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posted by leeceylou
Rachel is Finn's friend, fellow ग्ली Club member and romantic-love-interest. Finn's first real interaction with Rachel is in ग्ली Club rehearsals when he is blackmailed to शामिल होइए ग्ली club द्वारा Mr. Schue. Although at first scared द्वारा her aggressive nature in just about everything,
Finn and Rachel किस for the first time
GleekGemAdded द्वारा GleekGem
Finn found himself immensely attracted to her (particularly the fact she wore short skirts and had a nice body) saying that she was hot in a "Swim Fan" sort of way. Finn is also impressed द्वारा the way she defends herself in the celibacy club. After practicing...
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posted by leeceylou
They were both लोकप्रिय kids and part of the Celibacy Club. Quinn is the girlfriend of Puck's best friend, Finn, and yet they ended up having a one night stand that got Quinn pregnant. Although often arrogant and cruel, upon discovering that she is pregnant, Puck is quick to step up, offering to be there for both Quinn and the baby. Quinn however rejects the offer, stating that he is not worthy enough to be the father of her baby, and instead lies to everyone, claiming that it is Finn's baby. This causes Puck to lash out and reveal her pregnancy to the rest of the ग्ली Club. Puck ends up still...
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