up to stand, turning him around and nodding at his work. "Good looking son." He commented, looking Yurichi up and down; putting his hand on his shoulder. "I know that..this is a special day for you son. So I just wanted to say that I couldn't be prouder of the path that you're taking, and that...."

"That you love me?" Yurichi asked with a grin. "I know." He said before pulling Ronin into a hug. "I love you too."

Ronin widened his eyes, a bit surprised before closing them and nodding. "Yeah..something like that." He said before hugging Yurichi back tightly. "Now stop delaying it and get out there; she's probably waiting.."

"Fuck I'm actually getting married.." Yurichi said while letting go of his dad, feeling his heart race before smiling. "It's to the girl I love to...man I..." He looked at his hands while walking out the door, still in disbelief.

"Boo!" Serika yelled, making Yurichi nearly punch her before she started giggling.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Yurichi yelled out, looking frazzled by his mom coming out and spooking him.

"I had to get you all ready and awake, didn't I?" Serika asked with a smile before looking towards the shrine, seeing everything ready for when Kiyoshi and him would walk up.

"That for sure did it." Yurichi said before smiling as Serika wrapped her arm around his to walk him up when Kiyoshi and Nori got out. Ronin sat in the audience, folding his hands with a smile and nodding over at Hideaki.


Adelger stripped his clothes off, feeling the cool air of the village hit his toned body as he stepped into a rocky area with a spring inside for cleaning. He stepped into the water, splashing it onto his face and body as he closed his eyes, feeling the quiteness and peace of the wilderness hit him. He took a razor, shaving off the stubble he was growing and putting the stubble onto the rocks near the spring, placing the razor above the discarded hairs so he would remember where not to splash water, not wanting to put them into the spring. "Remind me never to take a mountain trip again." He grumbled to himself, having hated that trip Terryal had made up to the mountains. He cupped his hands, taking the water and splashing over his face and closing his eyes. After washing his face, Adelger began to scrub through his hair, washing it down his back and sighing, finding the spring to be a good distraction.
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Kiyoshi's heart pounded in her chest. Good to go. She looks in the mirror, suprised of how she looked. She was standing there in a wedding kimono. Ready to get married. She takes a deep breath and her hands fumble a bit nerveusly with her kimono as Nori walked in. She knew he could not see her but still he was smiling a bit. It made her smile as well. "I'm getting married...." She breaths out, her smile growing.

Nori walks closer taking one of her hands in his. "You are." He looks down at the joined hands before looking back up. "I am sure you are looking gorgeous. I can feel it radiate off of you." It made her smile even more. "And I.... My wedding gift to you is that I will bring your husband back safely. Nomatter what happens. I will protect him like a brother. For you, sister." He reaches up to wipe the tear that was rolling down her cheek away. "Now, don't cry. You are getting married." He handed over a small bouquet of flowers he had managed to get before he began to guide her towards where the ceremony would take place.

Kiyoshi felt like her heart would now pound out of her chest as she saw Yurichi standing there, waiting for her. He looked handsome like that, even if she could imagine him grumbling about it. That thought made her chuckle as Nori placed her hand in Yurichi's. Her eyes were sprakling and she could not stop smiling as she did not take his eyes off of him.

Hideaki claps in his hands to get everyone's attention as everyone was seated. He was smiling softly as he began the short ceremony. "When our lord granted us the gift of life he gifted us a life of free choices. The choice to believe. The choice to work. The choice to love. And these two infront of my choose to find this love and live the love with eachother. Although some might say this was not a choice but a destiny to begin with. Their personal paths they both were meant to walk which were entertwined at the end as their paths were created. I have known you for a long time-" He smiles at Kiyoshi before looking at Yurichi. "- and I am beginning to know you more and more. And believe me when I say you two are a perfect example of Yin and Yang. Balance in life and love. No one here would disagree with me. And I am honored and thrilled to be standing here infront of you to make your bonds eternal. In the good and in the bad. In life and the after. You two will be entertwined. So i am asking you both, is there anything you would like to say to eachother, vow to eachother, before I make this bond eternal infront of our lord?"


"Remind me to come here more often." A sultry voice rang through the silence. Venus was sitting there, on the edge of the lake with her legs in the water, a grin on her face which most man would see as alluring. She leans a bit more forward as she puts her hand in the water, before rubbing her hand on the back of her neck to cool it down a bit. "I hope my child has not made it too hard on you. Terryal can be a hand full. But that was not actually the child I wanted to talk about." She began splashing with her legs a bit. "I am here to talk about Elvyne. Well, more like make an announcement." She paused her legs and looks up at Adelger. "She is going to Russia. On a mission all the gods have decided is needed. She will be my representative."


