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 Bubbles' eyeglasses
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bubbles' eyeglasses
princess coco154
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I'm so sorry with my last लेखाए entitled 'GO to somewhere else would ya?'. I'm really really sorry.... I made my opinion without thinking of others... PowerPossible is right, if I wanted people to टिप्पणी दे me, I should just be their friends..... What do आप want me to say? I'll say it - sorry - gommenasai - minta maaf - toi bu chi.. I'm really really sorry for insulting others and now I regret it. If I don't like the fan-made story, I just could keep my mouth shut cause there are others who like it and even if I don't like it, I could टिप्पणी दे it nicely. आप know, I always think that I'm so...
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this powerpuff girls z thing is bullshit and they need to bring the old दिखाना back why would आप ever switch from perfection to something so gay?they did the same thing when they switched dragon ball z to gt they killed it why?Im getting a little older and my siblings never got the chance to see all these good कार्टून i grew up with instead they get the leftovers it's just not fair cartoon network just abandoned all the cartoon कार्टून and replaced them with crap i look on cartoon network today and what do i see?cheap immitation's of the good stuff and some stupid नितंब, गधा total drama दिखाना what a crock of shit it's just not fair they should at least have the decensy to air the दिखाना besides using it as a filler this is an so gay i hate cartoon network now what is the world coming to everything is going to shit
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Oh nurse. Isn't it time for my spongebath?
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got दूध commerical
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