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Mindless Behavior’s Princeton, Roc Royal, रे रे and Prodigy are basically the cutest teens in Tinseltown. But despite their fame and fortune, they still get giddy over द्वारा Hollywood’s hottest ladies. caught up exclusively with the teen boppers and learned exactly who these ladies are! “Nicki Minaj , it’s her confidence and she’s very independent. I like that about a woman,” Princeton told us. “I have to say Nicki, रिहाना and Amber Rose,” रे रे said.

And these boys are definitely look for प्यार — even if it’s not with Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies. “She has to have her own sense of style and has to be legit and प्यार me for me,” Prodigy told us. So cute! What do आप think, HollywoodLifers? Who is your प्रिय celebrity crush? Tell us!
posted by its_kristi_rae
Today was the best दिन of your life. आप were going to a Meet-N-Greet to see Mindless Behavior. आप are just so in प्यार with them especially Prodigy. but that's not even half the good part. आप also got front row seats the संगीत कार्यक्रम afterwards. OMG could this दिन get any better (and don't even think about saying yes in your head). you're in the car and it's about 8 hours before the Meet-N-Greet starts. you're texting when the radio gets your attention.

radio: alright alright alright so listen up everybody I got my boys Mindless Behavior in the building today

MB: wassup wassup

radio: yeah they're...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
posted by mindlesskeke16
Prodigy is so sweet प्यार him so much he my baby he is growing up so fast but im only 13 but i know they still growing up so fast he so nice and sweet that is why i प्यार him for him cause if आप don`t likehim for him then something is wrong with you
but prodigy when आप read this plzzz टिप्पणी दे on it cause i प्यार आप and i know other girls do to i heard mb are going to be on 106 and park on tuesday and if your going to watch it टिप्पणी दे on it and i`ll add आप as a प्रशंसक ok and ill send shout out to आप guys all the time ok like i do in my stories but prodigy i प्यार आप so much your so nice so remember...
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 he is romantic
he is romantic
i have a feeling that i will invite oine -Direction to my 16th birthday partty wich will be awesome!
i think they are the hottest boy band that i have ever seen Harry Styles is the most hottest singer in the world because he has my hair on his head.
i have dreams that are romantic because he touches my lips with his lips and then he french kisses me wich makes me feel good but also he takes his कमीज, शर्ट and pants off and i can make him mone all over because he makes me steam like hot boiling water. he might be naked tonight on my door step
posted by its_kristi_rae
आप were walking घर on your way to school happy because your best friend just told आप that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on चोटी, शीर्ष of that आप got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your रिपोर्ट card. आप were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what आप did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. आप also picked up your पर्स but a piece of paper fell but आप didn't bother...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Prodigy walks into Tay's room without asking)

Tay: Prod!!!!! what are doing here

Prod: your mom let me in

Tay: आप could have called

Prod: आप don't come control me I come when I want too whether I have your permission या not

Tay: whatever

Prod: so what आप doing today

Tay: umm I don't know

Prod: well it's not like आप have anything excited planned

Tay: and how would आप know that

Prod: because I just know आप I'm your best friend I know everything

Tay: not everything

Prod: so आप want to go hang out

Tay: sure I guess

Prod: perfect we're going to the movies

Tay: and what are we going to see

Prod: The conjuring...
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posted by geekygirl1999
 her outfit
her outfit
ok so me nd lexi doing rated r imagins nd this one is for keke so yeaaaaaaaaa nd if u aint in to rated r GET THE FUCK OUT!!! लोल but if u want one then hmu या lexi nd we will make them

km-look keke im leave to go to work ill be bak at 11:30p.m(6:30p.m)
keke-yea ok
keke-i wont
prod-*text keke*heyyy
prod-she gone
prod-ok ill be there in a hour