Annelise was laying in the bed in the room she was temporarily given. Jyran had left her alone to rest after their conversation. But she could not close her eyes. She did not even wash the blood off yet. She just layed there, staring towards the wall as the images of today played infront of her eyes. She did not close them. She couldn't. She kept on thinking. He was going to take her out of Cantenseel soon. Away from everything she ever knew. Even if it was already all gone. He was not going to hurt her he said. But he will. She knew he will. And he will be grinning. Laughing like the others did. That horrible sound without remorse. He would put his hands on her. He would sink his teeth in her neck. Rip open her skin. She did not want to live through that. Slowly she sat upright in the bed, her eyes had a hollow look in them. And she stood up, her body working on his own, going to the bathroom. She was not going to live through that. Softly she began to look through some cabinets. Stuff was still there. It looked like the owner of the room had left in a hurry or just did not see the need to pack much. And then she found the object she was unknownly searching for. A razor blade. She picked it up, looking at it with a blank mind. It would ease it all. She wouldn't have to live through more. She puts it against her wrist but paused. That would take too long..... She looks in the mirror, her face still splattered with her parents blood as she looks at her arterie beating strong. Her carotid artery. That would bleed out quick. She tilts her head a bit to the side as she puts the blade against her neck, her heart beating fast as adrenaline began to ran through her. She was scared now. It would hurt. But it will save her from whatever was coming next. She would be going back to her family. Her parents. And that calmed her enough to almost gently run the blade over her artery, cutting it open. Blood gushed out at an alarming fast rate. And she would have screamed if she hadn't felt so numb. So at peace with her decision.
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"Honestly no. Believe me, I've said all I've needed to say. The Lord knows what I think, Kiyoshi knows, and my heart is satisfied." Yurichi said before picking up the purifying sake, kicking it back down his throat. "I do. Thats all I gotta say." He said as he turned his head towards Kiyoshi and in typical Yurichi style, grinned at her with all his pearly white teeth.


"Announcement? A mission?" Adelger asked before pulling himself out of the water; his manhood on full display. "No, you don't understand. She's pregnant; that won't work. At least not for my child." He spoke out as his eyes narrowed and his scales appeared. "Let me do it instead; I'm a fighter, she isn't. It'd be done a lot quicker...a lot smoother. A lot better." He spoke out; each draconic breath from him warming up the cave and having the water begin to lightly steam, putting a haze over their vision as he came closer. "Allow Terryal too to come with me; I wish not to leave my pregnant wife alone with him. Allow all these things, and I'll give whatever it is you wish, as long as she and our child remains safe."


Jyran looked up from filling out some paperwork on his desk; hearing sounds of elevated heartbeat from Annelise's room. He stood up, running, opening his door and eventually reaching hers, yanking the unlocked door open and angrily seeing that she wasn't in there. He went to the bathroom, jiggling the door knob. Jyran then appeared in the bathroom as a blood red cloud of bats, placing his hand on her face as the blood spurt from her artery. He held her as her body went numb and she eventually fell over, smiling and biting into her neck. "Sleep soundly; you will have a peaceful awakening, I assure you, sweet Annelise." He whispered into her ear, looking up at her after with blood still dripping from his fangs; brushing the hair out of her face so he could look at her eyes.
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Kiyoshi smiled brightly at his words, softly blushing as he bites her lip a bit. "I know...." She says softly as tears shimmered a bit in her eyes. She reaches out and puts her hands on his cheeks. She wanted to say more. Say all the words she had in her head and her heart. But for some reason they did not come out. Words were just not needed between them at the moment. The way they looked at eachother said enough. "I do too." She whispered before leaning in and kissing him.

Hideaki simply chuckles as he shakes his head. They did not even wait for his words. "In the name of the lord then you are now husband and wife. You may.... Continu to kiss your bride."


Venus was quite suprised Adelger was THAT easily persuaded. She did not even have to say another thing and he offered his all just like that. She still had so many things she could have said to manipulate him but apparently not needed. She grinned widely as he walked up closer, a fan appearing in her hand as she waved it to cool herself a bit more off as he heated the cave. "My my Adelger. So feisty. Sad you are so extremely loyal to my child. I would have asked you to play with me sometime otherwise. But fine. If that is your wish. You will leave tomorrow then for Russia, my champion."


