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Well, All of this inspirtal ladies प्रशंसकों i would think say she is thier hero. क्वीन has showed me how to be a great leader. द्वारा her फिल्में she has inspired me to stay strong not weak. I would प्यार to meet आप क्वीन may be sime day. ill द्वारा lunch.Your प्रशंसकों would प्यार to see आप live but i probably think आप must have a tight schedule. क्वीन आप rock i wish i could meet आप some दिन क्वीन i hope so.FANS WHAT DO आप THINK ABOU OUR HERO MY HERO MAKE AN ARTICAL.THANK आप LOVELY प्रशंसकों I WOULD HOPE आप HAVE A GOOD क्रिस्मस AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. YUP IT IS COMING CANT WAIT. आप TOO.QUEEN