keke(takes a शावर, शॉवर nd puts outfit on)
1 घंटा later
prod-*opens door*BABY
keke-baby!!!!!*runs down stairs nd jumps in his arms*
prod-lol i see u missed me
keke-i did
prod-*kisses neck*...
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posted by iheartpro-diggy
cast- prodigy-craig tracy-prodigy daugther tia-princeton daughter princeton- jacob mariah- craig wife roc-trina boyfriend trina-the daugther of princeton rayray-randy freind of craig and princeton tracy-15years old tia-16yearsold trina-is18years ld roc-19years old *trace wuz at घर listening to her संगीत and mariah wuz cooking* craig-hey baby wat u cooking mariah-ur प्रिय craig-o k wat trace doing mairah-idk u go check on her *he enters trace room trace-hey dad craig-why is this room dirty i thought i told u to clean this room up trace-id craig-wat putting it in the closet trace-no i put...
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posted by jeremiah18
Makayla:y'all ready for the dance battle
Anaya:yeah I hope we when
Dakota:don't give up now
Announcer:give it up for the MADZ
Me and the girls dance to buzzin द्वारा Mann ft 50 cents
Prodigy:y'all did good but we gone win
Roc:but we still प्यार y'all in y'all did make us buzz
Girls:we प्यार y'all
Boys:good luck
Us:we wuv you
Boys:dancing to iLean
Crowd:going crazy
Girls:they good
Anaya: prodigy is so cute
Makayla: no ray
Dakota: roc
Zy'lexia:no prince
Us: whatever
Girls: turned around the boys her them
Anaya: did आप guys here
Boys:yeap (smiling)
posted by prodigylover126
Setting:My house
Cast:Jasmine,Jasmine's mother,and Prodigy

J.M.- now I won't be back until 1:30am so don't leave this house.
J.- OK,mom I want.
J.M.- OK then I will be calling to check on u.
J.- bye mother.
J.M.- bye.
*J.M. leaves*
Prod- हे baby she gone?
J.- yea.
Prod- OK I will be over there in 10 min.
J.- OK.
*10 मिनटों later*
*prodigy knocks*
*J. जवाब it*
Prod- हे baby.
J.- हे babe
Prod- u want to get started?
J.- I've been ready.
Prod- let's go.
*prod carries चमेली up the stairs to her room*
In her room
Prod- I'm a give it to u good tonight.
*prod gets on चोटी, शीर्ष of चमेली and kisses her*
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i hav on skinny jeans n a red स्पघेटी, स्पेगेटी strap tank top. Prodigy has on jeans n a blue tshirt. me n Prodigy r @ da फिल्में movies, for a date. hes takin me a horror movie, n im expectin 2 go c a romantic comedy. we get 2 da movies. but i wasnt payin attention wen he got da tickets.

Prodigy: 2 adults please

*we go in*

Prodigy: 1 large popcorn. wat u want 2 drink?

Me: pepsi

Prodigy: good choice. 1 large pepsi as well. thanks.

*we walk in da movie*

Me: hold on.

Prodigy: wats wrong.

Me: i thought we was cummin to see a romantic comedy या something.

