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This is my video!!!!!!!!!! I made it!!!
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Source: from deviantart i forgot यूज़रनाम srry
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Source: PowerPuff Gïrls Z FunïMatïon Actors Meme
 ppgz and rrbz
ppgz and rrbz
bc:hey bubbels blossom
blossom:you know bc even thogh your mad at me for messing up your sckatebored dosent mean आप can hate me या want to kill me
bubbles:hey bc and yes आप just cant hate someone for doing something to a sckatebored
bc:whats that sopposed to mean blonedy
bubbles:nothin nothin at all
brick:oh look it pinky and she stinkys
bommer:oh and theres bitchy and shes likes to snechy
butch:haha and oh look theres-
bc interrups
bc:shut up stupit #1 #2 and #3
butch:no how about आप make us
brick wispers to butch
brick:what wrong with आप dude she will drop us
butch:oh shot
bommer:butch your an idiot where so daed
bc:when i count to 3 i think u 3 should be gone
bc:1 3 kim coming
boys run off
blossom:you saved the दिन bc
bnomer:that really hurts
butch:you hag आप messed us up
bc:if im a hag then your a fag
to be countunuied
 what out side looks like
what out side looks like
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It's Just a Funny commercial
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Mrs kean:good morning class,we have three new students here today and I want आप to intro duse ur self's then they will aswell,okay now आप three may walk in the room


Mrs.kean:okay now let's start with the front row the first girl that starts the row

Himoko:I'm himoko but my फ्रेंड्स call me princess
Mrs.kean:next then keep going

Missy:I'm Missy
Lue:I'm lue and I wanna know if ur single


After they all introduce their self's the three girls got to tell their names and their two speicial talents

Momoko:I'm momoko but everyone calls me blossom and...
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The Name Descripe It All
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Narrator:It's a very nice दिन theirs no clouds in the sky's blue bird are गाना and every one is smiling everyone exept the Rowdyruff boys Z they are so bad

Brick:Oh shut up narratdork
Butch:or else

Blossom:or else what
Bubbles:yea what
Buttercup:nothin will happen cause their to scared to fight better yet say something ha ha

Butch:shut up या you'll get beat up
Buttercup:me oh really whatcha gona do about it
Brick:boys attack

Blossom:you had to say somthin buttercup
Bubbles:hey boomer stop please stop flipping my skirt
Boomer:yea nope

Brick:boys use your boggers shot to throw...
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