Annelise already felt her head getting lighter, a welcoming warmth going over her. But then suddenly Jyran appeared infront of her. She was still awake enough to feel fear of what he was going to do. Her legs couldn't hold her up anymore and she collapsed, him catching her. It will be over soon. She felt it. There wasn't a thing he cou- But then her eyes widened as she felt something sharp in the other side of her neck. And the little blood she had left ran cold. His words terrified her even more. She saw the blood on his fangs and before she could realize what truly had happend she passed out from the blood loss. After awhile she woke up again. She frowns slightly, not sure what happend or how much time had passed. All she knew was that she was laying on the bed. What had happend. She had such a strange dream. And her head was hurting alot. And she was hungrey. Like very hungrey. She swallows and reach up to her throath, feeling a small scar on one side of her neck and two round ones on the other. She paused a bit, remembering her dream.... Her back felt strange.... She looks to the side, her heart beating faster as she saw wings sticking out from beneath her. T-They couldn't be hers.... She holds up her hand above her face. Pale. Extremely pale. In panic she sits upright but yelps at the pain she felt in her lower region. When she saw what state she was in she froze completely. She was naked. There was not only blood on her body but between her legs as well. She reaches down and when she looks at her hand she realizes the fluids were not only blood. She takes a hitched breath before a shiver runs down her spine. Her body suddenly aware of the man sitting next to her on the bed. She did not look at him, still shocked and frozen from it all. "What..... Did you do to me...." She breaths out in a whisper.
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Yurichi leaned in and kissed her, wrapping one arm around as he gave her a smooch for all the gods to see, only pulling away once his parents had brought up the rings for them. Yurichi looked at Kiyoshi, smiling at his wife before taking his ring and putting it on his ring finger. It was silver, and on the engraving was a nature like design with a ruby in the center. "Thank you two... for being here." Yurichi said with a smile. "It was nice. This...was perfect. The perfect way to celebrate the calm before the storm." He whispered out, looking at Kiyoshi after and putting his hand on her cheek. "As much as I'd love to consummate our marriage, you know that me and Nori have to leave soon." Yurichi spoke out with a dreary expression. "When I return though, be ready." He said with a chuckle.


"It will be done." Adelger said before he turned, becoming human again and sighing as he sat on his ass, letting his hair droop over his face. "No matter what it takes...or who must die, I must." He vocalized out as he looked at himself in his reflection. He scrunched his face, angrily growling out and punching the stone in frustration before standing up and leaving the cave naked, swinging his cottage door open and going to his storage chest, pulling out his saber and armor from when he was king. "Elvyne, I'll be back! Make sure the neighbors pet dog doesn't go into the chicken coop!" He yelled out while tying his hair up."Terryal, get ready too. Pack warm; we're teleporting to Russia."


"Saved you." Jyran spoke out with a panted, seeming drained from the ritual. "You know...first time transformations are quite an intimate thing.." He said while the cut in his arm healed up slowly. "I didn't intend to do this yet...I wanted something more romantic, but I suppose you didn't leave me much choice." Jyran sighed out, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "I tried to be as gentle as possible, since I hear it's painful for women but I'm not experienced myself, so I apologise in advance." He gently spoke out, sheepishly not making eye contact. "I must go for battle now; a friend named Praxilla will come get you soon." Jyran said before leaving, not having looked her once in the eye.


A few days later, at a camp marked by a blue flag waving in the sky outside of the capital the Russian federation, Tiras stood in front of a map of the city and it's surrounding areas he had drawn up. "Everyone that's going to come? Good. The red riders are only so many clicks away." Tiras said with a tinge of urgency in his voice. "Callum, Connal. You'll be with me." He said before looking at the samurai. "You two may join, but I'm not sure if you'll not wish to fight the vampires."

"I have solid reason to believe that the time god will take care of them, and the city for that matter. " Spoke a calm voice as Aiymil walked in. "The time god was being going city to city, sucking the souls out of mortals in an attempt to restore his youth; best of all, I sense him walking here. What you all need to do is come around me and brace for...a magical disturbance, if you wish not to lose your soul."

"I have a question." Yurichi said with his arms crossed. "Didn't we kill you?" He commented while looking at Adelger.