Prodigy: nooo we came to c candyman, unless u scared....
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posted by Butterfly555
Prodigy we प्यार in everyway u make me laugh and everything hope आप have a good birhday and आप are very smexi whatever u do,do not guit some girl कहा u sound like a girl and u should quit me and some other girl were like don talk to my babee like dat we were really upsetbut i was like iight they just being a couple of haters. We प्यार YOU!!!! I also want to plegde for stand up to bullies. when i was little i was bullied people called me fat im thick and plus i was 5.2ft and they was to small to understand but now they stopped cause i stud up from them and told the teacher.You need to tell somebody dont keep it a secret it can lower your self of steam and ur not a snitch if आप say it PLEGDE TO BULLIES!!!!!
posted by TaylorNeshay
Prodigy is 14 years old he's the oldest in mindless behaivor he is the cutest in mindless behaivor and he's the best singer in mindless he has the most swag in the group so to me prodigy is the best GO PROD and द्वारा the way I bought there cd and went to 5 of there concerts BIG fan...!!Prod was found गाना on YouTube that's how he got in mindless likes to skateboard and flip mostly on his spare time if I was to meet prod backstage या spend a दिन with him I would want his real number because I would be his mrs.right but at least I got to touch his hand at one of the concerts I went to and I was so excited and I saw him grind him and princeton grinds the best for your fyi...!!
posted by prodigywife99
name:prodigy aka craig crippen
astorlogical sign:capricorn
influences:michael jackson,chris brown(i think)
fav color:red
fav dance move:hip rocka
fav food:chicken tenders nd fries
fav accesory:teddy भालू chain nd shades
wut makes him mindless:setting trends nd i 4got the last one
wut does prodigy lyke 2 do in his free time:ride go carts
prodigy iz the oldest member in the group rayray iz the सेकंड oldest member princeton iz the third oldest member nd roc royal iz the baby of the group nd they have been 2gether 4 4yrs nd they work very hard on wut can do nd im very proud of them doing tht 4 there selfs nd all u haterz hatin on mb they कहा fuck u hoes who hatin on mb
posted by prodigywife99
Name:craig Johnson aka prodigy
Birthday:December 26 1996
Astrological sign:Capricorn
Fav movie:karate kid circa 2010
Fav color:red
Fav food:chicken fingers&fries
Influences:Michael Jackson; usher; and Justin Timberlake
Fav song:dueces द्वारा Chris brown
What maked prodigy mindless:individual style and positive energy
Luvs 2 eat
Fav candy:reeses
Luvs 2 sing and dance
He iz the lead singer of the amazing group <3 mindless behavior<3
Prod iz 15 yrs.old
He Luvs 2 go go -cart riding during his free time
He iz sexiest boy alive and prodigy i luv u 2 with all my दिल and nothin in this world tht will eva change dat
One दिन Yahnna n her फ्रेंड्स Yare, Tana, and Lay Lay were walking down the street.Now everyone knows Yahnna loves to text, so she was texting and not paying attention to where she was going and bumbed into Prodigy from mindless behavior.
Yahnna:oops sorry(looking down at the ground)
Prodigy:it's ok
Yahnna:no it's not i shouldve been paying attention
Prodigy:it's ok people make mistakes..... right?
Yahnna:yea but umm i always make mistakes
Prodigy:n आप learn from them right?
Yahnna:yea i guess(looking confused)
Prodigy:well anyway i have to go i might see आप around
Yahnna:yeah.....maybe(prodigy walks away)
Tana:woww yahnna do आप know who that was?
Yahnna:yeah it was prodigy from mindless behavior
Tana:yea आप shouldve made a good impression आप like him right?
Yahnna:yeah but its whatever
Tana:dude your lost
posted by 143princeperez
Well i went to a संगीत कार्यक्रम in DC and well my cousin breea was talking to the manager Walter and he was all like come back here i want yall to meet somebody. yall when i walked back there guess who was standing there? Prodigyy:) he was wearing brown sweat pants a red कमीज, शर्ट and all red shoes. and he still had swagg lls i was blown away! so i walked up to take a pic wit him and he was laughin at me and he was all like "breathh" and i was shakin lol. and yea i wass soo happy lol
and आप know what hes really short. shorter than आप would think. my cousin was like आप short prod and he was like yea...
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posted by prodigywife99
prodigy iz 15 his birthday iz december 26 1996 his infulences iz michael jackson मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक i cant remember the rest of it um his astrological sign iz capricorn his fav dance हटाइए iz the hip rocka he luvs 2 eat his fav color is red his fav accesory is teddy भालू chain what makes him mindless iz setting trends his fav iz chciken fingers and fries he iz the oldest member of mindless behavior nd the lead singer of mindless behavior he iz not afraid 2 दिखाना off who he really his he iz single nd lukin 4 his #1 girl he iz a funny, nice,generous, intelligent young man who luvs 2 dance nd tell us who he really is inside tht nice hot body of his he really doesnt talk tht much he iz goofy he has mad swagg he can rap he can anything tht can ppl us in any kind of way there has ppl tht has been sayin bad things about mb nd tht iz not ok wit ppl been sayin mb gay nd they cant sing well guess wut mb iz not gay they never had been nd they can sing if they couldnt sing they wouldnt have an album out
posted by prodfuture1girl
Prod is 15 on this दिन he is fine cute and sexy. He is the lead singer out of mindless behavior and has mad swag.he can dance and has mad juciy lips. If u have seen या heard him once u do, आप get addicted and always want to listen and watch. Prodigy is looking for an girl that's smart,cute,Gud smile,and is mindless. He is single and is looking. Of course I would प्यार to be his girl just like many others but it takes time. Just द्वारा looking on web sites and seaching prod is an loving,caring,fine guy. Some प्रशंसकों say he is shy with his shades but he is not. It's his style and prod don't be shy ur sexy with या with out ur shades. Stay mindless. 143;) प्यार u prod.