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As I flew back to the lab, my head started tingling. I stopped and rubbed my head.
"Buttercup, are आप alright?" asked Bubbles. "You seem very pale." She looked worried.
"I'm fine." I lied. Then I heard a noise behind me. The other two turned paler than ever. I turned around and nearly fainted. "Him!"
"Nice to know that आप remember me, young Buttercup!" He grabbed me द्वारा the arm, then made his dust teleport us somewhere in the forest.
"How did आप come back? I thought आप were gone for good!" I yelled. But for some reason, he didn't feel like my enemy. But we are! But why take me? He has no reason to.
"Some boys should not touch other's stuff" He said. I formed my hammer to attack, but he said, "Don't do that my dear little Buttercup. या should I say, my dear niece!"
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