"Is that important?" Adelger asked with his eyes narrowed. "Let's stay on topic yes?"
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Annelise sat frozen as he left the room, his words repeating themself over and over in her head. But only two really stood out. "Saved.... You..." She mouthed, no sound able to come out. Saved her. Tears slowly began to run down her cheeks. This.... Had not been a saving.... Not to her. The gods truly did not have mercy on her.


Connall and Callum had not taken their eyes off of Adelger as soon as the man had entered. They knew him. And they knew what he had done to their sister. Hurted her. Taken her away from them. He had threatend their family multiple times. Their grandfather was killed as a result of their war. Their blood was boiling. And if they had only the slightest bit more of beast in them they might have lunged. But the managed to keep it in. Barely though. As Tiras spoke they looked at him and nodded, having already knew the plan.

Nori bows a bit to Tiras. "We shall fight where ever we are needed." He replied before glancing at Yurichi, glad the man was a bit more calm then he was when he first came to the monastery. Or else he might have attacked the former King already

Terryal was sitting on a chair, his feet up on a table with his hands behind his neck. Grinning at the people infront of him. Such a destructive group. So much tension. He was actually quite enjoying this.
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"Then we'll follow what Aiymil says, should that be the case. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, especially when your enemy kills indiscriminately as the red riders do." Tiras spoke out before tensing up, feeling a massive energy approach. Aiymil's eyes glowed as he held his hands up, casting a white energy shield that blew their entire tent off.

Jyran walked on the board of his deck, holding his hand out as he slowed the half fleet he brought with him. "Slow....he should be around here somewhere." Jyran spoke out with his hands behind his back. "Not only that...but I see some friends. Commence mortar fire."

"Shouldn't we move?" Yurichi asked an explosive was launched out from a mortar.

"No. You see-" Aiymil shut his eyes as an explosion hit the barrier. "-this can block his petty bomb."

"Thanks...but where is the time god?" Adelger commented while looking around before silence rang out from the capital. "Nevermind."

"Conspirators...all surround me looking to stab daggers in my back." Chronov groaned out as he walked through the capital, smiling with the remaining flesh he had left at all the people left in stasis. "It'd be a shame...not to give then the fight they seek." Chronov spoke out quietly with a chuckle. "This language... is so guttural. I wish for something more... beautiful." He said with his head reaching for the face of a frozen girl in front of him. "Like the sound of birds chirping... like the smell of a way spring... something more beautiful than this frozen wasteland. These people...they deserve better. Sometimes, in order to have a beautiful field, some destruction must come first." Chronov said before he snapped his fingers, restoring time. Suddenly, cracks began to ring out from the capital and the people started fading away, turning to dust as everything with a life force withered around Chronov; restoring his power and turning him into the beautiful man he once was. As he opened his eyes, looking at the crumbling city he smiled, looking at his fleshy hands. "Come now! Let us create something beautiful!" Chronov yelled as he held up his fist in the direction of the red riders fleet, destroying it in it's entirety by sending it through a portal of time and putting it thousands of years into the future.

Jyran appeared in the barrier with the others, panting as Chernobog narrowly saved his ass from the time god. "Well....hello gentlemen. This is... awkward." He said sheepishly while stepping back with his hands out.

"Fuck you!" Yurichi yelled as he cut Jyran's head off, or at least tried, as the second the blade went near Jyran he turned into a cloud of bats before reforming after.

"Terribly rude." Jyran scoffed out. "May we get to the business at hand? Please?" He asked with a sigh. "Otherwise you know, we all may die anyways."
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Callum and Connall were actually getting quite restless. Their blood white hot as it surged through their veines. They didn't want to be stuck in the barrier. They wanted out, to fight. And even if some part of them wanted to punish Jyran for all the damage he had done, Chronov was the bigger enemy to go after. "Tiras, let us out. Let us fight. That's what we are here for!"

"Like this we can't do shit!" Connall adds after his brother as the clung onto their sabers, ready to charge.

Nori puts a hand on Yurhichi's shoulder, just to call his attention back to Chronov. "Yurichi, not now." He said quietly before glaring towards Jyran. "Just so you know, you might live now and you might fight alongside us. But Chronov will not be in your hands after this ends." he says before looking back at the man of time. "Plan of attack."

Terryal stood up, a dark grim reaper sythe appearing in his hands, leaning it casually on his shoulder with his other hand on his hip. "How about just attack? Standing here won't help either. Time wont stop for us." He says as he chuckles a bit at his terrible pun before grinning wickedly. "Or if we wait long enough Chronov might make me reap your souls instead."